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She was very angry. First, this coachman was reckless, driving without waiting for her to get into a good seat, and second, this man was not a gentleman. When he saw that she had fallen down, he did not even try to support her.

She lowered her head and sat there quietly, cursing Nangong Han hundreds of times in her heart. The prince had actually ordered his men to abduct her in the middle of the night, and now he even said some frivolous words to her. His impression of her was divided into zero.

The scolding eased up, and she began to think calmly. Even if her coachman was a novice, it was impossible for him to not know the rules of the Rutledge. Coincidentally, someone was blocking his way, so the coachman turned into the Three Thought Sheep Intestine. It seemed to be a coincidence, but there was a hint of conspiracy in it.

She drew back the curtains.

He looked outside, deep in thought. Her coachman had been sent back, and she should have questioned him earlier.

Nangong Han had been resting with his eyes closed ever since she entered. At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her vexed face.

He could not help but be curious about Xia Yi An. This woman had never shown any signs of fear from the start. Her courage was extraordinary. Normally, those who saw him would either be respectful, or intentionally avoid him. Yet, she still dared to glare at him. Now, she was still in a trance in front of him, completely not putting him in her eyes at all.

"Where are you going?" Nangong Han spoke first, his voice clear as a spring.

Xia Yi An cast her gaze on him and said calmly, "Prime Minister Manor."

Seeing Nangong Han looking at her, she looked back at him neither humbly nor arrogantly. He hadn't taken a careful look just now, but today, he was wearing a moon-white, ink-bamboo brocade robe with a face like the moon. He looked even better than he did that night.

No matter how handsome or beautiful they were, they were useless. They did not have a good character, and their skin was not adequate to support them. Xia Yi An subconsciously curled her lips and turned her head to the side.

Nangong Han did not know what was on her mind. He was curious about her actions, so he asked, "Do you have any objections to This King?"

Xia Yi An was startled and immediately shook her head. She couldn't say anything even if she had an opinion. She lowered her head to look at the handkerchief in her hand and hoped that the Prime Minister's estate would arrive soon.

He once heard his father mention King Han. It was said that he was the War God King of Jingchuan. He was conferred a title at such a young age, and he was very accomplished. Duke Han's full name was … Nangong Han?

Nangong Han... Gong Han...

"Pfft …" Xia Yi An couldn't hold back her laughter any longer. She hurriedly covered her mouth with a handkerchief, afraid that she would lose her composure in front of him.

As a doctor, Xia Yi An was extremely familiar with the common diseases of women. She found the domineering name laughable.

"What are you laughing at?" Nangong Han knitted his brows, unhappy that she was enjoying herself.

Xia Yi An waved her hand and said, "It's nothing, it's nothing." However, the smile on her face could not be restrained no matter what. She could not help but laugh at the thought of a dignified prince being called Gong Han.

Perhaps the ancients didn't have the words' Gong Han '. Otherwise, Nangong Han's parents would never have wanted the word' Han '.

Nangong Han felt that he was being played with. He could not help but take in a deep breath, unable to get out for a long time.

The carriage continued on for a while before Black Turtle stopped the carriage at the entrance of the Prime Minister's mansion and said, "My lord, the Prime Minister's manor has arrived."

Xia Yi An stood up and thanked Nangong Han before carefully getting off the carriage.

As Black Turtle drove away in his horse carriage, Xia Yi An stood by the side of the road and laughed again. Jin Lei pulled her along and said, "Miss, is it really that happy to be in the Hummer of the Frigid King? I feel so sick that the coachman is cold enough to freeze to death. "

Xia Yi An nodded her head and said, "I wasn't happy because of the carriage, it was because of something interesting."

"Oh... Miss, let's go in. " Jin Lei looked at the Prime Minister's manor and warned.

… ….

Upon entering the gates, there was a servant who came to collect the invitation. An attendant led the way and led her into the garden.

April weather, the sun is warm, the flowers clusters, the courtyard, the flowers chat, very lively.

Xia Yi An brought Jin Lei around for a while before finding a pavilion and sitting down. The banquet had not yet begun, and since she did not want to talk to the young ladies, she had to wait here.

Two people walked in gracefully from the side path. The woman in front had a graceful posture and was elegant and noble. The maid behind her was also different from the typical family. When the young miss saw the pavilion, she smiled and walked in carrying her skirt. Upon seeing Xia Yi An nod her head in a friendly manner.

Xia Yi An replied with a smile as well. She treated her as a guest and didn't pay much attention to him. There were countless good-looking women in the courtyard, and although this one was a bit different, she didn't win much.

After the young lady entered the pavilion, she sized her up. After a while, she spoke up first herself, "Looking at elder sister's extraordinary temperament, I wonder which family's daughter is involved, I would like to ask for a bit."

He continued to look at her in a friendly manner.

Xia Yi An and Jin Lei looked at each other, smiled at her and said, "Xia Yi An."

She did not announce her background, and when she said her name, she was very confident, as if her name was the best name tag, and she did not need a family background to accompany her.

Zhao Yi was slightly surprised. There was only one person in the courtyard who did not have a background when introducing him. The other ladies all wanted to speak of their ancestors' eight generations of meritorious officials so that they would have a higher opinion of him.

Zhao Yiwei's maidservant told her in a low voice, "This should be the direct descendant of Lord Grand Commandant."

Zhao Yiwei instantly understood that the only famous person in the capital, the Xia family, was the Grand Commandant. He didn't expect the legendary Xia family's daughter to be so special. He didn't know if she was acting arrogant or if she was really confident.

Xia Yi An didn't know what she was thinking and just closed her eyes to rest. He woke up a little early in the morning and felt sleepy.

Zhao was a bit displeased. She was the daughter of the Imperial Physician, but it seemed like she was being nice to him. This Xia Yi An really did not understand the rules. No wonder her reputation was so poor. How could she be so disrespectful to the royal family?

When Crown Prince Cang Lanjie had yet to become Crown Prince's consort, the Emperor and the empress dowager were both searching for candidates. Now, the chosen person had fallen to the three great officials of the imperial court, namely, the Prime Minister, the Grand Commandant, and the Imperial Physician. These three families all had daughters, and the Emperor was careful not to allow one of them to dominate the other two.

Zhao Yiwei was the only daughter of the Imperial Physician Zhao Tian, and he doted on her. She was also very successful. She was familiar with the laws of the women's ring and was also proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Her fame was only second to the Prime Minister's daughter, Li Ruoxi. She had an extremely good reputation.

Xia Yi An had been taught since she was young. However, she had never been serious in learning nor had she been arrogant. Of course, this was the original Xia Yi An. The current Xia Yi An had already changed her soul as if she had been reborn. The original owner was naturally unable to compare.

Zhao Yi sat for a while. Seeing that Xia Yi An still didn't want to talk to him, he got up and left the pavilion angrily.

In a moment, a manservant came over and said, "Miss, the banquet is about to begin. Please take your seat."

Xia Yi An nodded politely, getting up and walking towards the feast.

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