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C10 Meet up

Knowing that Wen Zhang was a student, Lan Yu originally thought that he had gone to school, but now that she knew that he had not gone to school at all, then where could she go now, it couldn't be because she was too shy and was too embarrassed to show her face, but thinking about it, if he wanted to hide from her, then school was the best excuse, there was no need to play missing, could he really be that lucky?

He moved from the bedroom to the living room, from the living room to the kitchen, walking around in circles, finally finding his clothes that were stained with vomit in the bathtub, along with Wen Zhang's dirty clothes that were also stained with vomit. With ironclad evidence, Lan Yu finally confirmed that her clothes were taken off by Wen Zhang.

Lan Yu was a little surprised that the dirty laundry hadn't been washed. With the washing machine in place, it was a piece of cake for him to do such a simple task. It seemed like he really had something urgent to do. The clothes were piled there and tasted quite good. Lan Yu immediately washed them out. After all, he was going to wear them later, and Wen Zhang's clothes were also washed.

Lan Yu wandered around for a while and couldn't find any trace of anyone. Although she was a bit puzzled, she was finally able to relax. After all, she was a girl, and there was someone constantly peeping at her beauty beside her like that playboy.

After she was finally sure that she was safe, Lan Yu finally felt relieved from the nervousness she felt when she woke up. Feeling relieved, she immediately discovered that there was a faint odor coming from her body. It seemed to be the result of drinking yesterday. Girls usually had a little obsession with cleanliness, so how could they endure the smell from their own bodies? Lan Yu was no exception.

She rummaged through Wen Zhang's closet and finally found two suitable clothes and two clean towels. She immediately went to take a bath.

Lan Yu took off her shirt and underwear, exposing her curvaceous and exquisite body. She stood in the bathtub and let the warm water flow down her body. After washing herself a few times, she felt that her body was more refreshed.

Wearing her mother's milk, Lan Yu's palm slowly slid across her entire body. When she touched her round and tall breasts, a peculiar feeling spread to the bottom of her heart. Lan Yu couldn't help but think about the evaluation on her body that Wen Zhang gave her yesterday when he took off her clothes.

She was a conservative girl and planned to save everything for her wedding night. She didn't know whether Wen Zhang had seen it or not and she wasn't sure, but she had a faint thought in her heart that even if Wen Zhang saw it, it didn't matter. She even secretly hoped that Wen Zhang would see it, but she didn't know what kind of feeling it felt like, but Lan Yu felt her heart was no longer as cold as it used to be.

As she thought of this, her hand unconsciously exerted a little strength, stroking down from her neck. The skin that was washed by the flowing water was crystal clear, and she was sensitive to the fiery feeling that came from her palm, which spread along her body. Although Lan Yu knew that doing this kind of thing was wrong, it made her unable to stop herself from feeling the excitement in this unfamiliar environment.

Lan Yu was still a very pure girl. She had never experienced the feeling of burning desire, nor the extreme pleasure. Thus, this was her limit.

The warm stream of water continued to rush into her forehead, gradually awakening her. The warm flow of energy in her body gradually dissipated, and only now did she feel embarrassed, even though no one noticed, the red clouds still covered her beautiful face, giving her the feeling that her skin was burning hot. Even if the water continued to wash, it would not reduce the heat by even a little.

Lan Yu quickly grabbed a towel and wiped off the water droplets on her body. However, when she wiped off the white rabbits on her body, she couldn't help but increase her strength, but she unexpectedly felt a trace of the same feeling. Lowering her head, she discovered that there were faint red marks on her white and soft skin.

Lan Yu was surprised by this discovery. She rushed to the mirror and looked carefully. Through the mirror, Lan Yu could clearly see the marks left by a few fingers on her right breast. Although it was light, she could still make out a few traces on her left breast.

At first glance, Lan Yu thought it was the mark she left a moment ago, and she felt a little embarrassed. But then she thought about it, she didn't use her strength that much just now, and if her strength was strong enough to leave behind such a mark, she would have been able to feel it herself. In other words, this mark wasn't left by her, she immediately thought that Wen Zhang had done something against her.

If it was Wen Zhang doing it, she would have been so drunk yesterday, and no matter what Wen Zhang did to her, she wouldn't be able to resist. If Wen Zhang was such a person, how could he stop himself, but it wasn't him, Lan Yu couldn't think of any other possibility.

While Lan Yu was slowly thinking, Wen Zhang had already lost control of the energy in his body. Although he was still sitting cross-legged like in the beginning, he had already entered into a semi-conscious state, with blood slowly flowing out of his seven orifices. It was an unusually dark red color, the moment the blood came in contact with Wen Zhang's skin, it was like water dripping onto a fire.

Under the reflection of the energy in his body, his skin gradually turned translucent. The blood vessels under his skin could be vaguely seen, and from time to time, a drop of blood would pop out of his pores and disappear in a flash, leaving a faint red spot. The blood in his body was always limited, even the strongest person couldn't withstand this kind of slow flowing flow, and Wen Zhang was currently facing this kind of predicament.

