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Xia Yi An bent over and moved the crooked pillar away. She then picked up the pitiful girl and said, "What species are you? You can't be a fox with such alluring eyes, right? But with such big ears and a dazed look, it doesn't look like a fox! "

The poor little girl was curled up miserably in her arms, her injured leg still bleeding. Xia Yi An brought it out of the broken temple and used a hemostatic to bandage its wound.

Nangong Han looked at the dirty thing in her arms and frowned in disgust, "You want to bring it with you?"

"Yes, does Your Highness know what it is?" After finishing, Xia Yi An placed it on top of the medicine box and raised her head to ask him.

Nangong Han sized up this little bastard. The goods came to a conclusion: "Broad-eared Fox."

"Big eared fox... "No wonder his ears are so big!" Xia Yi An lowered her head and played with the wide eared fox's ears, smiling from ear to ear.

"Let's go." Nangong Han turned around and continued walking. Today, he did not wear a military uniform, but a snow-green embroidered robe. His black hair was tied up high with a purple jade crown, making him look extremely luxurious.

Xia Yi An was curious as to why he wasn't wearing a military uniform today. She lowered her head to look at her coarse clothing. Compared to him, she was on two completely different levels. Alright, she was only pretending to be a commoner.

The two of them went through the village and back into the mountains, because the water source was in the back mountains. As they followed the stream, the water became more and more turbid and the stench became more and more intense.

The little fox on the medicine box began to doze off as Xia Yi An carried it as she walked.

Nangong Han suddenly stopped and listened attentively to the movement in front of him. Xia Yi An also stopped to listen. There was nothing. Could it be that danger was approaching?

Nangong Han placed his finger in his mouth and blew on it, and a few guards rushed out immediately to await his orders.

"Let's go to the front and take a look."

"Yes sir!"

The guards ran forward with sabers in their hands, and soon disappeared into the forest.

"Gu gu …" The little fox was standing on top of the medicine box as it let out a gurgling sound and looked pitifully at Xia Yi An.

"Shh — —" Xia Yi An pressed her finger to her lips to indicate for it to be quiet. Then, she touched her head to comfort her. She guessed that this little thing was hungry. He never expected the little fox to quiet down and lie on the surface of the medicine box looking up at him.

"Good girl, I'll give you something to eat when we get back." Xia Yi An lowered her voice and spoke gently to it.

Nangong Han looked at this man and this thing interaction and was very surprised. He thought to himself, this woman is really amazing to be able to interact with animals.

"Aooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo[email protected]@

The few soldiers that went in to investigate ran out covered in wounds, and stopped in front of Nangong Han while stuttering, "King … Your Royal Highness, there is a giant python inside! "

Just as he finished speaking, there came another thumping sound from the forest. It was the sound of trees being knocked down.

"Hurry up!" Nangong Han pulled Xia Yi An's hand and ran out, followed by the injured guards behind him.

One had to admit that Nangong Han's hearing was too sharp. If Xia Yi An had entered directly, she would have entered the python's stomach already.

After leaving the temple village, Nangong Han brought her back to the camp without stopping. After experiencing the thrilling experience, Xia Yi An had been very quiet all the way. She carefully protected the little fox in her arms and calmed down as she thought.

There was a giant python at the source of the river. Logically speaking, that giant python should also be dead at the back of the mountain in Miaojia Village, but that giant python was still alive and well.

… ….

"Why aren't you coming down?" Suddenly, Nangong Han's deep voice rang in her ears. She snapped out of her daze and realized that she had already returned to the camp.

Nangong Han dismounted from his horse and gave her a hand at the same time. She thanked him with rare kindness in her heart before carrying the little fox into the courtyard to look for Jin Lei.

Jin Lei was overjoyed to see the little fox in her embrace. He felt around in his bosom and asked, "Miss, how did you pick up such a dirty cat?" Its ears are so big! "

"Gu gu gu!" The little fox stretched out its claws to scratch Jin Lei's clothes angrily, as if it was protesting against being called a cat. Jin Lei took away its small claws and gently stroked its back.

Xia Yi An patted the little fox's head and said, "Quickly bring it to wash. If it gets dirty, you'll have to wash the blanket."

"Sigh!" Jin Lei immediately carried the little fox into the house.

After Xia Yi An returned to her room, she placed her medicine case in her room before heading to Nangong Han's room. He was waiting for her.

"Prince, I suspect that the plague in Miaojia Village and Donghe Village was caused by that python. To be more accurate, half of the villagers were poisoned and half were infected with the plague."

Nangong Han stood by the window with his hands behind his back and looked out deeply, "Yes, according to the report from the guards, that giant python is a White-browed Viper. Its poison is extremely strong."

Xia Yi An frowned and clapped, "That's it. The snake poison enters the body through a water source and combines with the plague, causing the patient's internal organs to be damaged, causing his intestines to rot and he died. "Your Royal Highness, please seal the river right away and stop everyone from touching the river."

Nangong Han signaled to him with his eyes, and the Medallion of Mysterious Hunting was immediately executed.

"Wait, then pour a lot of lime into the river." Xia Yi An called out to Xuan Hou.


Nangong Han turned around, his long and narrow phoenix eyes staring at her as he asked, "Why are you sprinkling lime?"

Xia Yi An felt uncomfortable under his gaze. She lowered her head and said, "Lime has the function of disinfecting and disinfection. The moment it meets water, a chemical reaction will produce a high temperature, killing the bacteria."

Nangong Han frowned, he didn't understand a single word of her words. He had heard her explain the day of the bacteria, but what was a chemical reaction?

Only after finishing her sentence did Xia Yi An react. He probably didn't understand. She couldn't help but curse herself in her heart, telling him to be quick with his words!

If you were imprisoned as a lunatic, what would you do!?

She rolled her eyes and changed the subject, "Your Royal Highness, do you know of the [Lime Hymn]?


Nangong Han raised his eyebrows and looked at her, clearly not knowing that there was such a poem.

Xia Yi An then started to chant, "Thousand Hammers Out of the Mountain, The Fire burns as though nothing had happened. I am not afraid of being crushed to pieces, I must leave my innocence in this world. "

"You wrote it?" Nangong Han sat down on a chair and calmly looked at her.

Xia Yi An quickly waved her hand and said, "How could I write it? This is the work of the Ming Dynasty's poet, Yu Qian."

With that, she fiercely slapped her forehead. Damn it, this was Jingchuan, where did the Ming Dynasty come from!

So there was no "Cinnabar Hymn"!

She had made two mistakes today. Could Nangong Han be suspecting something?

"Doctor Yan, you seem to be filled with mystery, which makes me want to investigate you." Nangong Han suddenly stood up and approached her step by step. His long and narrow phoenix eyes were as deep as the night sky, seemingly wanting to suck her in.

As she watched him slowly retreat, Xia Yi kept comforting herself that nothing was wrong. As long as she didn't give in, he wouldn't have anything to use against her.

"Your Highness, this subject doesn't know what you're talking about." Xia Yi An retreated to the wall, but had no way out. She could only straighten her neck and pretend to be calm as she looked back at him.

Fortunately, she was wearing a human skin mask. Otherwise, he would have definitely seen how pale her face was.

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