Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C1 Death of Mother and Child
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C1 Death of Mother and Child
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C1 Death of Mother and Child

It was a great cold.

The new emperor ascended the throne for half a year, but today did not come to court, only because the empress was in labor, loving his wife and accompanying her.

The court officials praised the new emperor for his loyalty and the empress for her deep love. However, they didn't know that the Phoenix Nest Palace was in a different situation.

"Big sister, why do you think you need to do this? You're already dead, so why are you making things difficult for the emperor?" Seeing as we are sisters, I advise you to give up as soon as possible and have a good time. " Imperial Concubine Su, Su Lingshan, stood in front of the eight-step bed. She looked complacently at Su Zijin, who was sweating profusely and gritting her teeth in hatred. She felt great inside.

It was one thing for Su Lingshan to not talk about sisters, but the moment she mentioned sisters, Su Zijin couldn't help but want to pounce on her and tear her face apart.

She treated her like her own little sister and protected her by her side. She took care of her most beloved man and even divided him between her and her. However, she didn't think that from start to finish, she was always scheming against herself.

She had been poisoned ever since she was pregnant, causing her to lie on the bed powerlessly. She was speechless, like a fish on a chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered by this adulterous couple.

She hated him! He hated Su Lingshan's deceit and scheme for so many years. He hated Xiao Luochen, who was still making a good reputation for himself from sitting behind the curtain till the end!

Of course, she hated herself even more. She hated herself for not being able to recognize the shamelessness and shamelessness of Xiao Luochen, for not being able to recognize his proximity, and for pampering her so much that she could ascend the throne to become emperor. In order to crush the living child in her womb, she took it in exchange for an unknown key.

"What Imperial Concubine Concubine says is right. Empress Dowager, you are already reaching your end. It's not good for anyone to drag it out. Don't tell me you want the child in your stomach to turn into a pool of blood?" Standing at the end of the bed, looking at Su Zijin's tightly shut legs, Chun Lan did not feel happy at all.

Su Zijin gritted her teeth as she used the last of her strength on her leg to stop her from breaking free. She glared at Chun Lan with hatred, frightening Chun Lan so much that she couldn't help but take a step back, not daring to look at Su Zijin again.

Seeing Chun Lan's lack of dignity, a trace of cold ridicule surfaced in Su Zijin's heart. She mocked Chun Lan, saying that she had been blinded by a ghost and mistook this ungrateful bastard for a trusted aide. No one suspected her until she found out that she had betrayed them.

Now that she thought about it, everything originated from Chun Lan. If she wasn't trusted, she wouldn't have pitied Su Lingshan for treating her as her own sister and righting her aunt; she wouldn't have seen Xiao Luochen fall into such a gentle trap during such a dangerous time; she wouldn't have known it would happen until her mother died; she wouldn't have allowed her uncle's family to be wrapped up; she wouldn't have left her brother's corpse behind …

The hatred in his heart grew.

She hated and regretted too much, but she couldn't do anything about it now. She couldn't even protect the child that was about to be born in her womb for long.

Child, don't blame mother for being ruthless. Even if you turn into a pool of blood in my stomach, you still can't let Xiao Luochen, who is ruthless, achieve his wish.

"Why isn't it happening yet?!" Su Zijin was just about to use her inner force to make the poison flow into her stomach, but before she could do so, Xiao Luochen's impatient shout came from behind the curtain.

"Before the sound could fade away, Su Lingshan had already hastily lifted the drapes, turning around to welcome him." "Your Majesty, big sister, she …"

Just as Su Lingshan finished her sentence, Xiao Luochen noticed the trace of hatred in Su Zijin's eyes. They had been husband and wife for five years, and although he didn't love her, he knew her personality very well.

Pushing Su Lingshan away, he rushed to the front of Su Zijin's bed and pointed backward with his finger. He quickly sealed Su Zijin's acupuncture points so that she could not circulate her inner force at all.

"Good for you, Su Zijin. I have underestimated you. The West Bank flower poison mixed with the soft tendon powder can also activate your inner strength." Word by word, it came out from the gaps between Xiao Luochen's teeth. His long, thin, cold eyes were like a knife that was about to cut Su Zijin into a thousand pieces.

Looking at the familiar face and the unfamiliar look in her eyes, Su Zijin's heart was filled with an unrelenting hatred.

Although she understood Xiao Luochen's hatred, she still thought that since they were husband and wife for five years, he wouldn't even give her this final chance to seek death!

Xiao Luochen! What a ruthless heart! Five years! I will wholeheartedly devote myself to you, advise you, win over powerful officials for you, help you build mountains and rivers, help your family fall apart and kill everyone … You treat me like that!

Although Su Zijin couldn't speak now, Xiao Luochen could see the hatred in her eyes. However, it didn't matter to him as he would not feel any guilt. Su Zijin was just a chess piece, a chess piece who had already completed her mission.

It was a pity that this chess piece was disobedient in the end, so he could not keep it.

"Good!" "Since the empress is so heartless as to kill my child, then I have no choice but to be cruel as well." Xiao Luochen snorted coldly as a hint of viciousness flashed across his eyes. Send for Imperial Physician Liu, and have him cut through the abdomen! "

Cesarean section!

The four words were like a huge boulder that fell from the sky, smashing Su Zijin's heart into pieces. Even her last shred of hope had been crushed to smithereens.

No! No! You can't give him the child! My child! No!

Even though Su Zijin was screaming and screaming in her heart, she could not make a sound. All she could hear was the fear in her eyes, the fear, and the tears that had flowed out due to the stress.

Soundless struggling was useless. Before even half a cup of tea was done, Imperial Physician Liu had already rushed over with his medical case. After silently bowing to Xiao Luochen, he took out a sharp knife he had prepared earlier and pointed it at Su Zijin's bulging stomach.

Su Zijin was terrified when she saw the sharp blade glinting in the candlelight. She was not afraid of pain, she was afraid of the pain her child would experience in the future.

Under Imperial Physician Liu's hand, there was a ripping sound as Su Zijin's flesh quickly split apart. The crimson blood splattered half a foot into the air. The intense pain nearly caused Su Zijin to pass out from the pain, but all she could do was let out a stifled groan.

When Imperial Physician Liu saw that the blood was still flowing, he quickly took the child out from his stomach. A moment later, the child let out a loud and clear cry.

"Your majesty, it's a prince." Imperial Physician Liu raised the child in front of Xiao Luochen.

"Send it down. If it's twisted, don't delay the time." Xiao Luochen didn't even want to look at it and felt disgusted.

Su Zijin, who had lost her consciousness, was powerless to stop the little child who was being pulled out of the curtain like a wet kitten.

He turned around and looked at Xiao Luochen and Su Lingshan, who looked at him in disgust. The helplessness in his heart turned into a monstrous hatred.

Xiao Luochen, Su Lingshan, you guys actually dared to be so ruthless! I, Su Zijin, will turn into a monster even if I die! I will make you die a horrible death!

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