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Su Zijin's heart burned with anger when she thought of Dong Mei.

He flew down and grabbed the young master's hand. He twisted his wrist along the joint, and the young master immediately released his hand in pain.

With a turn of his hand, Su Zijin protected Dong Mei behind him. The young master of the rich family raised his head and was about to curse, but when he saw Su Zijin's bearing and clothes, he knew it was Noble Miss.

There were not many commoners in the imperial city, and all of them were rich and powerful.

"What do you mean?" Although she didn't curse him, her attitude wasn't good, and her eyes warned Su Zijin not to go overboard.

"What's the meaning of robbing a woman from a good family in broad daylight and still having the nerve to ask me?" Looking at Dong Mei's red wrist, Su Zijin couldn't hold back her anger anymore. Her eyes were sharp like knives, as if she wanted to cut this rich young master one by one to vent her anger.

"Snatch?" The young master of the rich family coldly snorted, "What did I steal? "This female guard is already a slave. I spent money to buy a female servant, can't I take her away even after paying?"

"Nonsense, you're clearly trying to steal it. The shopkeeper didn't say he was going to sell it to you, and you didn't even get the indenture contract." Seeing that her young mistress wanted to protect Dong Mei, Xia Hee didn't waste any time in exposing her.

Xia Hee thought that her words would make the other person speechless, but upon hearing her words, Su Zijin's face stiffened. Before she could say anything to stop her, that rich young master had already grabbed the shopkeeper's collar and threatened, "Shopkeeper, tell me, did you already sell it to me?"

"Small …" Looking at the pleading expression in Dong Mei's eyes, the shopkeeper really wanted to say no, but he couldn't. He didn't know who Su Zijin was, but he knew that he couldn't afford to offend this young master of a rich family. Yes! Yes! I have already sold this girl to Young Master Li. "

Dong Mei's eyes instantly turned gloomy after hearing what he said. She was like a lifeless corpse; there was no hope left.

"How was it? Did you hear that?" Young Master Li proudly stepped forward, looked down at Su Zijin condescendingly and said, "But since young miss likes it, I can bear to part with it. I just bought it for 35 taels, so I'll sell it to you for the same price, but …" It's gold. "

The moment these words left his mouth, the crowd that was watching immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

Thirty-five taels of gold, that was three hundred and fifty taels of gold.

Let alone Noble Miss, even an ordinary princess wouldn't be able to take out thirty-five taels of gold in one go.

"What, you don't have it on you? I can wait for you to come back for it. Was one day enough? How about you beg me, I'll give you more time to raise the money. " Eldest Young Master Li's eyes were filled with contempt and disdain. He was certain that Su Zijin would not be able to take it out.

Under the mocking gaze of Young Master Li, it was hard for Su Zijin to not be angry even if she was reborn.

He was purposely ridiculing her. He clearly knew that, let alone a day, she wouldn't even be able to raise thirty-five taels of gold every ten days.

Was he going to let go just like this? To let Dong Mei experience it again like she did in her previous life?

No! No! Even Dong Mei couldn't protect me.


"Young Master Li, you have to keep your word. Take this thirty-five taels of gold and leave." Just as Su Zijin was caught in a predicament, a clear and bright voice rang out. At the same time, a heavy purse landed on the chest of Young Master Li.

Young Master Li instinctively accepted it. Upon hearing the voice, he looked towards a white-clothed man.

The man wore a white robe that was as white as snow, but the boy and the girl were not flirtatious. Instead, they had a unique male beauty. Sitting alone on the mahogany chair with a smile on his face, even the heavens and earth seemed to lose their color.

He was like an immortal from a painting. He did not have the slightest bit of vulgarity, making people yearn for him but also feel reverence for him.

For a moment, even Su Zijin was stunned.

"What, Young Master Li doesn't keep his promise?" You're still not leaving even after getting the money? " The man stood up, but before he could move, he had already appeared beside Young Master Li. The aura he emitted made even Su Zijin's heart tremble.

Such a strong inner force!

"You …" Young Master Li was beaten so hard that a trace of bright red blood flowed from his mouth. However, he did not dare to shout in front of the man. He looked at the purse in his hand and knew that he had nowhere to go.

"I won't bother with you today. Don't let me see you next time."

With a wave of his hand, the young master Li, who was carrying a purse, left in a huff with a few guards.

With the departure of Young Master Li, the man's aura was instantly retracted. He turned his head with a faint smile still on his face and gently asked, "Are you satisfied?"

Although the man was as beautiful as a goddess and had a smile as warm as the sun, Su Zijin could smell the danger and immediately stepped away from him. She pulled the jade pendant from her waist and placed it in his hand, saying: "Thank you Young Master Jun for your help, this jade pendant will be used as collateral, I will bring the silver taels back to the Wu Steel Manor later."

Without giving Jun Guchen a chance to speak, Su Zijin brought Xia Hee and Dong Mei and quickly left the Pavilion of the Under Heaven. In the blink of an eye, they got into a carriage and left on horseback.

Only after feeling the warmth from the jade in his hand did Jun Guchen realize that he was tired of it.

He turned around and saw Su Zijin's carriage leaving in a hurry. He felt both happy and helpless. When would he be able to return to the past with her?

"Mr Jun, why did you come here in the blink of an eye …" Xiao Yujing walked in from outside while gasping for breath. The first thing he saw was the jade pendant in Jun Guchen's hand. Where did this jade come from? From the looks of it, it seems to be a woman's. "

Jun Guchen didn't respond to Xiao Yujing's teasing words and only left a sentence, "I will temporarily stay in Jinling and disturb your highness." Then he left in a carefree manner.

Only Xiao Yujing was left on the spot in a daze, not daring to believe what he had heard.

He did not get Jun Guchen to agree to stay one moment, but why did he stay the next? What just happened?

"Your Highness, should we investigate?" Liu Gaang understood Xiao Yujing's question. He looked around and prepared to interrogate him as soon as he gave the order.

"No need. No matter what happens, as long as he is willing to stay, it is fine."

He understood Jun Guchen's personality too well, so he didn't like others asking him questions. Moreover, if he was willing to say such a blatant thing, he would naturally say it. If they found out that he was unhappy and turned around to leave, then it would not be worth it.

Jun Guchen was too mysterious, but he believed that as long as he remained, there would be a day when he would be able to unearth all of his secrets. His intuition also told him that Jin Ling must be an unusual place for Jun Guchen.

He just hoped that when Jun Guchen's mysterious veil was lifted, they would still be friends.

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