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The snowball was recovered. Jin Lei hugged it happily and kissed it again. Then, he held the snowball in front of Xia Yi An like he was offering a treasure.

"Miss, if I don't go look for them soon, the snowballs will be eaten by them."

"Hmm?" Xia Yi An opened her eyes and looked at her doubtfully, "It was captured?"

Snowball had escaped with great difficulty. When he saw Xia Yi An, he immediately snuggled into her embrace, begging for comfort. His clear eyes looked at her tenderly.

"He went to steal the guards socks."

Xia Yi An looked disdainfully at Snowball. She tapped its head and warned, "You bad thing. No wonder people want to eat you. I won't care about you doing bad things in the future. Do you hear me?"

"Goo …" Snowball laid his head down weakly, his gaze still soft as he looked at her, as if to say that he knew he was wrong.

Xia Yi An let it lie in her embrace and continued to close her eyes to rest. After researching for so many days, she finally found a way to solve the plague. She was busy making medicine every day and did not have a proper rest, but there was always a reward for her efforts.

After sleeping for another hour, someone suddenly knocked on the door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw that it was the Mystic Hunt. He stood outside the door and said, "The prince has invited you."

"Wait a moment." Jin Lei closed the door. He saw that Xia Yi An had already woken up and put on her clothes. It was obvious that she had heard him.

When he went to comb her hair, he found that it was twisted and not smooth at all. She had been so busy these past few days that she didn't even have time to wash her hair.

"Alright, it's a pity I haven't found all the ingredients yet. I'll have to wait a few more days." Xia Yi An took a look at her hair and said helplessly.

There were still a few herbs needed to concoct the Poison of Plague and she had told Nangong Han that she was going to the mountain to gather some herbs. Gardenia had a wet and warm nature, and could not withstand intense sunlight, so it was very difficult to find a good curative effect. Ordinary Gardenia gardenia was useless and was the raw material for burning Gardenia, so she decided to go to the Cloudy Mountain nearby to find it.

He was also missing a rhinoceros' horn, which was also known as the water buffalo's horn. However, he needed the old buffalo horn in the wild for potions, so he had to go into the wild to look for it. And leeches, what's needed is golden leeches, not in the water.

It took a lot of effort to find these medicines. In the modern era, medical equipment didn't even need Chinese herbal medicine to cure the plague. With great difficulty, Xia Yi An dug out these few ingredients from various medical manuals and wrote a prescription.

Since they were going to the mountains, Xia Yi An intentionally wore a grey shirt to prevent it from getting dirty. When she stood in front of Nangong Han, she saw that his face had turned black.

She admitted that the clothes were a bit ugly, but they were practical!

Besides, she was just a commoner now. If she dressed too well, it would be suspicious.

Nangong Han looked at her for a while and said, "You don't have anything else to wear? If you don't have me here, I can get someone to do it for you.

"Your Highness has misunderstood, the reason why this commoner is dressed like this is to make it easier to walk in the mountains." Xia Yi An replied.

"He went to change it." Nangong Han gave her an unquestionable order and stood at the entrance of the courtyard waiting for her.

Xia Yi An wanted to throw her face away and ignore him, but his eyes were too cold. She had no choice but to accept her fate and go back to change into a tight crescent-moon-white gown.

Nangong Han was finally satisfied, he mounted his horse and extended his hand towards her. Xia Yi An smiled bitterly and said, "My lord, can I sit in the back?"

She really didn't want to sit in front of him and act like a child. She had to endure, she had to receive the strange gazes from the guards beside her every time. She had had enough!

A cold light shot out of Nangong Han's eyes. Xia Yi An obediently extended her hand and carried her to the back of the horse.

Along the way, Xia Yi An tightly held onto Nangong Han's clothes. The speed was too fast. She was worried that she would be thrown off.

Nangong Han's back was slightly bent and his legs were forcefully holding onto the horse's back. As they were going up the hill, Xia Yi An almost fell down. He turned his hand and wrapped it around his waist as he said in a low voice, "If you don't want to fall, hug me. Tight. "Me!"

Xia Yi An hugged his slim waist, her head resting on his firm back. The two's posture were extremely intimate.

"Your Highness, have you sent people to search for the rhinoceros' horn and leeches?" Xia Yi An asked.

Nangong Han nodded his head and said, "He was sent there last night."

"Oh!" At night, the vision of the animals was not as good as during the day. Furthermore, they would gather when resting.

Zhizhi was hard to find, and no one else knew her, so she needed Xia Yian to do it herself. She had originally wanted Nangong Han to send people to go with her. However, she really did not understand why he wanted to come personally. Was it really as she had thought? The prince had treated her like a man. Pet? That's not right, she was a girl. If he found out, wouldn't he kill her to vent his anger?

… ….

In the fifth month of the year, the Jingzhou City was in ruins with plagues everywhere. However, the capital city was still bustling with life, filled with beautiful flowers.

As the day grew hotter, the people had taken off their heavy coats and put on their cooler summer clothes.

Beautiful peonies and beautiful beauties filled the sky. All the young ladies and young masters loved to go out for a walk at this time of year. Those who were lucky would be able to meet their beloved one.

In the Prime Minister's Estate, Li Ruoxi had put on a snow-covered dress with red plums and a delicate makeup on it. Behind her was a group of maids holding a jade plate with a gold cup and a jade plate. She held the brocade handkerchief embroidered with red plums as she slowly walked across the Nine Winding Bridge and entered the Perception Pavilion at the end of the bridge. Watching the carp play in the lake, she hooked her fingers for the maid to present the fish.

A maid wearing a green maid uniform lightly walked over and put the plate by her side. Li Ruoxi pinched a few and threw them into the lake. Immediately, a group of carp came out to snatch the food.

Li Ruoxi sneered, and asked her personal maid Yu Jie, "What did those from Jing Prefecture say?"

Yu Jie lowered his head slightly and replied respectfully, "The person who came back said that he couldn't find Xia Yi An."

Li Ruoxi's hand that was throwing the fish stopped, and she said unhappily, "A living person can just disappear into thin air? How do you do things? "

The nearby maids all began to tremble, and their heads lowered even lower. Li Ruoxi was the Prime Minister's direct daughter. She had a high status in the palace and had a bad temper. She would punish her servants whenever she wanted. The prime minister had raised her using the criteria of nurturing the empress, and food and clothing had always been the best. Being used to being pampered, she was always arrogant and always felt that she was the best, and those who blocked her were not worthy to live in her eyes.

"I heard that there was no trace of her from the capital to Jingzhou. The secret guard guessed that she didn't leave the capital at all."

"Hmph, last time they promised that they wouldn't fail, but she's still alive!" With a wave of Li Ruoxi's hand, the jade dish fell to the ground, breaking into pieces. She lowered her eyes to look at the maid kneeling at her feet, and said with an ice-cold tone: "Just kneel here, you are not allowed to get up without me."

"Yes, miss." The maid's voice was trembling as she bowed her head.

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