Evolution Crisis/C11 Acquaintance
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Evolution Crisis/C11 Acquaintance
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C11 Acquaintance

Shui Qingying was actually very surprised as she had discovered a little secret of Wen Zhang's yesterday.

Yesterday in the library, when she was looking for a book, she accidentally saw Wen Zhang, who had two bookshelves each, taking out a book from the top shelf, but because the book was arranged too tightly, the moment his body was affected, several books fell off. Just when she thought that the books would fall down, she felt a wave of familiar spiritual energy fluctuation, and then she saw that the few books that fell off seemed to be held in place by her hands, not only did they not fall, but she herself flew into the gap and arranged them neatly.

Shui Qingying herself had just finished her second evolution and was regarded as one of the most talented people in her family in the last hundred years. However, she found that even with her current level, she couldn't handle this matter as perfectly as Wen Zhang. The only possibility was that Wen Zhang's use of his mental strength was even greater than hers.

However, when she tried to find Wen Zhang in the past, he was no longer there, no matter what. In the end, after checking with the administrator, she found out that Wen Zhang had already left, which allowed Shui Qingying to conclude that Wen Zhang's ability was a little stronger than hers, which was why she came to find Wen Zhang today in an attempt to confirm this point. This was also the reason why Wen Zhang was so troubled yesterday.

Noticing that there was something different about Wen Zhang, Shui Qingying immediately went back to investigate Wen Zhang's situation. The results surprised her. She could not find any bright spots on Wen Zhang. The only good thing about Wen Zhang was that he was very serious in class and reading, but his grades were only so-so.

At first, she just couldn't figure it out. For a psychic, the development of mental strength and brain region was an interactive relationship. The stronger the psyche force, the higher the development rate of the brain region, in other words, the smarter the person. But how could Wen Zhang do that?

But she was a smart girl, and after thinking for a bit, she understood that Wen Zhang was hiding his power. This point of view was approved by her grandpa when she told him about Wen Zhang's situation.

However, she didn't expect Wen Zhang to be so ordinary, to be so secretive, to have such a pretty girl with him. The more she thought about it, the more curious she got, and it seemed like he really wasn't simple.

Lan Yu was also taken aback. It was her first time here, so she had no idea who it was. However, looking at the age and attire of the man and woman opposite her, Lan Yu could basically tell that they were Wen Zhang's classmates. Her male classmates were still alright, but she didn't expect such a beautiful female classmate to come back to look for Wen Zhang. Could it be that she had some special relationship with Wen Zhang? When she thought back to what happened yesterday, Lan Yu didn't know what to do for a moment.

She just said that Wen Zhang helped her drive away that playboy last night, so in order to thank him, she gave him a few drinks. The two chatted a lot, but unexpectedly, they got drunk and were brought back by Wen Zhang.

Hearing Lan Yu say that she was Wen Zhang's sworn sister, Sima Wenloong began to have wild thoughts. This kind of relationship between the two of them was easily suspected, but he had already made up his mind that he would ask Wen Zhang to take him to that Fiery Blaze bar again if he had the luck to have such a romantic encounter.

Because of Wen Zhang, the three of them sat together and chatted.

Sima Wenloong, who was quick to open his mouth and was eager to show off in front of the beauties, had basically revealed everything he knew about Wen Zhang, allowing the two beauties to have a better understanding of Wen Zhang's situation. Seeing the two beauties staring at him, Sima Wenloong trembled no matter what he said, no matter what he should say or what he shouldn't say.

After thoroughly understanding Wen Zhang, the three of them had their own gains. Sima Wenloong had a better understanding of his ordinary friend. Lan Yu, on the other hand, knew that her newfound friend's fate was not much better than his. Unknowingly, she felt a little more tender towards him.

After listening to Sima Wenloong's introduction, her first thought was that there was something wrong with it. In the past two years, this kind of person with a father, mother, and family had never returned, nor had she ever heard of anyone coming to find him. Furthermore, she only knew about him in the two years they had been in the academy. How could someone like him not have heard of it at all? It was most likely that he was hiding even greater secrets.

Other than reading books, Wen Zhang could be said to have not done anything else during these two years. Nothing else had happened, nothing abnormal had happened, but he had suddenly disappeared today without any signs. And it was at this critical juncture, so of course Lan Yu and Shui Qingying had to keep it a secret. In the end, the three of them agreed that Wen Zhang should be somewhere on the Xinghai, and should be back very soon.

Shui Qingying decided to wait here for Wen Zhang to come back. Coincidentally, she could also have a chat with Lan Yu, since she felt that Lan Yu's words seemed to have some unfinished business, but Sima Wenloong, with his big mouth, kept interrupting her, making her unable to open her mouth.

Shui Qingying thought for a second and had an idea. She asked Sima Wenloong to go to the place where Wu Jingping often went, or maybe he would go there today to find him. Maybe he would be able to find him. Her and Lan Yu's words were waiting for him at home, so they could chat about female topics. It wasn't convenient for him to listen to them here.

He had basically said everything he could say in front of the two beauties, and was already at the point of having nothing to say. As soon as he received Shui Qingying's instructions, he immediately said that he would go out and see if he could find him, and informed them as soon as he knew that Lan Yu wasn't close to him, so Shui Qingying definitely wouldn't keep him.

Of course, the most private part of the story was told by Lan Yu. The more they chatted, the happier they got, and the more they had a good relationship. Lan Yu treated Shui Qingying as her own little sister, and Shui Qingying had a very good impression of Lan Yu. Ms Yu kept calling out Ms Yu's name until she was as good as a sister.

After getting to know Wen Zhang a little more, Shui Qingying felt that Wen Zhang was not a simple person. Lan Yu could be considered a woman with a good appearance and temperament. It was rare to find a cat that didn't steal anything these days, let alone a cat that delivered itself to her doorstep. What kind of person was he? She had spent a lot of time researching this question, but now she couldn't come to a conclusion.