At the school, Sima Wenloong, one of Wen Zhang's few friends, was thinking about Wen Zhang. However, he was not worried, but rather puzzled. As far as he could remember, Wen Zhang had never attended any of his classes. There were several times when he wanted to drag Wen Zhang away from class, but Wen Zhang had always rejected him without exception.

He was already surprised that Wen Zhang didn't come to class, but he also didn't expect that the person who answered her call was a girl. He had thought about it for two whole classes and still couldn't figure out who the girl was, but the morning class had already ended and he decided to immediately go to Wen Zhang's place to see what was going on. However, before he could step out of the door, someone came looking for him.

"Sima Wenloong, wait a moment, I have something to ask you." a clear, sweet female voice said from behind him.

Hearing this voice, Sima Wenloong immediately knew who it was. He turned around and said with a helpless tone, "Class Rep, what do you want now?"

The person who stopped Sima Wenloong was their class monitor, Shui Qingying. This Shui Qingying was not an ordinary girl and could be said to be a peerless beauty.

If one looked carefully, they would see that her skin was sparkling white, and on her round face, which was shaped like a melon seed, her eyes were crystal clear and deep, and her willow leaf eyebrows were curved, delicate and charming, with a nose so high that it seemed carved out of jade, and a mouth so delicate and exquisite that it could move one's heart. She was truly a beautiful girl, and in the class, she was also one of the top three most beautiful girls in the department, and the most important thing was that all her studies were very well-liked by the teachers, of course, they wouldn't let the leaders of the class go anywhere.

A few days ago, as a class monitor, because Sima Wenloong often skipped class, Shui Qingying went to find him to communicate. Sima Wenloong thought he had found an opportunity, so he took this opportunity to talk to the class monitor. Although Class Rep Shui University did not say anything, the surprising number of supporters of Class Rep Shui University all gave him a hard time, causing him to suffer everywhere. Now that he saw Shui Qingying, he took a detour to avoid her. He didn't know what was going on today.

Seeing Sima Wenloong's strange expression, Shui Qingying knew what he was thinking. She said lightly, "Sima Wenloong, you and Wen Zhang are good friends, right?"

Since it was none of his business, Sima Wenloong was finally relieved. He was scared, so he said with a bit of a relaxed tone: "Yeah, what's wrong?"

Noticing this slight change, Shui Qingying pursed her lips into a smile and asked, "Can I ask you, why didn't he come to class today?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen him either!" Sima Wenloong was a little confused as to why Beauty Shui was so interested in him, the most unremarkable friend in the class. He never knew that they had anything to do with each other.

Seeing Sima Wenloong frown, Shui Qingying knew what was going on in his head. She said coldly, "Don't think too much into it, I have something to talk to him about. Do you know where he is?"

When he heard Shui Qingying's tone, Sima Wenloong knew something was wrong. He quickly corrected his tone and said, "Sorry, don't misunderstand. I was also thinking about where he went today. I was planning to go look for him!"

"Does he live nearby?" Shui Qingying asked softly after hearing his words.

Sima Wenloong immediately thought of Water Beauty wanting to go with him, so he didn't dare to be slow about it. He immediately replied, "Yes, it's not far, it's at 123 Starlight Road."

Shui Qingying thought for a moment and said, "Oh, alright then. Wait for me for a while, I'll go pack up and then go with you. I'll come look for you later." With that, he turned around and went out to pack his things.

The moment Shui Qingying left, Sima Wenloong's bunch of friends surrounded her, asking him what the water beauty wanted to find him for.

Sima Wenloong raised his head confidently and said, "Hey hey, I envy you guys so much. Beauty Shui is going out with me on a date."

The group around him made an international despising gesture with their hands.

A little fatty who was squinting said with a mocking tone, "With just you alone, great beauty Shui will take the initiative to ask you out. You can do whatever you want with her!"

Just as Little Fatso finished speaking, Beauty Shui appeared at the classroom door. Seeing Sima Wenloong still chatting with a group of people, she frowned and said, "Sima Wenloong, hurry up. I'll wait for you at the entrance of the academy." With that, he turned around and left.

Sima Wenloong heard the call and immediately said loudly: "Ok, I'll be right there!" As he wanted to squeeze out, he turned his head to the little fatty who had mocked him earlier with an expression of glory and said, "Did you hear what he said? Beauty Shui is calling me."

How could the people around him be willing to let him go? Another guy said, "Sister Shui definitely isn't asking you to go on a date, what's going on? If you don't tell her, you won't be able to leave, so don't blame us."

Although the surrounding guys weren't satisfied with his way of calling them, they didn't have to care too much about it now. They had to follow him in order for Sima Wenloong to be honest, or else they wouldn't let him go, because the beautiful water girl hadn't said that to any of the guys in front of everyone, so they had to figure out what was going on.

