Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C8 To Harm One's Own Heart and One's Own Body
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Evil Prince's Love's No Limit/C8 To Harm One's Own Heart and One's Own Body
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C8 To Harm One's Own Heart and One's Own Body

He looked at the two jackets in Su Ying's hands. One pink and one lotus, both light in color.

Looking up and looking around, the clothing stores were mostly made of light, plain colors. Even the cloth was not dark, not to mention the eye-catching green color.

"Why, don't you like it, Big Sis? "Then why don't you pick who?" Seeing Su Zijin looking around, Su Ying thought she didn't like what she was holding and quickly pulled her into the shop for her to choose from.

"I'll take this one. I believe in second sister's judgement. It must be good." Su Zijin smiled as she received Su Ying's Lotus Jacket Dress.

"Then let's give it a try. I'll accompany Big Sis. This way."

Su Ying pulled Su Zijin to the side door and headed for the ear room. The ear room was divided into two, and it was a small room that was enough for one person to walk inside.

Su Ying rushed into the room on the left, carrying her pink jacket, as if to prove to Su Zijin that she had indeed come to pick her clothes.

If it wasn't for Concubine Faang behind her, Su Lingshan would have used her completely. However, this was also the case at this time. The mother and daughter pair had been used by Su Lingshan and her daughter as firearms without them knowing.

Since they were in a hurry to get to the end of the road, she would not stop them.

With that thought in mind, Su Zijin carried her dress into the room.

He closed the door, threw the jacket and skirt on the round table and carefully looked around.

The room was not big, but there were chairs, windows, and doors. The only difference was that the windows were taller than the average window, so the woman's height could not be seen from afar. However, to Su Zijin, this height was a piece of cake.

Concubine Faang was, after all, still a woman from the depths of the mansion. Concubine Faang was, after all, from the depths of the mansion.

With a light tap of her right foot on the stool, Su Zijin jumped out of the window nimbly like a butterfly.

Outside the window was a small courtyard with walls on all four sides. At the top of the walls was a window of the same size, so it was likely that there were many small rooms for changing clothes.

Su Ying's room was right next to Su Zijin's. Her feet pushed against the window's edge, then she jumped up and stuck her head out.

Unexpectedly, Su Ying was really changing her clothes and hiding behind the screen, leaving her clothes on the chair.

Originally, he thought he would knock Su Ying out with some effort, but she had already prepared it for him. Since that was the case, then she wouldn't be polite anymore.

He quietly jumped into the room, grabbed the clothes on the chair, and jumped out of the window.

Everything happened extremely quickly and without a sound.

Looking at the clothes in her hands, Su Zijin sneered. She raised her hand, grabbed a small stone from the ground, and threw it with the back of her hand.

The small stones were like sharp blades as they cut the clothes into countless pieces and scattered them on the ground.


In the small room.

Su Ying's dressing was clumsy without maidservant's help. It took almost half a cup of tea before she was finally dressed.

Walking out of the screen, she stood in front of the huge bronze mirror. Looking at her graceful figure and delicate face, Su Ying was extremely satisfied.

Of course, what made her the most satisfied was what would happen next. As long as Su Zijin walked out of the shop, her reputation would be ruined, even if she had that beautiful face.

"Su Zijin, don't blame me for being heartless. If you want to blame something, blame yourself. If you don't want to take the position of the direct descendant, blame your mother for not giving up the position." Su Ying proudly talked to herself in the mirror, as if she was talking to the defeated Su Zijin.

The moment she turned around, Su Ying's complacent expression froze.

Her clothes … had disappeared!

She looked around and saw nothing but emptiness. There was no trace of her eye-catching dress.

He rummaged through the room several times but still couldn't find any chairs or tables.

This time, Su Ying was completely panicking. No matter what, she couldn't leave in this color jacket.

Just when Su Ying didn't know what to do, sparse sounds came from outside. She immediately moved closer to the door and opened her mouth, wanting to ask for help. But before he could say anything, he heard a voice from outside.

"Wasn't it the young miss from Su Family who was captured just now?"

"Isn't it? "Who is that group of people who kidnapped her? They're so brazen and yet they're all men. I'm afraid that Eldest Miss Su's reputation will be ruined."

"Isn't that so? If we were kidnapped by a man, our reputation would definitely be ruined. Let's immediately go and report it to the officials."

After he finished speaking, a burst of hurried footsteps sounded out, and they walked further and further away, finally disappearing without a sound.

After listening to the conversation outside, Su Ying felt relieved.

It turned out that Su Zijin had already been caught. She had indeed heard the door open just now, and thought that Su Zijin must have gone out by then.

Since she's already been caught, I'll wear this jacket and get out without a hitch.

Su Ying quickly opened the door without any worries and walked out from the side door. She was in a good mood as she threw the money bag to the shopkeeper and took away the few dresses that she had taken a fancy to earlier.

She carried her packed dress and walked out of the clothing store. Just as she was about to turn towards the Fang family carriage that was prepared for her in the side street, a few menacing men suddenly rushed out from the crowd.

"Little beauty, big brother misses you so much. Come with big brother."

The ugly man in front of her immediately picked her up and carried her by the waist. He then turned around and got on the horse, throwing her on the ground.

Su Ying opened her mouth to shout, but before she could do so, the man's palm struck the back of her neck, causing her to faint.

"Bandits!" The bandits of Dragon Lake outside the city! "

Someone in the crowd shouted, and in an instant, the crowd exploded. There were those who were discussing who had been kidnapped, those who were making sarcastic remarks, and those who were shouting for the police …

In any case, the fact that a woman had been kidnapped by bandits spread like wildfire.

While everyone was looking in the direction the bandits had left in, a person slowly walked out from the side door of the clothing store.

Looking at the lively scene outside, Su Zijin couldn't help but shake her head.

He originally thought that Concubine Faang was just some hoodlums that knew a bit about martial arts. He never thought that Concubine Faang would actually call a bandit from Longyuan Peak. She really wanted him to never change her mind.

But unfortunately, harming others resulted in harming oneself.

As they walked out of the clothing store, everyone was enthusiastically discussing what had just happened. No one noticed Su Zijin walking into the back alley, and even the Fang family's people did not notice anything amiss.

As per Su Zijin's arrangement, Xia Hee had already found a carriage and was waiting for them on the back street.

"Miss, what's going on up ahead? It looks very lively." Xia Hee stretched her neck as she looked down the street.

"Someone stole something." Su Zijin carelessly lifted the curtain and got into the carriage.

"Oh." "Xia Hee nodded her head in understanding before retracting her gaze." Then, Miss, shall we return to the manor? "

"It's still early. There's no rush." "Su Zijin looked out through the muslin curtains at the rising sun and calculated the time." "Let's take a walk around."

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