Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C20 She Had Been Chosen
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C20 She Had Been Chosen
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C20 She Had Been Chosen

Inside the carriage, Su Zijin's embroidered eyebrows were tightly knitted together. The entire interior of the carriage seemed exceptionally heavy.

The clatter of horses' hooves could be heard outside the carriage, as if it was hitting the heart, causing one to be unable to calm down.

"Miss, I'm sorry, this servant spoke too much just now." Xia Hee couldn't help but apologize in a low voice.

"Sorry?" Su Zijin retracted her thoughts and looked at Xia Hee beside her with doubt in her eyes. Have you done anything to let me down? "

"Miss, aren't you angry with this servant? You don't blame me for letting that Young Master Li grab hold of the thread of the conversation just now? "

Seeing Xia Hee's face widen in disbelief, Su Zijin couldn't help but reach out her hand and rub her head like a big sister. She said gently, "What are you thinking? You're also trying to protect me out of good intentions. If I get angry, wouldn't that mean I don't know what's good for me?"

"Then why is Miss frowning? Could it be because of that white-clothed gongzi? Does xiaojie know that young master? " Xia Hee's eyes were filled with curiosity, like a curious child's, as she waited for Su Zijin to answer her questions.

When she talked about Jun Guchen, Su Zijin's relaxed eyebrows knitted together subconsciously.

"Calculate..." "I think so."

She didn't know how to define whether they knew each other or not. Even though they hadn't met in her past life, she had still met a few times.

This person really knew how to hide himself. As Prince Xiao's guest of honor, perhaps in the eyes of others, he might just be a scholar advisor who had some self-righteous skills, but it could be said that he had completely grasped Prince Xiao in the dark. Even Prince Xiao, who always respected the Emperor, dared to openly oppose the Emperor.

Rumors had it that these two people were people who shared the nectars with the Emperor. That was why Prince Xiao cared about him so much, and even wanted to become enemies with the Emperor for his sake.

Although Su Zijin did not believe him, she knew that he was no ordinary person. Otherwise, how could he have provoked that battle between brothers and protected Prince Xiao in that heavy whirlpool?

Today, seeing Jun Guchen wash her knowledge clean once again. This person was much more dangerous than she had imagined. Not only did he have talent, but his martial arts were also this high.

However, she did not understand why he wanted to help her today. He did not even hesitate to reveal that he knew martial arts. In his previous life, he had concealed it extremely well.

This caused her to feel uneasy. Instinct told her that this person was too dangerous. If she could distance herself from him, then it would be best not to encounter him again. That was why she had hurriedly left.

"Calculate?" The young mistress rarely go out, so when did she know such a handsome young master? " The moment she heard that Su Zijin knew him, Xia Hee became excited.

Su Zijin tapped Xia Hee's forehead with her index finger, pretending to be stern as she said, "Don't have any thoughts, the more beautiful the thing is, the more dangerous it is. Women are, men are like this, do not mention this person again, understand?"

"Oh, this servant understands." Xia Hee nodded, as if she understood something.

Su Zijin didn't really expect Xia Hee to understand that even though she said that to Xia Hee, it was actually meant for herself.

This man was far more dangerous than a woman, especially for someone like Jun Guchen, who had the demeanor of an immortal and had both the martial arts and the martial arts. He would not provoke her no matter what he did, and she would never have anything to do with him again.

After giving her a satisfactory answer, Su Zijin's mood became a bit better.

He turned his head and noticed Dong Mei, who had been sitting in the corner, not daring to say a word. Only then did he realize that he had almost forgotten about what he was doing just because of Jun Guchen.

He reached out his hand to knock on the door and whispered, "Stop."

The coachman pulled on the reins, and the two horse carriages stopped at the side of the street.

"This place is safe now. You can leave now." Su Zijin parted the curtains to let Dong Mei see the bustling city outside.

Dong Mei didn't expect Su Zijin to chase her away. She stared blankly at her for a moment, and before she could say anything, she bent her knees and kowtowed to Su Zijin, kowtowing heavily.

"Miss, please don't chase this little one away. This little one was bought by Miss, I am willing to serve as a servant and become a horse. Please, have mercy on me."

"Don't want to go? You don't want to be free, but instead want to be a slave or a slave? " Su Zijin looked Dong Mei up and down. Even though her words were full of questions, it was clear that she was asking them.

Dong Mei was smarter than Xia Hee. She had spent many years groping around at the bottom and could hear the hidden meaning behind her words. She also understood the freedom Su Zijin spoke of.

Who would want to be a slave if they were free?

However, the moment she stepped out of the carriage without Su Zijin's protection, Young Master Li, who had suffered a loss, would definitely grab her immediately. One could only imagine what was waiting for her.

Even if Eldest Young Master Li were to let her go, in order to not offend him, the shopkeeper would tie her up and send her to the Li Residence.

Such "freedom" would only be more painful than being a servant or a servant.

"Miss is a smart person, you must know that once I leave this door, I will never be able to get back. Since Miss has already bought me, I will leave you with me. I will definitely return the money, it's 35 taels of gold."

Dong Mei kowtowed heavily once again. Her deep emotion moved everyone's heart.

However, Su Zijin, who had been reborn, was no longer a fourteen year old girl.

Although Dong Mei definitely had to stay, she might not have the determination from her previous life, which was something that she had never experienced with despair. Su Zijin needed that determination, so she had no choice but to be a bit more ruthless towards her.

"35 taels isn't a small sum, but I wouldn't take it to heart." Su Zijin let out a cold snort. Her cold eyes saw through Dong Mei's thoughts, scaring her into trembling. You want me to protect you, but I don't lack maidservant. As you can see, I already have one.

"I …"

Dong Mei didn't expect Su Zijin to be such a cold-hearted person. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she stubbornly refused to come down. After a long silence, she clenched her teeth and stood up to leave.

Su Zijin mocked him as soon as he took a step forward, "That's all we have."

Dong Mei clenched her fists so tightly that her teeth were about to shatter. She turned to look at Su Zijin with hatred.

"Although my identity is that of a servant, I can't allow others to insult me like this. "Even though I can't compare to maidservantjin who is by your side, but I'm not completely useless. You didn't even give me a single point, what right do you have to judge me?"

"Then I'll give you a chance." Su Zijin agreed without any hesitation.

This sudden change of events stunned Dong Mei. She didn't understand what he meant, but Xia Hee at the side couldn't help but laugh as she covered her mouth.

All of a sudden, Dong Mei felt like she had been tricked, and that she had been tricked.

However, Su Zijin would not give her the chance to go back on her word. She handed over a identity token to Dong Mei. Take this and come with me to the Marquis Ann's Mansion. Whether you can leave this badge behind after a month depends on your own abilities. "

It was only when she looked at the palm sized token with the word "Su" engraved on it that Dong Mei suddenly realized the truth.

What the person in front of him wanted was not the submissive maidservant, but a truly useful person.

As for her … He seemed to have been chosen.

"I definitely won't let you down!" She knelt down on the ground with a thud, carrying with it the gratitude and promise she had in her heart.

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