Sima Wenloong saw that he couldn't leave even if he wasn't telling the truth, but there was no need to tell the whole truth. He thought about how Wen Zhang was usually calm and steady, so he had to find some entertainment for him. Then he loudly said, "Then tell the truth, Water Beauty wanted me to take her to Wen Zhang. She's interested in Wen Zhang now, hur hur, you all have no hope." Then, he took advantage of the moment the surrounding people were stunned to slip out, leaving a group of people there.

After hearing Sima Wenloong's words, the group of people were stunned. For a moment, they didn't even remember who Wen Zhang was. Of course, Wen Zhang was not a handsome or beautiful man. His way of doing things was not very eye-catching, and his friends were few and far between. He had no common language with these playboys, and it took him a while before he thought of him.

His looks were average, his grades were average, and he was usually unattractive. He was a good student who only knew how to read. He was so low-key that they had almost forgotten about him.

However, when they thought about it, they realized that Wen Zhang did not come to class today. Sima Wenloong was Wen Zhang's friend, so there was no need for him to lie. Could it be that what Sima Wenloong said was true? The group of people couldn't figure it out and could only guess randomly. However, they couldn't come up with anything that held a bit of credibility.

The result of the discussion was that after Wen Zhang appeared, they would confirm this matter with him. If it was true, then they would warn him not to dream of eating swan meat while being a toad.

When he arrived at the entrance of the academy, he saw Shui Qingying leaning on a flying car with novel colors and unique designs. Sima Wenloong immediately recognized that the flying car was one of the top quality flying cars produced by the industrial giant Long Xiang Corporation this year, and there were only 200 of them in the entire world. When he first saw the unique design of the flying car, he had wanted to own one.

He didn't expect to see her here today. It seemed that Shui Qingying was definitely not a member of an ordinary family. This kind of car wasn't something that anyone could drive, no wonder those guys at school didn't dare to do anything to her, even though they were drooling with desire. To prevent himself from getting into trouble, Sima Wenloong quickly ran over.

Seeing him coming over, Shui Qingying frowned and said, "Hurry up, why are you so slow? Did you tell them something? " He opened the car door and got into the driver's seat.

Sima Wenloong didn't dare to speak carelessly, so he could only reply lightly: "They surrounded me and won't let me leave. I told them that the two of us are going to find Wen Zhang."

Shui Qingying didn't comment on Sima Wenloong's words. She didn't know if it was because of revenge or not, but she instantly raised her speed to the limit on the road and sped away. Sima Wenloong was envious of the car's performance while being surprised by the beauty's boldness. He never knew that the beautiful lady Shui drove like this. Although he knew that the flying car's safety performance was very good, he still couldn't help but worry for his safety.

Luckily, the place wasn't far away, and with Shui Qingying driving at full speed, they soon arrived at the end of the road. Luckily, the place wasn't far away, and Shui Qingying was driving at full speed, so they soon arrived at the end of the road.

Lan Yu, on the other hand, was wearing Wen Zhang's clothes after showering for her with an inexplicable mood. Then, she washed out the dirty clothes that she and Wen Zhang had washed before turning around again. She found a bunch of keys on the table in the living room, which Wen Zhang had conveniently left there when he entered the room.

Now that she had settled down, she immediately started cooing. Fortunately, she had seen some ingredients in the kitchen just now, so she could only cook. Fortunately, she had been practicing her cooking quite well since she was out alone, so after fiddling around in the kitchen for a while, a fragrant smell wafted out.

It looked like the rice in the porridge was like pearls, sparkling and translucent. It looked very attractive, and with the simple treatment of a few fragrant dishes, even if someone with no appetite took a sniff of it, their appetite would be greatly increased. In fact, she had made it so delicately just for Wen Zhang, so she thought that Wen Zhang would be embarrassed to see her because of these things and would temporarily avoid her and come back after a while, even if it was just him who had helped her yesterday.

However, when she had just finished eating, the doorbell rang. Originally, Wen Zhang was the owner and lived alone. He didn't even need to ring the doorbell when he returned, and even if he did, no one would open the door for him.

However, Lan Yu saw the key on the table. She thought Wen Zhang forgot the key, so she pressed the doorbell and tried it. After waiting for so long, he finally came back. Lan Yu looked at herself from top to bottom, but didn't find anything wrong with her, so she went to open the door.

When the door opened, everyone inside and outside was shocked.

The person who opened the door was a beautiful woman, but she simply wore a set of boy's clothes. Sima Wenloong could tell at a glance that Wen Zhang's clothes at that time, and most importantly, her hair was still wet.

Sima Wenloong was slightly better. He had been here many times, so he was sure that this was Wen Zhang's house. The girl in front of him, he guessed that Lan Yu was probably the girl who answered his phone in the morning. He had never seen her before, and seeing that she was wearing Wen Zhang's clothes, they might have a pretty close relationship. Could it be that he had really underestimated Wen Zhang?

Sima Wenloong was familiar with them, so they quickly got closer. Lan Yu knew that he was the one who called in the morning, so she was naturally more assured that he had a pretty girl beside him. The three of them went inside the house and started chatting.

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