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C13 Floral Feast

"It's said that every single one of the young miss of Su Mansion is a beauty. I didn't believe it in the first place, but now that I have seen it, I have no choice but to believe it. This was especially true for Eldest Miss Su. She looked just like a celestial goddess. Even women would be moved by her beauty. "It's just that there have been some unfavorable rumors outside recently. I wonder if it's true or false?" Seeing Momo Lee looking at Su Zijin in such a disrespectful manner, one of the ladies in the banquet immediately started to stab her.

"Rumor? What rumor? "But about the bandits a few days ago?" Another lady asked anxiously, but the words and rumors were already clear.

All of a sudden, the people sitting on the seats felt a bit awkward. They looked at each other, unsure of what to do.

How could he keep this matter to the mouth? Furthermore, it was in front of Su Zijin, so wasn't this equivalent to stepping on other people's face?

If the other wives had scruples, then the two wives who cooperated with each other didn't have any.

One was the wife of the head teacher of the military, the other was the wife of the governor of the river.

His own daughter still hadn't gotten Momo Lee's favor, so how could he let this Su Family get in first?

Of course, he would pick the most shocking thing.

"Bandits?" Rumor? What did the two ladies say? " Just when these two wives were waiting to see Su Mansion speak further, Su Zijin instead opened her eyes and looked at the two of them with a blank expression and asked.

"Eldest Miss Su doesn't know?" The Governor's wife spoke with an intentional tone, waiting for Su Zijin to speak up and stomp on her.

"I don't know. Madam, please kindly tell me so that I won't be ignorant and lose face in front of others." Su Zijin bent over and asked earnestly, as if she was asking for advice.

"This …" The Governor didn't expect Su Zijin to not acknowledge him at all and even asked her for advice. What was she supposed to say? Although everyone knew, it wasn't anything glorious. It would be embarrassing to say it out loud.

In a short moment, the Governor's wife was forced into a corner by Su Zijin's words. She did not know whether to say it or not. She was so anxious that she felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.

"Madam Governor, my family's Zijin has been living in her room for a long time, so she is not aware of what has happened outside. Please forgive her." However, I also remind Madam that the rumors outside are completely baseless and unfounded. It's fine if this commoner is serious, but do you really believe the rumours? "

Madame Xu's cold eyes, which were as sharp as knives, looked over. Although she had been married to Yun Che for many years, her sharp aura had not diminished in the slightest.

The Governor's wife was so frustrated by Madame Xu's boldness that she could not utter a single word. She could only shrink her neck, pick up the bar on the table and take a sip before replying with a dry laugh.

This interlude started and ended very quickly, leaving only a trace of praise for the mother and daughter pair in Momo Lee's heart.

After the dishes were served, Su Zijin and Su Ying didn't have a good time standing around Momo Lee's table. After Fortune took his leave, he returned to his own table.

Just as she returned to her seat, Concubine Faang led maidservant forward with ten cups of white porcelain soup, and placed them one by one in front of the young ladies, smiling as she said: "Since today is Floral Feast, and the young mistresses are all flowery, naturally we have to nourish them, ah, we specially made the kitchen stew this beautiful red dates and chicken soup, but we have to drink it while it's still hot."

Concubine Faang said with a smile as she placed the last two cups in front of Su Zijin and Su Ying. Then, she turned to the other table to serve the soup.

Opening the lid, the fragrance of chicken soup assaulted his nose. Accompanied by the sweet taste of red dates, it made him hungry.

Picking up the spoon, Su Zijin scooped up a spoonful of soup. It tasted really good, so she drank a few more spoonfuls.

Seeing her drink a few spoonfuls in succession, a proud expression flashed through Concubine Faang's eyes as she kept staring at them from the corner of her eyes. Her steps became lighter and her smile became brighter.

When Su Ying, who was standing beside Su Zijin, saw that she had drunk it, she relaxed and scooped a few spoonfuls in a row.

Su Ying lowered her head as she drank, but she didn't notice any traces of water on the table. Soon after, Su Zijin swept her sleeve and it disappeared without a trace.


The Floral Feast progressed for a long time, and the ladies all drank some of the water and alcohol, releasing some of it as they chatted non-stop.

However, women were not allowed to drink before they reached their prime, so after a while, all the young ladies had finished eating and were sitting at their tables, looking around. It was not good for them to walk around.

Taking this opportunity, Su Ying suggested that they take the various young misses to the Flower Lane palace.

As the legitimate daughter, Su Zijin naturally had to be the host. After speaking to the madame, she brought the young ladies of the various residences and headed towards the Flower Lane.

Flower Lane was a unique sight to the Su Mansion, and had especially taken out a section of the Nine Winding Corridor to grow flowers. So the roof, pillars, and columns of the Corridor were wrapped with all sorts of flower branches.

In the distance, there was a spot where Lotus Pond s had opened up a pond. In the middle of the pond stood a small pavilion, and on top of the pavilion, it was similarly covered in flowers, and the top of the pavilion was filled with purple flowers.

Some distance away, grew the acacia flowers, this time is the flowering time, the wind blows, the ocean sprinkles down a lot.

Walking into it was like walking into a sea of flowers. All of these girls were amazed and immediately scattered to their favorite places. Only Su Ying remained by Su Zijin's side.

Su Zijin didn't mind her following him. She walked forward leisurely until she reached the halfway point of the corridor. Suddenly, her feet staggered and her face flushed red. She was also slightly out of breath.

"Big Sis, are you alright?" Su Ying hurriedly supported Su Zijin. She knew that the medicinal effects had taken effect, and her voice was filled with uncontrollable excitement.

Su Zijin straightened her body and rubbed her forehead as she feebly said, "For some reason, my entire body is hot and dry. This one is also dizzy and my feet are weak."

"I'm afraid you've suffered from heatstroke. This place is the closest to Big Brother's courtyard. I'll take you to rest for a while." Su Ying said as she dragged Su Zijin out of the Flower Lane area.

Su Zijin was half a head taller than Su Ying, and as she felt powerless, she placed all the weight on top of her. The short half a cup of tea had forced her to walk for a quarter of an hour, making her feel exhausted.

After entering the courtyard and seeing that no one was around, Su Ying immediately helped Su Zijin into the west wing.

At this moment, Su Zijin had already lost consciousness. Lying on the bed, she could only mutter unwittingly. Her red lips were moving, as if they were dyed with honey, causing one's heart to surge.

"Look at how unrestrained you look, it's just right that you're a lowly bandit." Su Ying shot a glance of disgust before she tore off the purse at Su Zijin's waist and turned to leave.

He opened the door and looked around again. Su Ying quickly slipped out and hung her purse on the door before quickly walking down the stairs.

However, just as she took two steps forward, Su Ying suddenly felt dizzy and her legs weakened. She fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

At this moment, the door opened once again.

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