Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C18 So It Was like This
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C18 So It Was like This
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C18 So It Was like This

All sorts of memories surfaced in his mind when he saw Xiao Luochen.

That false face, that scheme behind it, that cold words, that abdominal pain, that grief at the loss of one's son …

One piece after another, it made her hate them so much that it was hard for her to calm down.

Su Zijin's hatred had washed away her rationality. Just as she was about to make her move, Xia Hee tugged at the corner of her clothes and reminded her in a low voice, "Miss, that person in front of the door seems to be a prince. He's looking at us right now."

Xia Hee's voice was like a hand, quickly pulling Su Zijin's rationality back.

Yes, the current Xiao Luochen is still just a prince. He is only Sixth Prince, whose birth mother's status is low and who is depressed.

Now, even if he was chopped to death with a single slash, it would be meaningless. On the contrary, it would only end up giving him an easy death. That would truly be letting him off too easily.

She wanted him to live a life worse than death. She wanted him to experience the feeling of falling from the peak!

"Taking a deep breath, Su Zijin put away her hatred and hostility. Then, walking forward, she stood in front of Xiao Luochen and performed a very qualified salute." "Sixth Prince, Jin An."

A trace of doubt surfaced in Xiao Luochen's heart as he looked at the submissive Su Zijin in front of him.

He clearly saw Su Zijin staring at him with eyes full of hatred, as if she had a blood feud with him. How did she become so meek in the blink of an eye?

However, regardless of whether she had hit him or not, it didn't matter to him. Such a powerless and powerless girl would be turned into ashes in an instant by the whirlpool in the inner chamber. There was no need to hold her back.

"Right." Xiao Luochen gave Su Zijin a disdainful glance, then turned around and walked back into the building.

Su Zijin happened to catch a glimpse of his disgust before she raised her eyes, and her heart was shaken.

In her previous life, she had no place in the Su Mansion after returning from the manor, and every step she took was like stepping on thin ice. It was only because of this that Chun Lan and Su Lingshan "accidentally" came into contact with Xiao Luochen.

Back then, Xiao Luochen had said that he had fallen in love with her at first sight, and even if she refused, she wouldn't waver. That was why she had thought that he was sincere towards her and didn't care about her identity.

But now, she was even better than when she had just returned from the manor. How could she be disgusted by this?

That kind of dislike was like looking at maggots on rotten meat, she was extremely disgusted.

Su Zijin felt that there must be a problem with this. She quickly walked into the building and watched Xiao Luochen's back as he quickly flashed up to Sky No. 1 Room on the second floor. She turned around and took off the bag from her waist and threw it at the counter.

"I want Sky No. 2, no need to serve any food or wine. Call your female guards over in an hour, I'm looking for someone."

With that, Su Zijin didn't give the shopkeeper any chance to reject her. She left Xia Hee behind and went up to the second floor by herself, disappearing into the room in a flash.

Closing the door, Su Zijin walked softly to the northwest corner of the room. She pushed away the calligraphy and paintings on the wall, leaned against the wall, and closed her eyes to listen.

The Sky Room which they descended to today was the best soundproofed room in the entire Jinling City, so many things that were inconvenient to communicate with would come here, especially the obscure transactions of some officials.

In her previous life, Su Zijin had to ask about these in order to help Xiao Luochen become the head of the world.

One accident when Su Zijin discovered that the wall behind the calligraphy painting at the northwest corner of the room was hollow, she could hear it clearly with her ears. She thought that the Tianzhi Pavilion was used to scout for information and it just so happened that she found it.

In her previous life, she used this wall to scout and heard a lot of dirty things behind the officials' backs. She threatened them and used them to help Xiao Luochen ascend to the crucible, but in this life, she was going to use the same method to send him to hell.

The river flowed east and west for thirty years.

"Mr. Meng, hurry and invite him in." Xiao Luochen's positive invitation sounded from that side.

Mr. Meng?

Su Zijin remembered this person, he was Xiao Luochen's advisor. She didn't know where he came from.

This person was very mysterious, but he was also very capable. Although he was a mute, he was very knowledgeable and was good at gossiping. If he could recognize a person and kill their life, then Xiao Luochen would be able to succeed the throne in his previous life.

However, he left before Xiao Luochen ascended the throne. As for where he went, no one knew.

"Daughter of the Su Mansion? Is Mr. Meng talking about the daughter of the Board of Justice's president, Su Cheng? "

Su Zijin couldn't see what Mr. Meng had written on the paper, she could only hear the sound of Lang Nu dawdling on the Xuan paper. Xiao Luochen was silent for a long time before he finally made up his mind, "Liu Tie has three girls under his knee. Mr. Meng is not sure, but Su Lingshan is the most suitable girl now, so I believe it can only be her."

Hearing this, Su Zijin finally understood why Xiao Luochen would pester her so much in his previous life. It was all thanks to Mr. Meng.

It was probably Mr. Meng, who had lost his life, who said that Su Family Maiden had helped him in ascending the great cauldron, but he did not know who, so both of them thought highly of Su Lingshan, whose aunt was Xian Consort.

But why was she decided a year later? She had never seen Mr. Meng before, and they didn't pay much attention to her …


In her previous life, when she came back from the Manor, she was defeated in the Northwest Festival. Eldest Uncle , who was always ignored by the emperor, had asked to be the marshal of the battle, and together with Second Uncle, led the troops onto the battlefield.

Since the Marquis' Mansion had risen up, she and her mother could be considered to have been sheltered. At the age of 15, she should have chosen a good marriage, but she was framed and ended up in Xiao Luochen's bed. Even if Xiao Luochen married her, her reputation would be tarnished, causing both her mother and her two uncles to suffer, and even the Emperor used this to suppress his Marquis Ann's Mansion's military merits.

Initially, she was still grateful that Xiao Luochen was willing to marry her, but now, it seems like he was just scheming to make her grateful to him, causing her two uncles, who should have been in high spirits, to have to help him, and in the end, get her body wrapped up in a horse hide!

This tragedy would come again in this life, but it would never fall on her, it would fall on Xiao Luochen instead.

She wanted to see what it would be like when he had to marry Su Lingshan and find out that she was the one who was helping him. Would he still be so protective of Su Lingshan?

Su Zijin understood the whole situation and started to talk about other irrelevant things. She did not want to listen to any more of it.

Pushing open the door, he was just about to ask why the female guard wasn't brought in when he heard the clamoring, begging, and sobbing outside.

He walked to the staircase and looked down. He saw a rich young master wearing a green brocade robe and a jade crown on his head holding the hand of a girl in linen robes. The girl looked like a handyman of the world, crying with her head down.

The shopkeeper bent down and begged the rich young master to let go of the girl. He could invite a girl from Fragrance Court to accompany him.

However, that rich young master really wanted this girl to be fresh, so he threw away a bag of money and left.

"Innkeeper!" The shopkeeper! "Help me!" The girl who was being pulled out struggled and cried.

It was then that Su Zijin saw the girl's face clearly. Although it was a little more tender, and not as cold as before, it was still Dong Mei's face without a doubt.

Only now did Su Zijin understand why Dong Mei had refused to talk about today's matter. It seemed like she had been destroyed by this Qin Shou!

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