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C2 Sudden Rebirth

The boundless darkness was like thick ink, unable to melt. Waves of pain came from his forehead …

Su Zijin slowly opened her eyes after a few frowns.

What entered his vision was not the cold, gloomy hell, but a wisp of pink gauze.

Where is this? Am I saved?

Pushing aside the quilts on her body, she was wearing a suit with a flat belly. There was not a single trace of blood on her body.


Her body seemed smaller, thinner, and in some places flatter.

This body is a child's body.

Lifting his hand to lift the veil, he looked around. It was a simple bedroom, with a screen separating it from the small guest hall outside. The left wall was placed on a mahogany dressing table, and the bronze mirror was placed diagonally across the bed, just enough to reflect Su Zijin's face.

Her black hair was loose at her back, and her face was round with a hint of immaturity. Her skin was creamy and suffused with a layer of faint cherry red. She was pretty and charming.

The bright red gauze wrapped around his forehead was shocking.

Staring dumbfoundedly at the young girl in the mirror, Su Zijin slowly caressed her face in disbelief.

This is her! She was fourteen years old!

"Miss, you finally woke up! "Thank God."

A girl in a pink suit, maidservant, walked in from outside with a porcelain bowl. She saw Su Zijin wake up, so she quickly walked to the window and placed the bowl on the small black table.

"Miss, come, drink the medicine first." maidservant scooped up a spoonful of soup and placed it in front of Su Zijin's lips, waiting for her to speak.

Su Zijin was stupefied as she looked at maidservant, who treated her so meticulously.

If he still had some doubts after seeing his face in the mirror, then he was sure now that Xia Hee had died a year ago …

She, Su Zijin, had been reborn!

Six years ago, when she was fourteen.

"Miss, your servant knows that your heart is in pain, but your health is still important. Eldest Mrs. has said that she will definitely seek justice for this matter, so Second Miss 's nonsense will not ruin your innocence." Seeing that Su Zijin's eyes were glazed, Xia Hee thought that she was unable to calm down from yesterday's incident.

You want justice? Second Miss ?

Su Zijin's entire body shook as she looked at the blood soaked bandage on her head in the mirror from the side of Xia Hee's neck. Only then did she come to her senses.

She had been reborn at this time, a turning point in her life.

In her previous life, she would walk into such a hopeless situation. Although she did not know how to judge people well, this was the turning point that caused everything to happen.

In her previous life, she had been slandered by her little sister Su Ying and stolen her grandmother's jade-inlaid gold water bracelet. In her previous life, she had been slandered by her little sister Su Ying and stolen her grandmother's jade-inlaid water bracelet.

However, this did not prove her innocence. Even if her mother were to fight for it, there was no evidence to prove it. In the end, she was still sent to the manor, causing the unfavoured her to fall even further.

Because it was difficult, his heart was bitter. It was because the bitterness was moved by Xiao Luochen's and Su Lingshan's fake care and concern, and finally, it touched his heart.

She didn't expect that by helping her today, she would be reborn at this time. In this life, she would have to change her trajectory so that no one around her would be harmed. As for the ones that harmed her, she wouldn't let any of them go.

"Miss, at least drink some. Your body is more important." Seeing that Su Zijin refused to open her mouth to drink the medicine, Xia Hee was so anxious that her eyes turned red.

Why did her young mistress have such a tough life? It was hard enough for her, but Second Miss was unwilling to let it go. She was trying to force her young mistress into a dead end.

Seeing Xia Hee's tears about to fall, Su Zijin's heart was filled with guilt.

Xia Hee had been by her side since she was young and had always been loyal to her. However, because she was sent to the manor that year, she had been unable to follow, giving maidservant, the second class, and Chun Lan the opportunity to climb up and instigate their master-servant relationship.

Reaching out her hand, she gently wiped away the tears at the corner of Xia Hee's eyes. Su Zijin took the bowl from her hand, raised her head and gulped it down before handing it back to her.

Xia Hee was dumbstruck as she stared at the porcelain bowl, which had been left with only a small amount of medicinal dregs.

"Isn't this medicine bitter?" Usually, Miss was afraid of hardships. Every time she drank the medicine, she would have to use the candied fruit. Only after soaking it in a soft and hard manner would she be able to drink it. This time, how could she finish it in one gulp?

"Bitter, how can it not be bitter, but …" "Su Zijin's pupils constricted, revealing a hint of coldness." This little bit of suffering is nothing. "

Originally, she couldn't even take a single bit of the bitter taste, much less drink medicine.

However, after experiencing the betrayal of a bosom friend, the schemes of a close family, the destruction of one's family and the death of one's family, what does this little bit of suffering count as?

"Where's Eldest Mrs.?" He turned his head slightly and looked out the window at the west side of the courtyard. Countless thoughts and thoughts filled his mind.

At the mention of Eldest Mrs., Xia Hee's eyes revealed traces of worry and awkwardness.

"Eldest Mrs., she …" She went to find the madame this morning. "They didn't come back, but instead took turns making a few visits between the concubines …" Xia Hee didn't finish her sentence, but Su Zijin knew in her heart that her mother was ridiculed instead of getting along well with her.

Looking at the missing time on the corner, it was about time. In his previous life, it was around this time as well.

As she was thinking, the door was pushed open. maidservant and Lyu Qiao, who were standing by the old mistress' side, walked in with their two wives in large strides. They stood by the bed looking arrogant and proud.

"Oh? Eldest Miss is awake. That just so happens to save someone from carrying her. Come with me. The madame is still waiting for you." As she spoke, Lyu Qiao shot a glance at the woman behind her. She then raised her sleeves and walked over.

Seeing the woman's posturing, Xia Hee immediately stood up and stretched out her hand to block them. "Young Miss has just woken up. She's still weak and can't take the torment."

Lyu Qiao snorted coldly, took a step forward, and looked condescendingly at Xia Hee, who was half a head shorter than her. "The madame said that even if I had to carry her, she would carry her away."

As she said that, she reached out and pushed Xia Hee away, revealing Su Zijin behind her.

Facing the three of them, she didn't panic in the slightest. She leaned against the bed and quietly watched them, like a lake that didn't have the slightest bit of ripples. It was terrifyingly calm.

"I still haven't reached the point where I need someone to help me. Leave. I will follow you guys after I wash up." Ignoring the three of them, Su Zijin pushed the quilt away from her and got out of bed. She walked around the screen to the bathroom in her room.

Looking at Su Zijin's cold back, Lyu Qiao wanted to say no, but she remembered the terrifying calmness in her eyes.

Although she was not favoured and looked as if she was about to die, the rotten boat still had three pounds of nails, so she couldn't go overboard.

They didn't press him further, but the three of them stood in the small guest hall and waited.

Sitting in the bathtub, Su Zijin closed her eyes and said to Xia Hee, who had just come in, "After I leave, you should send that pearl of Wei Zi from my room to Old Madame. Don't say anything. Just say it to show your filial piety."


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