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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C4 Fluorescent Powder
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C4 Fluorescent Powder

As the voice rang out from behind him, an old woman in a long, dark green robe and a black skirt led a middle-aged woman through the door. She had a head full of silver hair, but she looked energetic.

Upon seeing the old lady, the old lady stood up from her teacher's chair in shock. Madame Xu was also startled.

"Mother." "Grandmother." "Old Madame."

"Yes!" Everyone was nervous, except Su Zijin, who had returned to her original calm. She bowed slightly towards the old woman beside her. "Great Grandma."

This silver-haired woman was Su Zijin's Great Grandma, the mother-in-law of the madame, the woman with the highest status in the mansion. However, she had already passed on the matter of hosting the meeting to the madame, and she lived far away in the northwest corner of the Qing Ling Courtyard.

Old Madame rarely went out of the door, let alone walked to Purple Stone Cottage, which was located the furthest away from her.

This was also the reason why Su Zijin purposely walked at a slow pace when she came. She was waiting for Great Grandma, she had never expected such a good time.

In her previous life, after she was sent to the manor, one of her wives leaked the rumor that Old Madame had arrived right after she was sent away. However, Old Madame had always lived in seclusion and didn't have any intimate relationships with her, so she didn't dare to believe it.

After her rebirth, she knew that the person she could rely on was none other than Great Grandma.

However, for the sake of no surprise, Xia Hee sent over Wei Zi, Great Grandma's favorite.

Old Madame walked in and they all bowed respectfully. The madame's expression immediately disappeared as she went forward to help Old Madame. Mother, why didn't you let maidservant notify you and then come over. I'll go to the courtyard to inline you. "

"I passed by the gate of your courtyard and thought that you had a few peonies growing extremely well here, so I came in to take a look. I didn't expect …" Old Madame, supported by the madame, sat in the master's chair at the head. She sized up Su Zijin with her shrewd eyes. "I think I must be truly wronged to hear what Zijin said."

"Mother, the evidence is conclusive …"

"Why would Zijin say such a thing if the evidence is conclusive? Even if she caused trouble without any reason, if the culprits were not found out, she would be expelled from the family tree. Before the madame could finish her words, Old Madame cut her off, her kind voice oppressing her.

As a daughter-in-law, even if she were to be the host, she still had to respect her mother-in-law for her filial piety.

Old Madame had already opened her mouth and agreed. No matter how much she was unwilling, she could not say anything more. She could only secretly think of a reason why Old Madame would come here today.

"I still need a few maidservant's to go find the wives, concubines, and misses of each room."

Qin's Mother, who was standing beside Old Madame, was a nimble person. Once she received the order, she immediately had a few quick and quick girls search through the rooms.

In less than an hour, all the madams and concubines of the three rooms came to the main hall one by one, with their wives standing on either side of them.

Due to the fact that Third Miss was praying in the nunnery and Fourth Miss had followed Second Madam to her parents' home, only Su Ying was among the ladies. She stood with Third Wife and looked at Su Zijin uneasily.

She had always felt that something was wrong with Su Zijin today. She was obviously so agitated yesterday that she was about to run into a wall to prove her innocence. Yet, she was so calm today. Could it be that there really was a way?

Sensing Su Ying's measuring gaze, Su Zijin looked over in the blink of an eye. Like a thief caught in a bag, Su Ying immediately turned her gaze away, pretending not to notice Su Ying.

When this scene entered Old Madame's eyes, even though the various channels were still unclear, she could still sniff out a bit of it.

"Little girl Zijin, as long as we arrive, we will be able to find out who the perpetrator is. Who is the perpetrator now?" Old Madame's shrewd eyes swept across everyone as if looking for the culprit.

"The culprit is already there. As long as you cover the door and windows with a black cloth, there will be no place for you to hide." The booming sound was like an iron hammer that struck at the hearts of some people. They couldn't help but be startled.

"Go to the warehouse and get some black cloth."


Qin's Mother turned around and walked out. In the time it took to brew a cup of tea, she brought a few girls carrying black cloths in and covered the doors and windows. The hall immediately became dark.

maidservant was about to take charge of the lights when Su Zijin suddenly spoke up to stop her. "Do not light the lamps, otherwise the culprits will escape."

Has the perpetrator come out yet?

Everyone looked at each other, but no one acted abnormally.

"Where?" Old Madame also did not see the alleged perpetrator.

"Grandmother's jade bracelet with golden ripples will give off a faint light at night, so Grandmother especially likes it as a treasure. This light came from the powder inside the bracelet. The bracelet broke once a month ago, so the powder would naturally leak out. When touched, it would stick to the hand. Right now, the interior of the house is dark, everyone can tell at a glance. "

When these words came out, everyone looked towards the hands of the others.

There was no light in everyone's hands. Just as many people were sighing and rejoicing over the fact that Su Zijin was about to be expelled from the family tree, maidservant suddenly exclaimed.

"Sister Lyu Qiao, your hand!"

Everyone turned to look at Lyu Qiao, only to see her hands shining with a green light, which looked extremely frightening in the darkness.

"Lyu Qiao!" "How dare you!"

Old Madame slammed the table and stood up. The rage surrounding her surged out, scaring Lyu Qiao to the point that her legs turned soft. She knelt down and kowtowed repeatedly.

"Old Madame, spare me, Old Madame, spare me!"

"Spare our lives?" Old Madame snorted coldly as she looked at the pale-faced Lyu Qiao kneeling on the ground, trembling. Anger welled in her heart. How could a small maidservant dare to steal and frame a direct daughter, how could she have the face to plead for mercy?! Come on, drag it out and kill it with your staff! "

Lyu Qiao was frightened out of her wits. She looked around in panic, and when she saw Su Ying, her eyes lit up. She threw off the woman who had grabbed her, and quickly kneeled in front of Su Ying to grab her skirt.

"Second Miss , save me. Second Miss , this matter …"

Before Lyu Qiao could finish her words, a resounding slap across the face interrupted her.

"What nonsense are you spouting? You did such an ugly thing and you still ask me to save you. What is your intention?" Do you want to sow discord between me and my elder sister? Someone, quickly drag her down! "

Su Ying was so anxious that her face turned red. She hurriedly pushed Lyu Qiao away as if she was pushing away a plague.

From the moment Lyu Qiao pleaded for mercy, the matter was already over. It was just that all of a sudden, she didn't even have the time to react before this damned girl came knocking on her door.

Under the madame's hinting, the two women at the side rushed to Lyu Qiao and picked her up. They pulled her out of the room without waiting for her to speak and then went silent.

With Lyu Qiao's silence, the hall became silent as well. However, all the gazes shot towards Su Ying at this moment, causing her to stiffen and not even dare to breathe.

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