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"Wei City is raining light dust, the guest house is green and new..."

The sound of the book lingered in the sky above the school. On the lake outside the school, there was a handsome young man leaning against a three-meter-tall willow tree.

The young man wore a white crescent-moon-like robe with a water blue and gold lining. He wore a white belt with a jade border, and his long black hair was tied up on the top of his head with a simple jade crown.

The young man lazily held a bright red apple on his slender white finger, and bit by bit, while holding it to his lips. His hanging clothes fluttered in the wind, his long legs lightly swaying. The youth slightly narrowed his eyes, avoiding the sunlight that seeped through the treetop.

This person had a picturesque appearance and a beautiful nose, jade-like lips, a delicate yet charming look, and a serious yet spirited look. Even though he was dressed in men's clothes, it wasn't hard to tell that he was a woman.

"Miss... Hurry up and get down, why did you climb down to such a high ground, the young master will curse me again if he finds out! "

Not far away, a little girl with a bun on her head was running towards the tree with a bunch of toys in her hands. She looked both resentful and worried as she shouted at the tree.

Xia Yi An threw the eaten apple core into the lake with a thud. With her hands on her head, she turned her head to the side and said, "Jin Lei, what kind of good stuff did you buy for me?"

Her voice was clear and sweet like a oriole coming out of a valley.

Jin Lei shook the things in his bosom and said, feeling a little wronged, "Miss, please come down to take a look. Jin Lei ran around the whole street to collect these things."

Xia Yi An lowered her gaze and glanced at the ground before standing up and jumping down. His body became unstable and he nearly fell to the ground. She had only practiced the Qing Gong for two months. At most, she could climb a tree now.

"Miss, are you alright?" Jin Lei looked at her worriedly. She knew her young miss's kung fu well. When Miss fell into the lake and woke up, her personality had changed a lot, so she still had to learn Qing Gong. Master and Madam couldn't change her mind, so she had to find a master for her.

Xia Yi An twisted her ankle and waved her hand nonchalantly, "I'm fine."

He was already used to it, so what could happen? In order to learn this movement art, she had suffered a lot. If she didn't think that she would have been able to survive in ancient times with a skill like this, she wouldn't have ended up like this.

She flipped the pile of strange little items in Jin Lei's arms. A charming smile blossomed on her calm face. "Good stuff. Come, bring it back to the mansion."

… ….

Outside Xia Manor's wall, Xia Yi An placed one hand on her chest while touching her chin. She estimated the height of the wall and wondered if she would be able to descend once she climbed up.

"Miss, are you going to go in here?" he whispered bitterly. "Don't, I'll get hurt!"

"Shh – don't argue, I can do this height. Wait until I'm inside, then you can go through the gate." Xia Yi An touched her head and lifted the hem of her clothes as if she was about to fly up.

"Young mistress..."

Jin Lei interrupted her just as she took a deep breath.

"What now?" She stared at the cup impatiently. A timid girl who always drops the chain at the right moment.

"I... Let's just go in through the hole … " Jin Lei looked at her submissively. The Miss used to be timid, afraid of ghosts and afraid of death. She had never done anything like flipping over walls. In the past two months, she really had changed a lot.

"I'm a man of my word, I never go back. I crawled into a hole when I came out, and you still want me to go back from there? That's impossible." With that, she stomped her foot and flew up against the wall.

After she stood on the top of the wall, she patted her chest and prepared to jump down. Unexpectedly, a young man stood in the yard and looked at her with a disappointed expression.

"Big brother …" Xia Yi An exhaled deeply as he placed his hand on his neck. Only after a long while did he finally let out a cry. The person that Xia Yi An called out was her mother and brother's brother, the son of the Xia family, Xia Yiming. She had a graceful appearance and her actions were calm and proper. She was deeply favored by Xia Yuanbin.

He was usually very strict with Xia Yi An. However, in Xia Yi An's memory, the original owner of her body didn't have a good relationship with him. In fact, they were even a little distant. On the contrary, he was very kind to the daughters of her two concubines. It couldn't be blamed on him, since the original Xia Yi An had an arrogant personality and looked down on everyone else, causing trouble all day long. She also liked to court death, and was unlikeable. On the other hand, Aunt Mei and Auntie Xue's two younger sisters were very well-behaved, so he preferred to be close to them.

It was just that for some reason, her big brother, who had been indifferent to her before, started to discipline her.

"Why aren't you coming down?" His voice was extremely cold. Clearly, his master had lost his patience.

Xia Yi An sighed silently and didn't move. It wasn't that she was disobedient, it was because the wall was too high and she wasn't sure if she could go down. If she accidentally twisted her leg, then that would be the end of it.

Jin Lei stood outside the wall, watching her for a long time. He thought that she wouldn't be able to go down, so he quickly put the thing in his hand on the ground and said, "Miss, quickly jump down. I'll catch you."

Xia Yi An turned her head to look at Jin Lei and winked at her. Then, she looked at Xia Yi Mo and said with a smile, "Big brother, can you help little sister out? I can't go down there anymore …"

When these words came out, Xia Yimo's face darkened once again. He had clearly instructed her not to go out, but she actually wanted to flip over the wall.

He went to the wall and held out his hand.

Xia Yi An gritted her teeth and pounced towards him …

Xia Yimo was a martial artist, so he easily caught her with one hand. As soon as she stood, he released her, stepped back, and turned to leave.

Xia Yi An grinded her teeth. Was he that disdainful of her? It was as though she was a fly.

"Why aren't you following me?" Xia Ji Mo stopped and waited for her.

When one was under a roof, one had no choice but to lower their head. Although this big brother had never been kind to her before, but other places didn't treat her very badly either. She endured it. She walked over and followed him. Her originally rather tall figure was now a head shorter in front of him.

She thought, this pressure must have come from my height.

Xia Zimo brought her to the front of the ancestral hall. With his hand behind his back, he coldly said, "You are punished to kneel in there. You can only eat if you kneel for four hours."

"Big brother, what did I do wrong?" Xia Yi An was unconvinced as she looked at him. She had only gone out for a stroll. Furthermore, she was wearing men's clothing when shopping, so her identity wasn't revealed.

"A young miss who has yet to leave the pavilion, wearing such clothes, and yet dares to run out into the streets without regard for her dignity, what does she look like? When will you be as obedient as Yi Qing and Yi Xuan? "

"Obstinate!" Xia Yi An snorted.

"You …" Xia Yi Mo was full of anger from her as he coldly looked at her, "You have been taught a lot. Just by jumping over the wall is enough to punish you to kneel for two hours!"

Two attendants walked over, and under the instructions of Xia Yiming, they pressed down Xia Yi An, preparing to bring her into the ancestral hall.

"I'll go in myself, my good brother." Xia Yi An got rid of the servant's hand and stood there looking straight at Xia Yi Mo.

Her dejected and helpless gaze swept across his face. Xia Yiming's heart suddenly didn't feel so good. No matter how willful she used to be in the past, she wouldn't look at him with such estrangement.

His little sister had changed.

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