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"Eldest Miss!"

Xia Yi An was speechless. It had to be nice and cozy, the maidservants were calling out to him from outside. Jin Lei got up and walked out. Seeing Jin Mei anxiously waiting for him in the outer room, she asked, "Is there anything you need from Miss?"

Jin Mei looked into the room and said to Jin Lei, "Jin Lei jie, Master and Madam are rushing back. It seems like something has happened and Eldest Young Master asked me to come and invite Miss over."

"I'll tell the young lady right away." Jin Lei turned around and walked in.

Xia Yi An had already heard it. She swiftly got up and put on her clothes. When Jin Lei came in, he was already dressed. Jin Lei went to help her put on her coat, then helped her dry her hair and tie it into a bun.

After Xia Yi An packed up, she immediately led Jin Lei to Madame Jiang's courtyard. She was worried that something might have happened, so she left in a hurry. When he was passing by the corridor, he coincidentally met Xia Yiming, who was about to leave. He also left in a hurry with a serious expression.

"Big brother …" Xia Yi An called out to him and asked with a worried expression, "What happened?"

There were many things that he was unable to say out loud all of a sudden. He only said to her, "First go see Mother, I'll tell you when I get back." With that, he left in large strides.

Xia Yi An watched his back as he left, feeling uneasy as she ran to the Appearance Courtyard.

Madame Jiang was lying on her bed. Her face was pale, her eyes weak, and her fingernails were no longer as red as before. moisten. Colour. Ze seemed to have contracted a serious illness.

When Xia Yi An entered the courtyard, she didn't see anyone, so she went straight to Madame Jiang's bedroom.

"Mother …" Madame Jiang's pale face terrified her. She had only been gone for a month. Why did she become like this the moment she returned? What had she experienced outside?

Madam Jiang, with the help of her maidservant, Jinju, sat up, a smile blossoming on her pale face. "An'er, you've come."

Xia Yi An sat beside her, holding her hand and said, "You're sick, do you have medication on the way?"

Madame Jiang lightly patted her hand and gently said, "It's alright. I've already caught a cold in Jing Prefecture and have seen a doctor."

Xia Yi An squeezed out a comforting smile as she looked carefully at her face. It seemed as though her fingers were caressing it unintentionally. superior. Finally. Her pulse.

At present, it seems that my mother has chills. April rainy weather, Jingzhou to the south, humid air, plus the mother of the evil wind. As a result, the body would feel dizzy and the head would swell. The whole body would feel weak, and the blood would be blocked.

It wasn't any serious illness, so she was slightly relieved. She let Jin Jiu serve her mother properly, and went out of the bedroom. She asked the girl in charge of the medicinal herbs to bring the prescription prepared by the doctor.

Other than Nangong Han, no one knew anything about her medical skills.

The maidservant passed the prescription to her and she examined it carefully. It was indeed the right medicine. After chrysanthemum served Madame Jiang to sleep, Xia Yi An called her over to ask questions.

Xia Yi An asked, "Tell me everything that has happened."

Jin Ju looked around but saw no one was around. "It happened in Jingzhou," she said. Violent. Chaos. Many people had died. The Jing Prefecture had been thrown into chaos. occupy. Yes. It rained for a month, triggering the torrential downpour and mud avalanches. The commoners died or were wounded, and Jing Prefecture became a purgatory! "

As Jin Jiu spoke, he rubbed his arm, looking extremely scared.

"Is that when mother got the cold?" Madame Jiang was well-fed, the weather in Jingzhou was bad, and she was frightened. It was reasonable for her to be ill.

Jin Jiu nodded. "Yes, the Old Master is about to return. The Old Madam suddenly said she felt dizzy. Body … None. That's why it was delayed for a few more days. "

"Go back to your work." Xia Yi An already understood the situation and told her to leave.

"Yes." When Jin Jiu left, he coughed. Xia Yi An didn't mind as she was thinking about other things.

There were many casualties among the commoners in Jing Prefecture, and it was the season of plum rain. If the corpses were not properly disposed of, it might cause a plague, and things would get troublesome.

… ….

When Xia Yuanbin returned, it was already dark. He sat down in the hall with a heavy heart, his rain-stained eyebrows scrunched together.

Xia Yi An looked at him from outside the door for a while, then walked in with her skirt in front of her as she said, "Father, it's time for dinner."

She knew that Xia Yuanbin was in a bad mood, so she personally came to invite him. She respected this father very much, because he was worried about his country and his people, and he had given her fair and proper rewards and punishments.

"Sigh, it's Yian. How is your mother?" Xia Yuanbin raised his head to look at her, his furrowed brows slightly relaxed.

Xia Yi An was very pleased. Even though he had married another two concubines, he still treated his original wife well.

"Mother took some medicine and has gone to bed."

Xia Yuanbin nodded and walked towards the dining hall. His steps were somewhat heavy. It should be because he was tired, tired, and tired from traveling on the boat and entering the palace as soon as he came back. Bad.

Xia Yi An felt a pang in her heart. A man who could take on a lot of responsibilities needed to rest as well. She withdrew her gaze and followed.

The porch was lit with orange hexagonal lights, shining on the drizzling green plum trees outside. The finger-sized plums were fluffy and covered with raindrops. The night was quiet, silent.

… ….

After dinner, when Ji Mo still hadn't returned, Xia Yi An asked around and found out that he was sent by the emperor to provide relief. Xia Yimo was currently the Military Department's Ceremony, and was a fifth-grade official of the Imperial Court.

During the riots in Jing Prefecture, Xia Zhimo didn't have any military power, so would he be in danger? Xia Yi An was upset as she lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. Although Xia Yimo wasn't close to her, they were still people who lived under the same roof, how could she not be worried?

The Emperor would probably send the Duke of Han to pacify the situation. Chaos, would definitely not let Xia Yimei face such danger alone. Thinking of this, she felt slightly more at ease. With the Prince of War God around, it was a small ruckus. What was there to be afraid of?

… ….

After receiving the royal decree, Nangong Han led his troops straight to Jingzhou.

In truth, he didn't care much about a small Jingzhou. However, the Emperor was especially nervous because Jingzhou was close to the sea. It was a very important trading port. Back then, it was because of the rampant pirates that he ordered them to seal the port. Today's storm. The chaos seemed to have been planned for a long time, and the Emperor was concerned that it might spread elsewhere, so he placed great importance on it.

It was raining in the middle of the night, making it harder to march. However, Nangong Han's army had never been afraid of danger.

Nangong Han looked at the map in his hands and asked the guard beside him, "Who is in charge of escorting the relief supplies this time around?"

"It's Xia Si Dian, the eldest son of Grand Commandant Xia." the guard replied.

"Yes." Nangong Han did not have any impression of Xia Yi Mo, but when he mentioned the Xia family, he immediately thought of that untactful woman. She was so stubborn. Was her brother a capable person?

… ….

On the second day, before Xia Yi An even entered the courtyard, she went to visit Lady Jiang. However, before she could enter the courtyard, she heard an extremely harsh and exaggerated voice.

"Big sister, how can you be like this when you're perfectly fine? You can't be so weak in this mansion!" Auntie Xue's acting was exaggerated and her heart was full of pride, but she was pretending to be pitiful.

As soon as Xia Yi An entered the room, she coldly said, "It's just a minor illness. Why are you howling so exaggeratedly? Auntie Xue doesn't want to do it. What a pity. "

All the maids in the room bowed to her. When Auntie Xue saw that she had arrived, she cried even harder and used a handkerchief to wipe the corners of her tear-free eyes.

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