Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C12 Ambrosia Fructus
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C12 Ambrosia Fructus
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C12 Ambrosia Fructus

Three minutes past midnight, silence descended on the inner courtyard.

Su Zijin, who had just finished her bath, was leaning against the lamp with her long, unbound black hair. In her hand was a letter that had just been delivered to her.

This was the reply Eldest Uncle had given her. It was the result of the bandit investigation that Su Zijin had asked him to help her.

Yesterday, the people of the Fang family colluded with Long Yuanpo's bandits, and only after seeing the color of her clothes did Su Ying hurriedly change her clothes. She only took her to the clothing store to create evidence and opportunity for her absence.

The Fang family was originally agreed upon by the bandits. They would release the bandits the second day after they were captured. Who would have thought that the bandits' front legs would be erased the moment they were captured.

Over twenty bandits, only Loong Kai, who was in the lead, injured a few bailiffs and ran out. Uncle wanted to catch him, but he was a step too slow.

He found out from the scout that the person who took Loong Kai away was a woman, but he didn't know which woman it was.

"Originally, uncle master already found the place where Loong Kai is staying, but unfortunately, he was a step too late and was beaten by someone else." "Xia Hee was filled with regret when she thought of how she was lacking by that single step today." If we can catch Loong Kai, we can punish Concubine Faang! "

"It's impossible to cure Concubine Faang's crime by capturing him. Only by capturing him can we be punished." Su Zijin lit up the candle in her hand and threw it into the copper basin. The flame was imprinted in her black eyes, making them look like stars.

"If we don't capture him, how will we punish him?" Xia Hee didn't understand Su Zijin's words. If this person wasn't captured, what punishment could she possibly have for Concubine Faang?

Su Zijin turned around and couldn't help but laugh when she saw Xia Hee's silly look. The bandits were contacted by the Fang family, so they could only capture Xiao Cui like the guard today. However, if Loong Kai and Concubine Faang were to join hands, that would be different. "

"Miss, are you saying that the person who took Loong Kai away today was Concubine Faang?" Xia Hee could not help but exclaim in surprise. Realizing that her voice was too loud, she immediately lowered her voice. But Miss, if it's really Concubine Faang who took Loong Kai away, then you will be in danger. "

No matter how simple and honest Xia Hee was, she knew that Concubine Faang definitely wouldn't purposefully save Loong Kai. Unless this Loong Kai still had some use, at least he would be more valuable than his death.

As far as Concubine Faang was concerned, the price was the same as harming Su Zijin.

"Danger is always relative. This double-edged sword, I'm afraid the one that would cut it would only be Concubine Faang." With that, Su Zijin stood up, blew out the light beside her, and walked towards the bedroom.

Xia Hee didn't understand what Su Zijin meant, but she didn't ask any further questions. She followed her into the bedroom, laid down on the bed pedal, and followed her to sleep.


Even after a night had passed, the fact that Miss Su Mansion had been kidnapped by bandits did not dissipate. Instead, the scene became more and more intense, and the limelight was directed straight at Su Zijin.

It was unknown which gangster started speaking, but he said that he saw with his own eyes that the person who was tied up was Su Zijin. In the bandit village, Loong Kai even touched her hand and touched her side.

After that, the story became more and more unpleasant to hear. It had long become unbearable to listen to.

Regarding this matter, Su Mansion seemed to have not heard anything, as they only paid attention to and did not listen to anything else, and wholeheartedly focused on preparing for Floral Feast.

Three days later, Floral Feast was held as scheduled. The officials who received the invitation one after another brought their wives and children over.

As the name implies, Floral Feast uses flowers as a feast, so a feast was held at the Lotus Pond s, with the Lotus Pond s as the separation, in between the female guests, and outside the male guests.

In just an hour, all the officials of the various residences in the Jinling City had arrived. The entire Lotus Pond s were filled with people, but no dishes were served.

It was because the most important figure of the day, Momo Lee, was not here.

All the madams and mistresses present today were fawning over Momo Lee. When the time came, she would be able to speak a few words of praise in front of the empress dowager, so no one dared to urge her to serve up the dishes.

"Su Lili, Old Madam Su, there are some matters in the palace that have been delayed. I'm really sorry for being late." While everyone waited, a middle-aged woman in a vermilion gold brocade orchid thimble walked in through the drooping gate with two good-looking maidservant.

"Momo Lee, what are you talking about? Of course it's the palace's matter that's more important. It's fine to be late." The madame welcomed them with a smile. She held Momo Lee's hand with both of her hands and led her to the feast.

The wives of the families could no longer sit still after hearing what Momo Lee said. They went up to her one after another to ask her how she was, and to ask her how she was doing.

Momo Lee didn't panic in the slightest when faced with the enthusiasm of the madams. She answered with a smile on her face, but she didn't get down to the main topic at hand.

After they sat down, all the madams gathered around the table. After exchanging a few pleasantries, they left, leaving only the madame holding Momo Lee's hand tightly.

While the dishes were being served, the madame did not forget to ask Su Zijin and Su Ying to come over as they were in close proximity with Yue.

Su Zijin was wearing a peach-colored half-sleeve today. She had a lotus root colored dress that looked like a red plum blossoming in winter. Her beauty was gorgeous, but it didn't match with her pair of calm and calm eyes, making people feel refreshed and comfortable.

Instantly, it entered Momo Lee's eyes.

When she walked up, Su Zijin's body emitted a faint fragrance. Other people might not be able to tell what it was, but Momo Lee was very familiar with it. This was the smell of rain.

Unexpectedly, after so many years, she was still able to smell this fragrance. How nostalgic.

Because of the fragrance of nostalgia, the way Momo Lee looked at Su Zijin became gentle and even a little doting.

On the surface, Su Zijin took Su Yingfu to pay respects to Momo Lee and the other wives, but she was elated.

It seemed like her formula was right!

In her previous life, in order to help Xiao Luochen obtain the empress dowager's happiness, she had once taken care of the empress dowager while she was suffering from a strange illness. As time passed, the empress dowager began to like her somewhat.

She was the Empress Dowager's first and only daughter.

This daughter was born prematurely, weak and sickly, and couldn't leave the soup. The other princes and princesses mocked her for the medicinal smell on her body, but in the midst of her suffering, she turned up her usual medicine and produced the fragrance of rain. At that time, she was praised by the Supreme Emperor for being the only one.

It was a pity that the heavens were jealous of her beauty. Back then, the Grand Emperor had taken a fancy to the son of the prime minister and wanted his daughter to marry him.

Even the Great Emperor was angered. He didn't want to retreat and force his daughter to marry him.

On the day before her marriage, because of her long depression, the Empress Dowager's only daughter had finally died. Her heart was filled with grief, and even now, it was a pain that could not be mentioned.

In this life, Su Zijin had to get the empress dowager's eyes.

In order to get the empress dowager's eyes, she had to make sure that the empress dowager could remember her and take pity on her. Thus, using her memories to recall the formula that she had only glanced at once, it took her countless times to concoct the best one last night.

He had initially been a bit nervous, but now that he saw Momo Lee's expression, he felt at ease.

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