Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C3 Then I will Do as You Say
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C3 Then I will Do as You Say
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C3 Then I will Do as You Say

It took Su Zijin almost an hour to take a bath. Lyu Qiao, who was standing outside the screen, was already waiting patiently.

He wanted to urge her on, but before he could do so, Xia Hee rushed out from behind the screen, holding a small box carved with sandalwood.

"I've kept Sister Lyu Qiao waiting for a long time. You also know that Miss Wu is injured, so bathing and dressing will be troublesome. Just a small gift from me." Xia Hee opened the box in her hands and showed Lyu Qiao the jade bangle. Old madam has taken a fancy to elder sister, please allow elder sister to speak a few words for eldest miss.

Looking at the jade bracelet, the impatience on Lyu Qiao's face disappeared. She immediately extended her hand to pick up the bracelet and waved it a few times. If the young miss is innocent, I will naturally put it nicely. "

Lyu Qiao didn't say anything, but Xia Hee wasn't annoyed. She took the empty box and went around to the back of the screen, whispering something into Su Zijin's ear.

Su Zijin silently nodded her head, and strode out of the bedroom, following Lyu Qiao towards the Purple Stone Cottage where the Old Mistress lived.

Lyu Qiao's attitude became a little better after putting away the bracelet. Su Zijin walked very slowly and she didn't say anything. That was why the journey of the tea was so long.

In the main hall, Old Madam Lin, who was sitting on her teacher's chair, was already impatient from waiting. Her brows were slightly knitted, and her eyes were gloomy, full of dignity.

Eldest Mrs., Madame Xu, stood beside the madame and clenched her hands tightly. She looked at Su Zijin, who had walked in from outside the courtyard, with worry and guilt in her eyes.

Today, she was powerless to save him.

"Zijin, I've already ordered someone to call for you. You've only just arrived at noon, when did your Bamboo Garden become so far apart from your Purple Stone Cottage?" Upon entering, the madame began to interrogate him, her tone full of anger as if she was about to burn him.

Su Zijin acted as if she did not see him, walking leisurely to the center of the hall. She said slowly, "I was injured yesterday, and my body was stained with blood. I was afraid I might run into my grandmother, so I took a shower. Please forgive me."

Su Zijin's etiquette and words were so perfect that they made no sense at all.

Yesterday, when she crashed into a wall, blood splashed all over her body that everyone could see. If she was covered in blood, it would make them feel disgusted.

Since he was already here, there wouldn't be any changes sooner or later.

After taking a sip of the tea and clearing her throat, the old lady sized up Su Zijin and said neither cold nor cold, "Zijin, the evidence of your theft is conclusive. Although you are injured, you have rested for a day.

"Mother!" Madame Xu's heart skipped a beat when she heard that they were going to deliver the letter to the village. She immediately grabbed the madame's hand and begged, "How can we send a letter to the village? It's so far away and the summer is so hot. How can Zijin take it?"

Madame Xu knew that Zijin would definitely be sent away. After all, their goal was here, but they didn't expect to be sent to a village with a letter of agreement.

"Honorable daughter of the Guan family, committing a crime as a thief is already an unforgivable crime. It's already good enough that you didn't expel your family tree. Are you being biased with your master?" The madame glared at Madame Xu and shook off her hand. There was no room for negotiation.

Normally, Madame Xu knew that she would not say another word. However, since it was related to Su Zijin's future, she had no choice but to give it a try.

He struggled for a while, and then his legs, which had been standing upright, bent. Finally, he fell to his knees and prostrated himself at the old mistress' feet.

"Mother, even though Zijin made a mistake in this matter, please forgive her this time because she's young and ignorant. Pingzhi Manor really can't let her go." Her forehead was pressed against the stone slab carved with orchids, and a bone-piercing coldness spread through her limbs and bones. However, it was still not able to cool the boundless humiliation and hatred in Madame Xu's heart.

Looking at the corner of Madame Xu's lips which were tightly pursed, Su Zijin clenched her hands into fists. Her nails dug deep into her palms.

Only pain could keep her calm, and not be angered by the sight before her.

Even though he had experienced it in his previous life, when he saw his mother's tightly pursed lips once again, he couldn't help it.

Today, the old mistress would ask her to come here because she wanted to see this scene. She wanted to let her know that she was the person with the highest status in this family; whoever she wanted would live, and whoever she wanted would die. Even the woman who was once made of iron could only beg at her feet.

What she wanted was the feeling of being in a high position in order to satisfy her nearly abnormal vanity.

In his previous life, because of him, his mother was slowly grinded away by the old mistress. In the end, she ended up like that. In this life, he should return this fate to the old mistress.

"Mother, quickly get up. This matter doesn't concern you with my matters. Why must you plead for me?" Su Zijin spoke indifferently, as if she was a spectator who had nothing to do with her.

"The evidence is conclusive. You admitted to it yesterday, but now you're going to quibble about it?" The old mistress' eyes darkened. Like hundreds of sharp swords, she shot towards Su Zijin with the intention of piercing her.

Su Zijin still acted as if she did not see it. A cold sneer recently appeared on her face as she leisurely said, "If one who dies can prove his innocence pleads guilty, then wouldn't there be tens of thousands of grievances in this world?"

"This …" The old mistress did not expect Su Zijin to be so sharp-tongued, and she fell silent for a moment. "Then do you have evidence to prove your innocence?"

The old mistress leaned back a little, watching him attentively.

She didn't believe that Su Zijin had evidence. If there really was, why would Madame Xu plead with her for so long? She didn't even hesitate to kneel down and plead with her.

"Nope." As expected by the madame, she mocked Madame Xu and her expression darkened once again. Su Zijin changed the topic, "But I can find the culprit. As long as Grandmother summons everyone from the previous day, the truth will be revealed."

"Nonsense! "If you have evidence, come out. Don't ask anyone else to delay us!" The old mistress slapped her arm fiercely, her gaze furious.

Su Zijin's words were nonsense. She wanted to call everyone here without any evidence. If she couldn't find the culprit, then wouldn't that be telling everyone that she was being toyed with? If she could find out, it would not only prove that she had been fooled, it would also disrupt her plans.

Although she was not in the lead in this matter, she would naturally stand on Concubine Faang's side when it had already happened. After all, the Fang family was the one she wanted to get close to.

So no matter what, today, Lili was going to send him away.

"Grandmother, I can definitely find the culprit. If I can't find it, you can expel me from the family tree. I have no objection." Su Zijin's voice was sonorous and forceful, unlike the previous calmness.

"Zijin!" "Nonsense!" Madame Xu stood up in shock at the mention of the expulsion of the family tree.

But before she finished speaking, an old yet powerful voice came from outside the door, "Then we'll do as you say."

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