Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C5 I Want You to Never be Able to Stand up for the Rest of Your Life
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C5 I Want You to Never be Able to Stand up for the Rest of Your Life
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C5 I Want You to Never be Able to Stand up for the Rest of Your Life

Looking at Su Ying who had her head lowered, not daring to breathe, the old mistress felt extremely annoyed.

His hands and feet couldn't be removed from his hands and feet when doing things. He was truly a rotten tree that couldn't be carved.

However, when she thought of the Fang family's strong family background and its powerful officials, the Countess could not help but swallow her anger and tried to smooth things over. She said, "This Lyu Qiao is really audacious, she had some grudges with Ruolin back then, but she didn't expect to take revenge on Zijin in such a way. It's a good thing that Mother's eyes are sharp, otherwise, Zijin would have been wronged today. "

With just a few words, he had eliminated the most suspicious person, Su Ying, and blamed it all on the grudge between Lyu Qiao and Madame Xu all those years ago.

Even though it was a bit far-fetched, it was still reasonable. After all, they both knew what was going on. Even if Lyu Qiao had said that it was Su Ying's order, it would not have been possible for her to be convicted in the end.

After all, other people's ancestors belonged to the Fang family, which was currently at the peak of its power.

Although Old Madame knew what was going on, she didn't go too far. Out of the corner of her eyes, she looked at Su Zijin, who had once again regained her calm, and after a moment of silence, she stood up and said, "Since the truth has been revealed, let's let this matter go. I'm not in the mood to admire the flowers, so I'll head back."

"Mom, I'll send you off."

The madame went up to help Old Madame, but Old Madame shook her head and looked at Su Zijin. "Let little Zijin send me off. I haven't talked to her for a long time."

With that, she walked out of the hall with Qin's Mother's support without waiting for Su Zijin's consent.

Su Zijin followed him out, walking beside Old Madame. Under the glare of the midday sun, it was rather dazzling.

Especially for Su Ying.


Walking out of the Purple Stone Cottage, Old Madame did not speak the entire way, nor did she speak up.

When she got to the Lotus Pond, Old Madame stopped and looked at the lotus leaves that covered the pond. She asked as if she was not paying attention, "Are you satisfied with today's result?"


"You're satisfied with just maidservant?" Old Madame looked doubtfully at Su Zijin, only to see that she was as calm as the surface of a lake. There wasn't the slightest ripple, or to be exact, she wasn't angry at all.

"I'm already satisfied that I was able to wash away my grievances and stay in the manor. Moreover, I even managed to get involved with Lyu Qiao." Su Zijin's eyes met Old Madame's eyes. Under those weathered eyes, she didn't pale in the slightest.

Old Madame couldn't help but feel a twinge of pain in her heart when she saw the steadiness and vicissitudes of life in a fourteen year old child's eyes.

Just how much had she experienced in this manor for her to become like this?

"That pearl, Wei Zi, you can take it back. I heard that your grandmother specifically found it for you." Old Madame couldn't bear to look at the pair of calm and lifeless eyes.

"Grandmother did come looking for me, but I don't know anything about plants and flowers. It would be a pity to leave it in my room," he thought.

"I'll keep it for you. If you want it some day, you can take it back anytime." Old Madame turned to look at the Lotus Pond again, after pondering for a moment, she waved her hand: "You can go back first, I want to see the lotus."

Without saying anything, Su Zijin nodded her head, turned around, and followed the nine winding corridors back to her own courtyard.

Watching Su Zijin's small figure slowly disappear into the distance, finally disappearing around the corner, Qin's Mother let out a pitiful sigh. This young miss is also very pitiful. If it weren't for Old Madame's protection today, I'm afraid I wouldn't even have had the chance to defend myself. "

"Who isn't pitiful in the harem?"

The master and servant looked at each other and no longer said anything.


After what had happened, the Su Mansion returned to normal again, except in Su Ying's room.

The sound of people cursing and smashing porcelain came from within the room. Seeing the pieces of porcelain that had exploded, maidservant, who was standing outside the door, trembled in fear, fearing that Su Ying would vent her anger on them.

Bang bang bang! "You only know how to make things worse. Today's matter is not enough, do you feel comfortable if you cause more trouble?" Concubine Faang led her trusted aides and entered the room angrily. She angrily sat on a black wooden chair and stared at Su Ying as if she was looking at rotten wood.

Su Ying felt even more wronged when her concubine said that to her. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Aunt, can you blame me for this? Who knew that Su Zijin knew about the powder! It wasn't easy for me to get that little demon Su Lingshan away, but I never would have thought that this Su Zijin wouldn't be able to get her away. "

Just thinking about it made Su Ying angry. After so much effort, she and her aunt finally managed to send Su Lingshan and Concubine Liu to the nunnery to pray for blessings. She thought that with a little trick, she could get Su Zijin away.

"What powder? It's just some tricks to fool that good-for-nothing Lyu Qiao." Others might not know it, but Concubine Faang knew it very well. Although there was this powder, it would even fall off after washing and rubbing. Not to mention after a day, as long as it was wiped in four hours, how could she leave a full hand behind?

She could only blame Lyu Qiao for kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy after being frightened by Old Madame. She immediately helped Su Zijin to wash away her tears.

"Su Zijin is so crafty!"

"She's only a little bit smart, but you're the one who's so stupid. I told you to go and talk to Lyu Qiao, but you didn't talk to her directly. You let everyone in the other rooms see you!" Thinking about the look in Old Madame's eyes as she looked at Su Ying today, Concubine Faang felt a chill run down her spine.

If this matter affected her recovery, then the gains would not make up for the losses.

"Aunt, let's not talk about me. What else can we do?" Let's hurry and think about how we're going to get rid of that Su Zijin girl. It's going to be our family's turn to use Floral Feast very soon. "

When she talked about Floral Feast, Concubine Faang's brows knitted together. There were only a few days left, and it was not easy to reach this step, so nothing must go wrong.

Su Zijin, I have to get rid of her.

"I have my own plans for this. This time, Su Zijin and Madame Xu will definitely not be able to stand up for themselves!" Concubine Faang gritted her teeth as her eyes filled with viciousness.

The moment she heard that she could make Su Zijin and Madame Xu unable to turn their backs on her, the gloominess in Su Ying's heart was immediately swept away, and she eagerly walked up to them.

"How? How can I make sure that the mother and daughter won't be able to stand up straight? " As long as Su Zijin and Madame Xu were in trouble, her aunt would be righted. Then, she would no longer be a concubine.

"Tomorrow you …"

Concubine Faang whispered into Su Ying's ear. The more Su Ying heard, the more pleased she became with herself, as if her plan had succeeded.

"Aunt's method will definitely ruin Su Zijin's reputation. When the time comes, she won't be able to go straight to the throne, let alone participate in Floral Feast in a few days later!"

"Floral Feast? "Hmph, I'm afraid I'll have to hide in my room and cry for the rest of my life." Concubine Faang stretched out her hand to caress Su Ying's cheek. She felt extremely pleased with herself as she looked at the masterpiece she had painstakingly cultivated over the years.

After so many years, they had finally reached the final moment. This time, Madame Xu and her daughter would never be able to stand up again!

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