Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C16 Return to the Fang Residence
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C16 Return to the Fang Residence
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C16 Return to the Fang Residence

Loong Kai's words stunned everyone on the scene. Concubine Faang and Su Ying's faces turned pale.

They never thought that Su Zijin would appear in such a way, and Loong Kai had never seen her before. Originally, she should have no way to argue against this, but at this moment, she was reversed by a piece of clothing, and it could even be said that she had won.

"Since you don't even know him, it would be too far-fetched to say that he's betrothed his life to you." Su Zijin shot a cold glance at Loong Kai. She snatched the bag from his hands before he could react and took the bag from her waist, bringing it up to all the other ladies.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look to see what's so different about these two wallets."

Everyone carefully looked at the bag, although the color, pattern, and size were all the same, if they carefully looked, they could see that the two bags were made of completely different material. Su Zijin's bag was a top quality cloud brocade, but the one Loong Kai took out was just a slightly better silk cloth.

In addition, Su Zijin's corner was embroidered with a small 'Scholar' character using a special needle technique. Basically, Noble Miss would use a special needle technique to embroider words on it. The difference was that Loong Kai hadn't looked at it carefully back then when he was holding the ladies.

In just two sentences, Su Zijin had completely overturned everything that had happened. She didn't even give anyone a chance to refute.

Loong Kai came back to his senses at this moment. He realized that the person maidservant was dressed up as was Su Zijin, and he no longer had the chance to argue because he had recognized the wrong person. Even Concubine Faang had lost.

Under these circumstances, the only thing he could do was run.

However, as soon as he let go of Xia Hee and turned around, he was hit by something and fell to his knees before he could even jump up.

"You still haven't explained it clearly and you want to run away?"

Su Zijin snorted coldly. The female guard who was already prepared outside immediately rushed over, tied Loong Kai up tightly with a hemp rope and threw him to the center of the square.

"Loong Kai, stop stubbornly resisting. The Prefect's wife is here, if you know what's good for you, then be honest and speak your mind. Otherwise, you can slander your noble person and you'll be beheaded ten times for attempted adultery." Su Zijin stood in front of Loong Kai. Even though she was wearing maidservant's coarse clothes, it didn't affect her calm yet inviolable temperament.

It was only then that everyone remembered that the Prefect's wife was here.

The Prefect's wife looked inconspicuous in the crowd of officials and madams, so other people didn't care and she almost forgot her own identity. When Su Zijin carried her out, it immediately made her feel as if she was being lifted up. "Be frank and open, and come quickly in front of me!"

Under the heavy encirclement of the female guards, Loong Kai was already a piece of meat on the chopping block. How could he dare to hide it? He kowtowed a few times and said, "Madam Prefect, I was forced to do this because of helplessness. Concubine Faang forced me to do this."

"You're lying!" Seeing that Loong Kai was about to tell her everything, Concubine Faang screamed with a hideous expression on her face.

"I'm not spouting nonsense. You're even more vicious than bandits!" Loong Kai turned around and spat at Concubine Faang. This daddy here has long disliked you. It was she who had the Fang family come looking for me and had me kidnap big miss Su Family. I don't know why, but she kidnapped Second Miss for some reason. They did not tell the little person that they had tied him up wrongly. They took the little person and their brother to the government and said that they would release them the next day. In the end, the little person's brothers were all killed.

The little person ran out with great difficulty, but was caught by the Fang family's people. This woman came to see the little person, saying that she would ask the little person to slander Eldest Miss Su for her, and wanted the little person to spread the news that the person she had kidnapped was the Eldest Miss.

He even asked this little one to come here today, and see who had a purse hanging in front of their door, then picked it up and went to sleep. When that happens, I will say that I am the Eldest Young Miss's lover, and protect this little one as the son-in-law of Su Mansion.

Prefect's wife, this lowly one's words are true. In the mountain stronghold's secret chamber, I still have a letter for this lowly one.

"It's really the most venomous woman's heart! Fang Clan, do you still have anything else to say!" After hearing the whole story, Madame Xu thought of how Zijin was almost raped by Loong Kai. She grabbed the teacup on the table and threw it towards Concubine Faang.

Concubine Faang didn't dodge. The teacup smashed into pieces on her forehead and fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.

There was blood on her forehead, which was trickling down her cheeks. Concubine Faang's pale face looked creepy.

"I have nothing else to say. The victor is the king and the loser is the bandit. Isn't that the case?" Concubine Faang sneered coldly as she looked at Madame Xu with lifeless eyes. Everything was done by me alone. Now that I have lost, I have nothing else to say.

"How can you still be so arrogant after doing this? Men, send the Fang family back to the Fang family estate. My Su Mansion cannot hold such a vicious person." If she wanted to kill him or cut him into pieces, that was a matter for the Fang Residence! Before Madame Xu could say anything, a furious voice sounded from outside the door.

Nanny Lee helped the madame into the room. She glared at Lady Fang as if she wanted to peel off her skin and file her bones.

Hearing the madame's words, Lady Fang's eyes finally turned red. A teardrop fell to the ground, mixed with her blood. It was as if all her hopes from the past ten years had shattered.

If she stayed in Su Mansion, no matter what was said, she would still be Su Cheng's woman. Even if she did not have the chance to help him right now, she would still be someone from Su Mansion.

But now, after the Su Mansion, it was no longer the same.

A concubine didn't even need a piece of paper. With a single word, she was nothing.

But what could she do? She had already lost. She had completely lost. It was already a great fortune to be able to save Su Ying at this time.

After Loong Kai and Concubine Faang were taken away by the guards, the farce finally came to an end.

Momo Lee, who was standing at the very end of the conversation, slowly walked up. She looked at Su Zijin, who was respectfully greeting her, and took out a jade pendant from her sleeve. She placed it on the palm of her hand and said, "Eldest Miss Su is very intelligent, this jade pendant was given to me by the empress dowager before we left the palace. I told it to the most suitable person for today."

"Su Zijin knew that she had been chosen, and did not feel proud. Instead, she calmly thanked him for his good fortune." "I'm sure Zijin will cherish it."

"It's good that you like it, it's good that you like it." Momo Lee patted Su Zijin's hand, smiled at the madame, and walked out of the room after bidding farewell to Madame Xu.

Looking at the jade pendant in Su Zijin's hands, all the wives of the families were extremely envious. Historically, Floral Feast always had such a prize, but other than the one given to Crown Princess six years ago, who had not even reached the age of fifty, there was no one else who had given it to her.

Momo Lee could be said to be the empress dowager's eye. The empress dowager would definitely like anyone she saw. With this, Su Zijin far surpassed any other noble household's daughter, but she still became a thorn in their side.

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