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C1 Fate

God said, All is possible.

He said, "God, there is nothing you can't do."

Day after day, year after year, mankind's science and technology changed rapidly, but after the Second World War, there was no more essential leap in human development, and the increasingly balanced system of the earth made the possibility of war lower and lower. With the depletion of resources and the deterioration of the environment, the development of mankind had fallen into a bottleneck.

Perhaps it was just a joke of the gods, after a very ordinary sunspot storm, a strange asteroid had broken into the solar system, but this was not enough to attract the attention of the entire world, at most, it was the fun of astronomers, but this asteroid was heading straight for Earth in a orbit that completely went against the laws of physics. Through Hubble, this asteroid was smaller than the moon, but planets of this size were charging towards Earth at thirteen times the speed of the universe.

At the beginning, the news was still tightly sealed by the governments of the various countries, and the major systems were already operating in secret, so they wanted to come up with an effective countermeasure before the news got out. However, some amateur astronomers quickly discovered this secret and made it public.

Fortunately, the media from all countries were optimistic, and the Observatory and the military were all determined to protect Earth's safety. Several countries with nuclear weapons and powerful space technology were working together to propose a plan for Earth's defense.

But time was too tight, a hundred and three hours was not enough to accomplish anything, not even come up with a feasible plan, the leaders of all the parties were still noisily holding a meeting to fight for technological power, the asteroid was close to Mars, would soon reach Earth, and would overtake the safety police tape. Even if this asteroid could be destroyed, the destruction caused by its remnant would still be enough to return Earth to its most primitive state, and the fate of mankind might not be much better than that of a dinosaur.

When people were close to despair and there were already large-scale disturbances happening in many parts of the Earth, a surprising accident occurred. The moment the asteroid entered the lunar system, perhaps it was influenced by the gravitational field of the Earth and the Moon, and it actually entered the satellite orbit of the Earth and became another planet of the lunar system. The sudden change also went against the existing laws of physics and exceeded the expectations of all astronomical physicists.

When this result was announced, it naturally caused the entire world to be abuzz. Everyone's eyes were focused on the planet that had gone against the rules of operation, eager to know why this asteroid could operate so strangely, and under the joint investigation of all parties, something even more surprising happened. Since the advent of space technology, countless humans had been searching for planets filled with life, it was like a planet filled with forests.

They were all thanking their parents for bringing them in such a good era. To be able to live to see the most glorious piece of history, this planet was named Life # 1. Its appearance and ending had given too many people on Earth a pleasant surprise.

Several spacefaring nations immediately began the landing plan, but the results of the unmanned spacecraft's special survey were surprising. This asteroid was shrouded in a strange force field, and this position was enough to completely destroy any living beings that entered, and the spaceship's instruments would also be severely damaged. Very soon after landing, there would be no signal that could be sent back.

However, this did not hinder the curiosity of the humans. The spaceships of various countries quickly sent out atmospheric samples to collect Life 1 because the strange forcefield spaceship could not land, but this was already a very precious sample to the humans on Earth. The spaceships of the other nations were like national treasures, each carrying out their own large-scale research.

Very soon, scientists from all countries discovered a strange active hormone in the samples. It was a very strange element, and it was impossible to say if it was alive or not, but it did have a great influence on the living beings on Earth. Large scale experiments began, and countless gas samples were sent to Earth.

Evolution, what an enchanting word. Ever since the day when humans had desires, they had always been looking forward to evolution. And today, they had finally discovered this precious key, and this element was known as the Wisdom Seed.

In the beginning, a lot of experiments were only used on mice and monkeys. Surprised by the results, the world became excited, and soon, countless volunteers were willing to do living experiments.

Although there were some conservative organizations that demonstrated against them all day long, they were unable to stop the already crazy scientists and governments. With such a chance in the annals of history in front of them, who wouldn't be tempted by it? In a sense, scientists were the biggest lunatics, and their obsession with human research had prompted them to come up with all sorts of excuses to carry out human experiments.

All of this was just on the surface, the underground experiments were even more crazy, including some powerful gangs, terrorist organizations, and indeed, the Wisdom Prime was able to cause a mutation in the human genes, but the result of the mutation could be a powerful or strange force, or it could also be madness, idiocy, or death. The probability of the latter happening was more than 80%, but the people on Earth were the ones who were not lacking.

At this time, something that shocked everyone on Earth happened. The animals in the laboratory all turned traitor, they killed the scientists' guards, rushed out of the laboratory, and at the same time took away a large amount of wisdom element, so they had no choice but to admit that more primitive animals and plants were easier to absorb intelligence element. When these original humans' toys possessed intelligence and strength, they began to rescue their companions, fighting for the territory of survival.

Humans formed a global war alliance and had to use a lot of ultimate weapons. It caused a huge amount of damage to the mutated beasts, to Earth, and to humans, and it was also said that this was because humans had interfered in the domain of God and God had started punishing humans. Therefore, this war was also called the World Exterminating War. Some religious people believed that these mutated animals were created by the Devils, so they called them magical beasts. Over time, this term spread and gained the approval of the majority of the people.

The result of the war was a mutual destruction of both sides, but luckily, humans were able to surpass the reproduction ability of magical beasts and accumulated wisdom for centuries, and ultimately, humans had the upper hand. However, these mutated species had already taken root, and the surviving magical beasts were more powerful, some of them even more cunning than humans.

