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C9 Slander

The carriage cruised around the Jinling City for nearly four hours before finally stopping at the entrance of the yamen.

At this moment, the small teahouse in front of the yamen was full of tables. Everyone was talking about the robbers and robbers who had robbed the women. There were also a few people who claimed that they had relatives in the yamen who were talking about their firsthand intelligence.

The scattered intelligence reports from the few of them gathered together, forming a complete report.

It turned out that after Su Ying had been taken away by bandits, a righteous scholar had rushed to the yamen to report the case. Su Ying had been taken away by a bandits, but a righteous scholar had rushed to the yamen to report the case.

Only when a little maidservant rushed into the yamen and made a ruckus, saying that the ones who were taken away were the young ladies of Su Mansion, did the yamen start to pay attention to her and head towards that Dragon Abyss Slope with the servants of Su Mansion.

After this trip, more than two hours had passed. Many people sat in the teahouse and waited, wanting to know which young miss of Su Mansion was captured. After all, the commoners could not be more fond of gossiping about the Shangguan Family.

"Miss, could it be that Second Miss was taken away by bandits?" Xia Hee, who had been standing outside the carriage all this time, listened to every word of the conversation in the teahouse. She felt a little uneasy.

If something really happened to Second Miss , how would they explain it when they got back? Would the madame blame the young lady?

"Who knows. Wait and see. The constables should be back by now." Seated in the carriage, Su Zijin casually said. She held a brush and continued writing on the xuan paper.

After finishing the last stroke, he picked up the pen. Before Xia Hee could reply, the teahouse was already in an uproar.

"The constables are back!"

"Then isn't the person being held a bandit?"

"What about the young miss of Su Mansion? "Why is there no one here?"

Everyone in the teahouse stretched their necks to look at the constables who had returned from outside the city. They struggled to find the Miss Su Mansion who made everyone curious.

But unfortunately, not to mention Miss Su Mansion, even a woman could not be found.

Only the patrolmen, whose clothes were a little untidy, and the bandits who were being held by the handchain were left behind.

"I haven't seen Second Miss , there's no one from Su Mansion either. Miss, were we deceived?" Xia Hee looked at the bailiffs who were getting closer and closer with a puzzled expression. She thought to herself, could it be that everyone in this teahouse is talking nonsense?

Su Zijin was in no hurry to answer Xia Hee. Instead, she slowly put the letter into an envelope and sealed it before glancing outside the window at the bailiffs who were entering the yamen.

She already knew that Su Ying and the people from Su Mansion would never appear in front of others again.

From the moment maidservant rushed into the yamen, it was clear that they had found out that the person being kidnapped was Su Ying. Concubine Faang couldn't wait to exterminate all the evidence pointing to Su Ying, so how could she be allowed to return with the yamen runner.

She wasn't waiting for Su Ying to appear. She was waiting for the right time to return home. Now was the time.

"Send this letter to the Wu Steel Manor and give it to me. Wait for Eldest Uncle to tell you before coming back." Su Zijin passed out the sealed letter from the window. After handing it to Xia Hee, she knocked on the side wall and told the coachman to return to the mansion.


It was already young to return to the Su Mansion.

Nanny Lee, who was standing by the Countess's side, led a group of old wives and women into the courtyard as soon as they entered.

"Where did the young miss go? She just returned at the right time. The madame has been looking for you for a long time. Please come with me."

Hearing Nanny Lee's words, Su Zijin knew that the commotion had broken out, but she still looked confused. "Grandmother is looking for me?" she asked. What is it? "

"First Miss will know once she goes."

Not bothering to talk with Su Zijin any longer, Nanny Lee turned around and walked towards the Nine Winding Corridor, heading in the direction of the Purple Stone Cottage.

Su Zijin didn't get angry and followed Nanny Lee under the encirclement of a group of female servants.

As soon as he walked through the Purple Stone Cottage gate, he saw from afar Su Ying, in tattered clothes and disheveled hair, kneeling in the hall with her head lowered as she sobbed. Concubine Faang knelt beside her and hugged her tightly, wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief.

The madame and Old Madame were sitting in the main hall. One of them was furious while the other was calm and composed.

Seated on the left and right side of the hall were three rooms which were occupied by his wife and concubines. The entire hall was filled with people.

"Greetings to Great Grandma, Grandmother, and Mother." As she entered the hall, Su Zijin's graceful body greeted everyone.

Before she could finish her sentence, the madame spoke harshly, without waiting for the others to nod in acknowledgement, "Zijin! Kneel down! "

"Kneel?" Su Zijin raised her head and looked at the old mistress with puzzlement before slowly standing up. "Grandmother, what do you mean by that? I didn't do anything wrong. Why do I have to kneel down?"

Seeing the blank look on Su Zijin's face, the madame became even more furious and slapped the chair's arm. He still dared to quibble! You heartless person, you tricked your sister out, and you actually found bandits to ruin her reputation! Do you know that the Floral Feast is around the corner? This matter is related to the honor and disgrace of the entire Su Mansion! "

Speaking of reputation, Su Ying and Concubine Faang, who were kneeling on the ground, started crying even harder. The sound echoed throughout the hall and beat on everyone's hearts.

At the same time, the wives and concubines of the other two houses began to whisper amongst themselves.

The sound of crying and whispering was extremely irritating, but Su Zijin acted as if she didn't hear it at all. She leisurely stepped forward, parallel to Su Ying and Concubine Faang, and lowered her head to look at the mother and daughter pair.

"Grandmother, who is this nonsense?"

"Even now, the young miss doesn't admit it? That bandit acknowledged that you were the one who planned everything today! "You're really determined. Second Miss is your sister!" Seeing that Su Zijin refused to admit it, Concubine Faang immediately turned around and wailed at the top of her lungs.

"Bandits?" Su Zijin's voice was still calm as she stared at Concubine Faang with her bright black eyes. The corners of her lips curled up into a sneer. Which bandit? What did he say? Where is he now? "As far as I know, Long Yuanpo's bandits have only just been apprehended. How come Concubine Faang's intelligence is so good that she was able to interrogate them in advance?"

"I …" Concubine Faang didn't expect Su Zijin to even know when the bandits were arrested and didn't know how to respond. She faced everyone's scrutinizing gaze as she sweated profusely and braced herself to shout, "It was said by the guards in the mansion when the bandits fought with the bailiffs."

"Guards? "Alright then." "Su Zijin turned around, and blessed old lady Old Madame, who was sitting at the head of the group." I implore Great Grandma, my grandmother, to bring the guard here, and Zijin will confront him face to face. As the direct daughter of the Su Mansion, her actions and actions represent her Su Mansion.

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