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After the Spring Festival, the weather was still rather cold. The grass and trees were still withered and yellow, as if they had yet to awaken from the cold winter.

A horse-drawn carriage with a purple tasseled roof slowly made its way across the moat. Inside the car sat a young woman with a bun, a moon hairpin and a moon pearl earlobe. She was wearing a light purple satin dress with hundreds of flowers embroidered on it. On the outside, she was wearing a cloak with the same color hamster's white fur lining. Her beautiful and lively face was filled with the excitement of a new cage. This was the Xia Yi An who had just teleported over.

Beside her sat a little maidservant who was combing a double bun. She was pretty and cute, and her name was Jin Lei. Today, her parents wanted to visit her at her hometown in Jingzhou. After staying at home for so many days, she begged her parents for permission to leave the city.

When they were on the long bridge, she suddenly heard the sound of someone falling into the water. She suddenly opened the curtain and looked outside.

"Stop the car!"

As the carriage came to a stop, Xia Yian quickly took off her cloak and jumped into the water, then ran towards the river with her skirt in hand. As a young man who lived under the influence of the five stars red flag, she couldn't stand idly by and watch him die.

"Miss, where are you going?" Jin Lei also got out of the car and chased after her, shouting anxiously.

The man in the river sank into the water and disappeared without a trace. Xia Yi An couldn't care less and jumped into the river with a splash, paddling towards the man. The water was so cold that she was almost numb. She managed to grab hold of the man's arm, but her hand was burned. This man's body temperature was abnormal!

A pair of powerful arms suddenly wrapped around her. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into the water. A strong body tightly wrapped around her. Staying with her. Struggling in the water. At the time of the stab, she felt her neck being lightened. Thin.


Xia Yi An was desperately struggling in the water. She was a weak girl. She wanted to save someone, but in the end, she had to clean herself up. Going in together for nothing was simply committing a sin!

How could a little girl like her be able to get rid of this man's martial prowess? Seeing that she was about to lose herself, Xia Yi An remembered the silver needles she brought with her. She fumbled with them and jabbed a handful of them into his heart.

"Err …"

The pain brought him back to his senses. Xia Yi An took advantage of this time to swim to the shore. As soon as she landed, she sat on the ground and stared intently at the people in the water.

There was no movement in the water, only ripples.

Jin Lei ran over, panting. When he saw her wet face, his complexion changed. "Miss, it's so cold. What are you doing? Let someone save him!"

"Do you want to see if anyone else is here?"

She rested for a while. She was going to leave, but she felt sorry for watching others die. After thinking it over for a while, she jumped into the lake again.

Jin Lei couldn't even stop her from falling to the ground in panic. What if something happened to Miss?

The man was jabbed. After the injury, his body seemed to be out of breath as he slowly fell towards the bottom of the lake, fainting.

Xia Yi An was pretty good at swimming, so she finally managed to drag him onto the shore before he drowned.

She looked at his pale face in front of her. Red, hair all over. Hot man, her occupational disease again.

Xia Yi An squatted beside him, patting his unshaven face and said, "Hey, seeing that you were poisoned, you must have … I won't bother with you about being polite to me. "

The man slowly woke up. His eyes were wide open. Red was suffused with a faint green glow. Light was like evil. The wolf saw the food.

Xia Yi An was frightened to the point that she trembled, worrying that he would stand up again. Vicious, she stuck a needle in his sleeping place.

He fainted once again, but martial artists all had a natural instinct to keep their consciousness at all times. Even though he was in a deep slumber, he could still feel the movements of the people around him as well as what they were saying.

"You're lucky to meet me. Although I don't know what poison you've been poisoned with, I can temporarily prevent you from dying."

As Xia Yi An spoke, she placed a needle on his body and used her white fingers to feel his body. Come. touch. Go.

"Tsk tsk, I didn't expect your figure to be so good. Muscle, wow, and this chest. "Muscles …"

Actually, Xia Yi An wasn't a special flower. She couldn't help but sigh when she saw that the man in front of her had an amazing figure.

There were a total of twenty-one needles. Due to his rudeness just now, Xia Yi An purposely pressed a button. Hands. More importantly, he was going to take revenge.

In the modern world, she was born into a medical family. Although she specialized in surgery, she had been taught by her grandfather ever since she was young.

In the time it took for half a cup of tea, Nangong Han's body returned to normal, and his body temperature slowly dropped.

Xia Yi An kept her silver needles and stood up in satisfaction. She shook the water off her body onto him and kicked his arm. Seeing that he was about to wake up, she ran away.

The man lying on the ground woke up. He opened his phoenix eyes that had returned to normal, and a cold light flashed through them. It was clear that he could not tolerate such a sight. obscenity Innocence. He raised his hand to brush away his messy hair, revealing a face with distinct facial features. His high nose was like a mountain of jade, and his thin lips naturally curled up, giving people the feeling that he was smiling yet not smiling. He had the face of a direct descendant immortal, yet he exuded a terrifying coldness akin to that of an inferno. This person was the Prince of War, Nangong Han, whom the citizens of Jingchuan feared.

When Nangong Han woke up, he discovered that his clothes were only half-naked. Bare-chested and wounded, he was lying on the ground in a sorry state, and there was no one around him. To think that a dignified prince like him would be reduced to such a miserable state. He was truly infuriated to the point that the roots of his teeth were about to shatter!

He got up and straightened his clothes, allowing his hair to fall down. He then mounted his horse and returned to the Residence of Duke Han.

That girl who did not know her place actually dared to use a weapon to stab him. She wanted him to catch her and skin her!

If it wasn't for the fact that he needed to keep this a secret, he wouldn't have brought along a bodyguard. Just thinking about it made him angry, that woman actually took advantage of him. He heard it clearly.

He had never seen such a bold woman before. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Yi still wanted to run, but there was no door!

After Nangong Han returned to the palace, he immediately sent people to search for her throughout the capital. However, this search took two months.

… ….

Xia Yi An didn't even know that she had offended such a big character. She was living a comfortable life. When her parents went back to visit her family, she would usually sleep when she had nothing to do and read books. When she was bored, she would sneak out to play. However, she was not discovered by Nan Gong Han's men.

Back then, because of some ridiculous old book, she had actually crossed over to another world in her dreams. As soon as he woke up, he laid down in Xia Manor and became the Xia family's daughter.

Fortunately, this family was not bad. There was no vicious stepmother, and no biased father. Her status in the family was not bad.

In the past two months, she had only met her two half-sisters two or three times. Every time they met, they would always avoid each other like mice meeting a cat.

Damn, so the original owner of this body must have done something heinous to them, causing them to be so afraid of her.

Pitiful ah, such a big family, but brothers and sisters do not like it, it seems the original owner also did not do well.

However, she couldn't understand how she was able to pass through it and enter its body. Was it a coincidence?

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