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C14 Trapped

After Old Madame and the madame left the banquet, the atmosphere of the banquet became more and more lively. The madams gathered around Momo Lee one by one. They drank a few cups of wine and had peach blossoms' faces as they laughed and chatted.

However, this liveliness belonged solely to the Matriarch. In this kind of situation, let alone laughing, I couldn't even take a seat. I could only stand outside the banquet like maidservant and watch the commotion from the other side.

Every time this happened, the humiliation in Concubine Faang's heart would float up to the surface and she would find it difficult to suppress her resentment.

Fourteen years, exactly fourteen years!

She was also a direct descendant of a noble like Madame Xu, and the Fang Family was even better off than the Xu Family which had long been defeated. However, just because she was one year younger than her, she had become a concubine for these fourteen years!

Even though she had more status and power than her wife in the mansion, she was still a concubine on the surface. A concubine that couldn't even be in the family tree.

"Loong Kai and Eldest Miss already met." When Concubine Faang glared furiously at Madame Xu, wishing she could eat her, a little girl came in from the corner of her eye and reported in a low voice.

Hearing what Xiao maidservant said, the hatred in Concubine Faang's eyes was gradually replaced by pride.

Xu Ruolin, today, your position as First Wife has been fulfilled!

"Did the thieves enter the Flower Lane? The ladies are all there! " Concubine Faang suddenly shouted in surprise, and after attracting everyone's gaze, she ran to Madame Xu's side in panic, urgently saying: "Mistress, it's not good, there's a thief entering the place where the Flower Lane is located, the misses of the various residences are all there."

"Thief?" Where did the thief come from? " Madame Xu was shocked in her heart. Won't Su Mansion become the laughing stock of others if a thief enters during such a banquet? Moreover, the thief would still head towards Flower Lane.

"Reporting to Madam, I wonder how that thief came in. After injuring a few guards, he went towards the Flower Lane. From the looks of it, he's a man." maidservant, who was standing behind Concubine Faang, said anxiously as she wiped the sweat off her face.


"At this time, everyone within the Flower Lane is a young miss!"

"My family's fourth lady and sixth lady are both here. What should we do if we meet that thief?"

As soon as they heard that the thief was a man, the wives of the families started to panic. Today was an important day, and if their young miss encountered a thief and made a ruckus, her reputation would be ruined. Not to mention going to the feast, she wouldn't even get married in the future.

Madame Xu's heart was burning with anxiety when faced with the gazes of anxiety, panic, or reproach from the various madams. After all, Zijin was also there. If something were to happen to her, it would be the end of her life.

"Go and call all the female guards here. We must capture that thief and ensure the safety of all the Miss." With a single command, Madame Xu immediately led the other Palace wives and quickly headed towards the Flower Lane.

The Flower Lane was neither too far away from the Lotus Pond nor not too close, but the wives of each house were all burning with anxiety, worried about their young miss.

The young ladies of the prefectures, who were still laughing and admiring, suddenly noticed that the ladies of the prefectures had suddenly walked over. They did not know what had happened, but they immediately stepped forward to bless the prefectures and inquire as to what had happened.

Seeing that their young miss was fine, their mistress didn't know if there were any thieves or if they were afraid of scaring them. She only said that she had come to take a look after seeing that they hadn't returned home for a long time.

Madame Xu's heart leaped into her throat while the wives of the various families were all feeling relieved.

Su Zijin wasn't there.

"Eldest Miss isn't here?" Concubine Faang's gaze swept across all the young ladies before her as she exclaimed in shock. Her face instantly turned pale, as if she had already seen who was in trouble.

Although the ladies didn't know what had happened, they knew it wasn't like what their wife said, so one of them pointed to the front of the corridor and said, "Just now, Eldest Miss Su seemed to be unwell. Su Li helped her go over there, she said she was going to rest."

Upon hearing that Su Zijin's body wasn't feeling well and that Su Ying was going to help her rest, Madame Xu's eyes narrowed.

As he thought about what had just happened, he realized what was happening.

The mother and daughter pair had fallen into his trap. Perhaps, Zijin had already …

Madame Xu could no longer keep her calm as she thought of this. She lifted up her skirt and ran forward, followed by her mistress.

Walking out of the Flower Lane, he went to the three rooms in the courtyard.

Madame Xu stood in front of the west room with a livid expression, her hands shaking uncontrollably.

When the prefectural ladies saw the situation, they hurriedly walked in. As soon as they walked to the door, they heard a faint female moan coming from within the room. These moans could not be clearer to the ladies as to what was going on in the room.

"Mrs. Su doesn't even blush when she lies. She says Eldest Miss Su has lived in her room for a long time and has never left. The rumors outside are all fake." "But now, look at this. This has already turned into a lover." "The Governor's wife, who had initially been choked by Su Zijin and Madame Xu, seized the opportunity to mock them.

"He looks clean and icy on the surface, but I didn't expect him to be like this inside. It's just that this lover of his is really not skilled enough and has been discovered by the guards. He really makes us feel disgusted just by looking at his filth." The Madam Minister's wife glanced at Madame Xu with distaste and started singing the same tune as the Governor's wife.

With these two women taking the lead, the other wives behind them also started whispering to each other. Even Momo Lee, who originally had a good impression of Su Zijin, revealed an expression of loathing at the corner of her eyes.

Madame Xu's entire body went cold as she listened to the increasingly unpleasant words coming from behind her.

It wasn't easy for Zijin to avoid the events of the past few days and arrive at today. With Momo Lee's knowledge, as long as she went to the banquet, she would at least have a guarantee that she would be able to get a good family next year.

And yet, at this very moment, at this very moment …

"Ladies and gentlemen, don't spout nonsense. Our family's eldest daughter is definitely not that kind of person. She definitely isn't our eldest miss!" Concubine Faang rebutted the wives of the various families as if she wanted to prove something.

"Don't …" Before Madame Xu could stop him, Concubine Faang had already pushed open the door.

Inside the room, a man and a woman were lying on a bed, snuggling together …

This caused everyone to feel incomparably awkward. Only Madame Xu had a happy expression on her face.

Because the woman on the bed was not Su Zijin, but Su Ying!

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