Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C6 Everything will be All Right after Today
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C6 Everything will be All Right after Today
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C6 Everything will be All Right after Today

When he returned to the Bamboo Garden, the moment he walked in, he saw Madame Xu anxiously looking at him from outside the courtyard.

Under the bright sun, her face was covered in sweat.

"Mother, why don't you go into the room? The sun is so hot outside, what can you do if you get caught in the sun?" With a pained heart, Su Zijin wiped away the sweat on Madame Xu's face, then pulled her hand into the house.

Looking at his daughter's worried and worried appearance, the corner of his mouth unconsciously raised into a pleased smile.

"Mother really can't be at ease after seeing that you haven't returned for a long time." With the support of Su Zijin, Madame Xu sat on an eight-sided drum stool.

"Mother, from the moment I left the Purple Stone Cottage until the moment I returned, it was only around a moment or so, so there's no need to worry." Su Zijin lightly patted Madame Xu's hand and placed it beside her. She looked at the face that Zeng Ye had missed so much, and suddenly felt like she was in a dream.

"Mother is overthinking things. However, what happened today is too dangerous. If it weren't for you, Great Grandma, and I. I'm afraid that we would have left each other forever." Thinking of what happened just now, Madame Xu still had lingering fear in her heart.

If it wasn't for Old Madame's timely appearance to suppress the madame, Zijin wouldn't even have had the chance to explain herself. At this moment, she was probably on her way to the manor.

"Yeah, luckily there was Great Grandma."

Su Zijin was equally shocked. Today's battle was simply a fight to the death.

Even though she had the ability to make Lyu Qiao speak, if Old Madame had not appeared in time, the madame would have denied everything. After all, she valued the Fang family.

"Today's matter is all mother's fault. She doesn't have the ability." Madame Xu sighed helplessly and felt extremely upset. If she had the ability, how could she have allowed Zijin to reach this step? She was a dignified direct daughter, yet she allowed an imperial concubine to slander her, leaving them with no way to deal with them.

Hatred, humiliation, and helplessness interweaved within his heart. He could only gnash his teeth but not do anything about it.

Holding Madame Xu's trembling hands in anger, Su Zijin felt all sorts of unhappiness in her heart.

Her mother was not someone without power. She was the daughter of a marquis. She grew up in a military camp and commanded a thousand troops to traverse the battlefield without any problems. It was only for that man, for her daughter, that he was willing to bear such humiliation.

Unfortunately, that man wasn't worthy of her at all.

However, as a daughter and an experienced person in her previous life, she didn't want to say anything. If she pulled it away, it would only cause wounds all over her body.

No matter what her mother chose at the end, she would protect her mother in this life.

"Mother, there are too many people in the backyard who are unable to control themselves. Moreover, as long as they are safe and sound, it is good enough."

Madame Xu knew that Zijin was trying to comfort her and didn't want her to worry about her. Thus, she took the opportunity to nod. "Yes, it's good that you're safe. It's good that you're safe."

"Alright, Mother. Don't worry, everything will be fine after today." Su Zijin tightly held Madame Xu's hand with a pair of shining eyes.

Madame Xu really hoped that everything would be fine after today, just that …

Even though it was hard for her to convince herself, Madame Xu didn't want Su Zijin to be disappointed, so she tried her best to smile and nod slightly. "You just woke up and still need to rest. Mother will be going back first. I'll come see you tomorrow."

"Alright, I'll send mom off."

Understanding the depression in Madame Xu's heart, Su Zijin didn't force herself to stay any longer. She turned around and walked her out of the courtyard before returning.

"Miss, I've been worrying too much today. Once you come out of your Purple Stone Cottage, you will come to our place and have been waiting for you outside the whole time. No matter how I tried to persuade you, you refused to enter the house." Xia Hee spoke about what had happened previously with a pained heart while serving Su Zijin a cup of warm tea.

"Mother is like this, go back and buy some cold tea for the pharmacy and send it over. It's so hot now, Mo Wuji will suffer from heatstroke." Su Zijin knew her mother, so she was very stubborn. If she wanted to wait outside, she wouldn't be able to persuade anyone. It would be hard for Xia Hee, so she didn't know how long she tried to persuade Xia Hee.

"Oh right, Old Madame is very happy to see Wei Zi today, but I don't know why it's only placed in the Guest Clan. She even said that Miss will be ready in the future."

Su Zijin's hand that was holding the teacup froze for a moment, and then a trace of bitterness surfaced on her face.

Just as expected, she was older. Just now, she thought Old Madame might just be talking about it and have a chance to turn things around. She didn't expect that this was her plan since a long time ago.

She did not accept her affection, and even if she liked it, it would not be biased.

However, this was good as well. If Old Madame had accepted her kindness at once, then it would have been hard for her to put her at ease.

It didn't matter if it was fair or not. As long as Great Grandma was as impartial as ever, she would have a backer in this residence.

"I understand. If Old Madame asks you to go get it in the future, just go and get it." Su Zijin finished the last of her tea, placed it on the table, and walked around the screen towards the bedroom.

Su Zijin let out a sigh of relief after she laid down.

Ever since she woke up, her head hadn't stopped moving. Now that she was lying on the bed, her consciousness gradually relaxed as she unconsciously fell into a deep sleep.


The Su Mansion had returned to its calm state, but right now, the streets of Jinling were bustling with noise and excitement.

A troop of soldiers marched into the city from outside the city gate. Two men who were standing on opposite sides of the city craned their necks to see what was happening inside.

Naturally, they were not looking at the army, but at the two men sitting on the large horses in front of the army.

One of the two men wore armor, the red tassels on his head swaying in the wind. His sword-like eyebrows were starry and unrestrained, occasionally revealing a smile that was as dazzling as a child's.

One of them wore a white robe, and had a grave and stern expression. His facial features were like those of a demonic god. His every movement exuded a noble aura, giving off the impression that he was an immortal from the heavens.

This person was very handsome, like an immortal. He was very pleasing to the eyes.

The armored man would occasionally smile and signal to the commoners when they paid attention to him, while the white-robed man at the side would only look in one direction from time to time.

"Mr Jun, since entering the city, you've been watching Yongning Lane. You need to go and take a look." Seeing Jun Guchen keep his eyes on Yongning Lane, Xiao Yujing, who was the host, asked softly.

Jun Guchen was silent for a moment. He sighed and said in a low voice, "No need. I just remembered my old friend from that place. I don't know if I can see him again."

"Old friends?" Xiao Yujing revealed a teasing smile. He nudged Jun Guchen with his elbow and asked with a smile that was not a smile, "Are you a woman?"

Before he finished his sentence, a hint of a smile floated onto Jun Guchen's grave face. It was the smile of someone who had seen a beloved woman in love.

Xiao Yujing was so shocked that he almost fell off his horse. After being together for a few months, he had never seen him smile like this. However, despite his surprise, he quickly grasped this special point and raised his eyebrows, "As long as Mr Jun remains in Jinling, it won't be hard for me to meet an old friend."

Upon hearing Xiao Yujing persuade him to stay in Jinling, Jun Guchen turned his head and shook his head slightly, as usual, and didn't say anything more.

This made Xiao Yujing a little frustrated. He had mentioned it more than ten times along the way, but this Jun Guchen just wouldn't give up. But when he thought about Jun Guchen's ability, he really couldn't let it go.

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