There was no way for the two sides to negotiate. At this moment, the countries' powers were greatly weakened. Coupled with the effects of the war, power was already in the hands of the Wartime Alliance.

In fact, they were already very satisfied with the recognition of humans, and winning against newborn races was not worth it. Although they were powerful in combat, they needed more time to think, summarize, and reproduce, because time was the most precious thing for them right now.

Most of the magical beasts gathered here. They used the special ability of growing magical beasts to quickly breed large areas of forests in those remote areas, becoming one on their own, humans called it Magic Beast Forest, which was classified as a forbidden land for humans, and had heavy soldiers guarding it. After all, humans were good at defending, so even though there was a contract, not to mention whether or not the magical beasts would follow it, some of the smarter ones would still come out, so defense was necessary.

In addition, most of the rights during the war were under the control of the United Government of Earth, which led to the redistribution of the political scene on Earth. In the fifth year after the end of the war, the United Government of Earth was finally established. It was changed to the new era in the year of the New Era, and mankind had entered a new era.

Before the war of annihilation, because of the Wisdom Origin Su, quite a number of people underwent physical mutation, and during the battle of annihilation, in order to resist those mutated magical beasts, many people even used large amounts of Wisdom Origin Stone to forcefully reform themselves. Of course, only a small portion of people succeeded, and their strength became exceptionally strong, playing a huge role in the war.

They possessed all kinds of different abilities. Some people would turn into half-human, half-beast powerful monsters once their abilities were activated, and they were known as Beastmen Warriors; some people were able to transform their bodies into plants, and were able to obtain some special abilities. Because it was very difficult to extract the wisdom element from plants, and the dosage was even more difficult to control, there were very few people in this category, and these types of warriors were known as Plant Warriors; the other type was called Spiritual Warriors.

After going through large doses of forceful modification, these people did not experience any changes in their bodies. Instead, their mental energy had become abnormally powerful. They could use their mental ability to directly launch an attack, or communicate with some elements in nature and use them to launch powerful and unpredictable attacks. They were called Spiritual Warriors because they used Spiritual Strength.

Many people became idiots because of their overdose and excessive growth of spiritual energy. It was also said that scientists had never been able to determine why the agent could stimulate the rapid growth of the spiritual energy, so such people were the rarest, but they were also the most powerful, becoming the trump card of the war.

This was because their ability was their greatest secret. Once others found out, it was possible to let the enemy find out their own weakness, which was too dangerous. However, after the end of the war, these terms were gradually forgotten. People called these people with special abilities Adepts.

There was another characteristic of the Wisdom Warriors, and that was that they would grow stronger and stronger along with their combat ability. However, it was not without limits. When their abilities reached a certain level, they would automatically enter a bottleneck. If they could pass this bottleneck, their abilities would greatly increase. They called their own growth as evolution, while the process of crossing the bottleneck was called advancement. They used the number of advancement as a marker to measure the warrior's strength, that is, those who had completed their first advancement were called first order experts, while those who had advanced twice were called two levels.

However, if one was unable to overcome this bottleneck, their strength would no longer increase. If they forcefully advanced, it was very easy for them to fail, while the light ones would lose their ability, and heavy ones would just die on the spot.

According to the information recorded, the person who had undergone the most advancement was a soldier called Yuan Jiu during the World Exterminating War. He had made great achievements in the war and killed countless enemies, serving as an example to the public. According to the current information, in the 10 short years after the awakening of the ability, it had continuously evolved. After at least seven upgrades, it had all succeeded. Unfortunately, once the war ended, this person disappeared without a trace, and the ones who stayed behind were only those who had experienced 5 more breakthroughs. However, an average Wise Origin Soldier who had completed 2 to 3 more times was already formidable enough.

In addition, although these warriors had played a huge role in the battle with the magical beasts, they were, after all, too few in number to be able to reverse the general situation. Ordinary warriors were almost unable to withstand a single blow from the magical beasts, so the government used another forbidden technique during the war, which was to fuse people with combat machinery.

The existence of a large number of semi-mechanical soldiers had become the main force that could turn the tide of the battle. However, due to the cruelty of this transformation, which went against the laws of human nature and human development, people criticized it the most. As soon as the war ended, this technology was sealed by the government, and the semi-mechanical soldiers gradually faded out of sight.

This was a domain that only the Central Bureau of the Earth Alliance could set foot in. After all, in order to fight against the magical beasts, power was a must, and every year, there would be a group of people selected to become a Wise Origin Soldier. Of course, these people were the ones who had the highest chance of successfully evolving.

Their mutation was a genetic mutation, and many of their descendants also inherited their abilities. In addition, some of the underground world organizations did not follow the Central Alliance, and they also maintained a certain number of soldiers with special abilities, as well as the intelligence element. Of course, these people would not be stupid enough to fight against the United Government.

Because of their contributions in the war, some people relied on their contributions on the battlefield to join the army and the government. There were also a lot of people who did not know where they went, but there were also some who were not willing to be bound. In the end, they agreed with the headquarters that they were willing to guard the edges of the Magic Beast Forest along with the army and watch over the magical beasts. They gathered together and eventually formed a special family, known as the Guardian Family. The place where they lived was known as the hidden tribe.

A hundred years after the end of the war, people had gradually forgotten the pain of war and the catastrophe that magical beasts brought to humanity. The rich and powerful began to raise smart and small magical beasts, but instead of calling them magic beasts, they called them spirit beasts. Thus, it became a new business to train and smuggle these clever and small magic beasts.

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