Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C15 Reverse Reversion
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C15 Reverse Reversion
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C15 Reverse Reversion

"How, how could this …" I... "This …" Concubine Faang couldn't help but be frightened. She muttered as she retreated a few steps, holding onto the door frame to barely stand.

She couldn't believe it. Why would the person on the bed be Su Ying?

Seeing Concubine Faang suffering such a blow and unable to believe it, Madame Xu was incredibly happy. This could also be considered harming herself and others.

However, being happy was being happy. He couldn't allow Su Ying to continue talking to Loong Kai in front of so many people. He immediately shouted to the female guard beside him: "What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and separate them from me! "

The female guard came back to her senses after she was completely stunned. Several of them rushed up and grabbed Loong Kai, pulling him down from the bed. The two of them quickly put on Su Ying's clothes and pulled her up.

Seeing Su Ying's unrestrained attitude, Concubine Faang's anger flared up. She rushed forward, raised her hand, and mercilessly slapped Su Ying's face.


A crisp sound exploded within the room. The severity of the sound could be imagined.

However, this fierce slap woke Su Ying up. She looked at Loong Kai, even though she was still confused about what had just happened.

His knees bent and he kneeled on the ground, crying out in grievance.

"Mother, Aunt, it's not like what you guys saw. I … I... None... "I don't know what's going on, so …" Su Ying wanted to explain, but she couldn't. She wasn't sure what had happened.

"What's wrong?" We're not blind, we saw it clearly just now. Don't tell me Su Lili wanted to say that she was drugged, but you seem to be quite sober now, how do you look like a Chinese medicine. " Although the main character was not Su Zijin, it was still good to have one person less Su Family. The Madam Minister of the Military Department was most willing to do this kind of thing that reduced the number of opponents.

"I... I really blacked out and then... "Then..." Su Ying couldn't say what happened after that, so she could only sob uncontrollably.

She didn't know why, but the moment she stepped out of the door, her eyes turned black. Following that, a man appeared amidst her confusion. After that, the two of them … "Then..."

Su Ying wasn't sure what was going on, but Concubine Faang was clear that Su Ying was a Chinese medicine. However, that kind of medicine couldn't be found. Because she had spent a lot of money to buy this medicine, so that Su Zijin wouldn't have anything to argue about when the time came. She didn't expect it to turn into a sharp sword that had killed both mother and daughter.

Why? Why would Ying'er be the one to take the Chinese medicine, then what about Su Zijin?

Thinking of this, Concubine Faang seemed to have grasped onto the last straw of hope.

As long as Su Zijin was more embarrassed than her children, this matter would be covered up.

"You scoundrel, what's going on? Didn't you send the young miss to rest? " Concubine Faang wailed and slapped Su Ying.

Su Ying was stunned for a moment and understood her aunt's meaning. She immediately said, "I did indeed send my elder sister here to rest. At that time, my elder sister said it was comfortable and I sent her to the west wing. When she went in, she rushed me out and I fainted. I didn't know after that."

With that, Su Ying burst into tears again. With just a few short sentences, she reminded everyone of Su Zijin.

Su Zijin wasn't feeling well. Su Ying had sent her over, but now Su Zijin wasn't there.

This made people feel that there might be something to it. After all, even if it was a sister, she was still an opponent. If there was one less opponent, they would have a better chance of winning.

For a moment, many people looked at Madame Xu thoughtfully.

Seeing that Concubine Faang wanted to drag her daughter into the water, Madame Xu gnashed her teeth in anger. Although she couldn't argue with Su Zijin's absence, she definitely couldn't allow this mother and daughter pair to continue slandering her.

"I believe the government will give me an answer for what happened today! "Someone, arrest Loong Kai and send him to the government."

"How dare you!" I am a son-in-law of the Su Family, and am secretly betrothed to your young miss. " Loong Kai wasn't stupid. After knowing that he found the wrong person, he immediately followed Concubine Faang and dragged it onto Su Zijin's body. Only then would he be able to keep his life.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air when they heard this.

This Loong Kai was really Su Zijin's lover. Yet, at this moment, he was acting like this with Su Ying. Su Ying then said that she had fainted at that time. Then, wouldn't Su Zijin be colluding with her lover to frame her younger sister?

"Nonsense, you and Zijin have never met, so why would you make a personal engagement? Stop spouting nonsense here."

"Nonsense? Zijin is already mine. A few days ago in the village she served me so well. Just now, she even gave me her personal purse as a gift, and I even brought it with me. " Loong Kai said as he reached his hand into his crotch. Under everyone's disgusted gazes, he took out a pouch of light green embroidered orchids.

Madame Xu's entire body shuddered as she looked at that extremely familiar bag.

"It's really Eldest Miss Su's purse. I just saw it, this is the one hanging on her waist." One of the madams cried out in alarm, and for a moment, the expression in everyone's eyes became complicated.

"How did it become like this? "This Loong Kai is really Eldest Miss Su's lover. Then isn't this matter something that she purposefully set up to frame my little sister?"

"Truly heartless. For the sake of framing my little sister, I can offer up my lover."

"What's wrong with that? Mrs. Su was not spoiled in the first place, and the Eldest Miss wasn't spoiled either. Naturally, she wanted to get rid of the favoured daughter." "It's a pity that I wasn't able to work with her mother. This lover of mine isn't smart enough to expose her."

Each and every one of them spoke of the matter, turning it into a fact that was as hard as steel.

Just as Madame Xu was at a loss for words and everyone was putting the blame on Su Zijin's head, a figure walked in from outside. She said in a low voice, "That isn't my pocket."

Everyone turned their heads and saw a half-sleeved, peach colored girl with a bun on her temples standing in front of the door. She was dressed exactly like Su Zijin, but they all recognized her at the banquet. She was maidservant, Xia Hee.

And the one behind her wearing maidservant's clothes and with a bun on her head was Su Zijin.

Just when everyone was confused as to why Su Zijin and Xia Hee would appear here in exchange for clothes, Loong Kai, who was being held by the female guard, broke free from the guard's grasp. He quickly walked up to Xia Hee's waist and hugged her, saying, "You little demoness, what are you being shy about? If you open your mouth, don't hide anything from me, otherwise your mother will send me to the officials."

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