Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C11 Complete Obliteration
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C11 Complete Obliteration
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C11 Complete Obliteration

"Yes, Great Grandma."

Su Zijin answered and took a step forward. She stood at the center of the hall and spoke the truth word by word. From beginning to end, she didn't exaggerate at all.

But even if there was no exaggeration, the facts combined with what had just happened made this matter much clearer.

The people sitting in the main hall had all been floating in the back of the house for many years, so this little trick could be easily played out. For a moment, mocking, despising, and loathing all gathered on Su Ying and Concubine Faang like sharp swords piercing into their chests.

"Lil 'Ying, did you invite your elder sister out today?" Old Madame's shrewd eyes looked at Su Ying, who was crying on the ground, and questioned her with a deep tone.

"I... "This …" Su Ying didn't expect things to be reversed so quickly. She was already frightened by the bandits, but now she had no idea. In her panic, she could only raise her head to ask Concubine Faang for help.

In this situation, many of the disadvantages were due to the mother and daughter pair. When Su Ying looked at Concubine Faang now, it was as if she was adding oil to the fire.

Concubine Faang did not dare to reply her. She looked around, not even sparing her a glance.

"What do you think your aunt is doing? Don't tell me you don't even know how to speak, and still want your aunt to call you out? " Looking at Su Ying's good-for-nothing appearance, the old lady was so angry that she was trembling. She wished that she could give Su Ying a slap on the face.

Su Ying was so frightened by the old lady that her entire body trembled. She bent down and crawled on the ground, trembling as she said, "Yes …" "Yes, I was the one who invited Big Sis over today."

Third Madam, who was sitting on the right side, sneered as she glanced at Concubine Faang with a mocking expression, "Just now, Concubine Faang said that First Miss was the one who tricked Second Miss out. Isn't this misleading us and intentionally wronged First Miss?"

"I... "You …" Concubine Faang was so angry that her face turned red when Third Madam threw a punch at her. "I was anxious and didn't know what was going on. Who knew that it would be like this? Wasn't it because I was tricked by someone else?"

At this time, Concubine Faang didn't dare to continue nagging at Su Zijin. From the moment the guard was tricked, she no longer had the chance to blame Su Zijin. If she continued to hold on, it would only make her motives more obvious.

Now that everyone had tasted the flavor, she could only throw it at the person who designed it.

At the same time, he didn't forget to look at Second Madam.

Second Madam was the daughter of Shang Jia, and her family had always been attached to the Fang family. Naturally, she had to help Concubine Faang in the house at the back.

Receiving Concubine Faang's gaze, he immediately turned to Old Madame and his wife, who were at the head of the table, and said, "Grandmother, Mother, I'm afraid we have been set up by someone." Floral Feast is around the corner and many people are waiting for something to happen at our house. Someone must have done it intentionally to kidnap Second Miss , then frame the young miss, leaving no one with Su Mansion. "

"That must be it! This person has such a venomous heart. If it wasn't for Zijinanglong letting this dog slave slip his lips, I'm afraid that today, it would be as he wished. "

The madame immediately pushed the blame to the criminal. Even if Concubine Faang and Su Ying were suspicious, they had no evidence to back them up. At most, they were just being used hastily.

"This is no ordinary matter, you have to investigate this thoroughly. In just two days, Little Girl Zijin has been slandered twice. How can a dignified direct daughter allow them to pour dirty water over and over again!" Old Madame's sharp eyes swept across the madame and Concubine Faang. With a cold snort, she got up and walked out of the main hall with the support of Qin's Mother.

Seeing the madame's face turn red from what Old Madame had said, Su Zijin felt a sense of elation.

After Old Madame left, this matter could be considered settled hastily. Everyone in the rooms had left. Only Concubine Faang and Su Ying were left kneeling on the ground, trembling uncontrollably.

Sitting on the black teacher's chair, the madame became even angrier. She could not sit still any longer, so she stood up and slapped Concubine Faang hard on the face.

Before Su Cheng got his title, the madame was a peasant woman. Since she was young, she wanted to go up the mountain and chop firewood. She was going to hoe the field and had quite a bit of strength on her hands. With this slap, Concubine Faang fell to the ground on her side, blood trickling from the corner of her mouth.

"Useless trash, how am I going to explain to you yesterday, be more obedient, be more honest, now that your Floral Feast is at hand, you actually caused such a thing for me, if not for that Xiao Cui dying, I want to see how you would escape today!" Remembering the madame's warning and her gaze before she left, the madame was even more troubled as she kicked Concubine Faang in the stomach once more.

Even though Concubine Faang's eyes were clouded with tears from the pain, she still got up hurriedly and kowtowed to the old mistress to express her gratitude. "This humble concubine has been muddle-headed today. Thank you for saving my life, madame."

The old mistress glared at Concubine Faang and snorted angrily as she swung her arm. If I can save you, I won't be able to save you for the rest of your life. From today onwards, you'd better restrain yourself a little.

After giving Concubine Faang a warning, the madame turned around and left the room, leaving the mother and daughter behind.

After the madame left, Lady maidservant also left. In the large hall, only the mother and daughter remained. There was a sense of desolation.

"Aunt, this thing …" Was he going to let it go just like that? I... What about my reputation? " Su Ying looked at Concubine Faang helplessly as she sobbed. She felt wronged in her heart. Su Zijin should have been beyond redemption today. How did she end up like this?

"Forget it?" "How is this possible!?" Concubine Faang gritted her teeth so hard that they creaked. Her pair of beautiful eyes were currently filled with a sinister light. "Today, we will make sure to make Su Zijin pay double the price for everything we have suffered!"

"But Grandmother just said …" Su Ying glanced timidly at the door that led to the back room.

"I can't care about your grandmother now. If I don't get rid of Su Zijin, it would be difficult for us to be on the right side in the future."

Concubine Faang wasn't Su Ying. She understood the affairs of the back courtyard more than anyone else.

What Old Madame said before she left was obviously to beat up the madame and her, and to tell them that Su Zijin was the direct descendant of the old mistress, and that they were not allowed to do as they pleased.

Since she acknowledged Su Zijin's identity as the direct descendant, she had to protect her.

Even if she did not like Madame Xu and Su Zijin, she still hoped that Su Zijin's face would be able to be exchanged with benefits and glory for Su Mansion. As for agreeing to her would already be thrown behind her head.

Once Su Zijin had passed the Floral Feast, she would be able to attend the palace banquet in August as the direct daughter of the empress, whether or not she would be happy at the empress dowager's feast.

He had to! He had to completely erase her on the first hurdle of the Floral Feast!

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