Lan Yu and Shui Qingying were chatting while Sima Wenloong was walking around outside. He had even snuck into the Fiery Blaze bar, but he couldn't find any traces of Wen Zhang, so he had no choice but to tell the two girls that he really couldn't find Wen Zhang. There was no news at all and no one had seen Wen Zhang before.

Hearing this news, Lan Yu was very worried that something had happened to Wen Zhang, especially worried that the playboy from last night might find someone to mess with Wen Zhang. Lan Yu was very worried that something had happened to Wen Zhang, especially worried that the playboy from last night might find someone to mess with Wen Zhang.

Sima Wenloong was the one who understood Wen Zhang the most. He said, "It's okay, Ms Yu. Wu Tie needs money but not money. If he wants people, then he has no money. No one else would like him. Furthermore, he usually kept a low profile when dealing with matters, so there weren't many people he knew, much less get into an enmity with someone else. So why would anyone come after him? Although his words were a bit hurtful, it was more or less the same. Since there wasn't any oil, how could anyone dare to take such a risk?!

Shui Qingying basically agreed with Sima Wenloong. She didn't tell the two of them about a hidden idea; she was pretty sure Wen Zhang wasn't an ordinary person. He was at least a psychic, and he was even stronger than her. There weren't many Adepts at the moment, and all of them were recruited by everyone. Even an ordinary Second Order Adept wouldn't easily make a move against him, let alone someone of Wen Zhang's caliber. One had to consider before dealing with him.

Besides, through the conversation with Lan Yu, she had a general understanding of the situation between Wen Zhang and Lan Yu and was also caught in the same misunderstanding. She also believed that Wen Zhang might not be able to face Lan Yu at the moment, so she chose to avoid him.

She meaningfully looked at Lan Yu, then smiled and said, "Ms Yu, you don't have to worry, Wen Zhang definitely ran off somewhere by himself. Plus, didn't he leave behind a note saying that he had something to do? With him in such a hurry, the matter must be very urgent. Once he finishes, he will naturally return. "

Sima Wenloong chimed in on the side: "Yeah, he probably has something urgent to do, otherwise he would inform me no matter what. There's no one here who has a better relationship with him than me. As soon as he gets to school, I'll tell him to contact you, or you can just give me your contact number and I'll call you as soon as he gets back. How about it? "

Just as he finished speaking, before Lan Yu could reply, Shui Qingying glared at Sima Wenloong and said, "You pervert, what are you planning to do? Why do you need Ms Yu's number? Are you trying to harass Ms Yu? I'm telling you, you're delusional."

Even if Sima Wenloong wanted to, he wouldn't admit it now. He made a gesture of grievance and said with a downcast expression, "My class monitor, you're accusing me unjustly. How could I have any ideas for Ms Yu. Besides, am I that kind of person?"

Seeing Sima Wenloong's dejected look, Shui Qingying laughed happily and said, "Hur Hur. From your previous records, you're not a good person at all. Do you think I can make Ms Yu not be wary of you? "

When he talked about the past, Sima Wenloong was immediately speechless. Before, when he was courting the great beauty of Shui, he had done a lot of foolish things. Even if other people didn't know, the person in question would definitely know about it.

Fortunately, Shui Qingying didn't have such a habit. There were many men of varying sizes who would do foolish things in front of her. If she announced it like that, what would she be? She only said it to give Sima Wenloong a verbal warning.

As expected, after the warning, Sima Wenloong became more honest. He finally achieved Shui Qingying's goal. Actually, Sima Wenloong didn't know about what happened. When he was looking for Wen Zhang, Shui Qingying had already told Lan Yu about Sima Wenloong's embarrassing incident, causing the two of them to laugh backwards and forwards.

After beating up Sima Wenloong, Shui Qingying smiled and said to Lan Yu, who was watching them bickering, "Ms Yu, don't worry, I also have something I need to ask Wen Zhang for. After hitting Sima Wenloong, Shui Qingying smiled and said to Lan Yu, who was watching them bickering," Ms Yu, don't worry, I also have something I need to tell you.

"Mm, okay, but I'm not in a rush. I'm just a bit worried about him, so why did he suddenly run away? If you have news about him, then call me!" With that, Lan Yu and Shui Qingying exchanged numbers.

This made Sima Wenloong extremely envious. Lan Yu was one thing, but Shui Qingying's phone number couldn't be bought no matter how expensive it was. He didn't expect that Shui Qingying would notice him the moment he shamelessly leaned over and didn't even see anything. Shui Qingying fiercely said, "Sima Wenloong, I'll exchange numbers with Ms Yu. Why are you over here? Are you trying to peek?"

Sima Wenloong immediately pulled back and said with a fawning smile: "No, why would I peek! Isn't Wen Zhang my best friend? Maybe he'll come to me first, so if you guys are willing to give me your number, then I'll be able to notify you guys immediately. "

The two thought for a moment and nodded at the same time, agreeing with Sima Wenloong's view. However, when Shui Qingying saw Sima Wenloong, she was a little worried and said: "How about this, I'll give you my number. If you have any news, inform me." Then, he casually wrote a note and handed it to Sima Wenloong.

When he got it, he would be able to show his face in front of those guys and make them laugh at him for a long time. Now he had nothing to say, he could almost see how many people were trying to get Shui Qingying's number from him, but his fantasy was not over yet. When he took the paper and looked at it, Sima Wenloong was stunned.

Seeing that her scheme had succeeded, Shui Qingying smiled complacently and said, "This number is from the Discipline Inspection Department of our Students' Autonomous Association. I don't usually do extra work in class, so you can basically find me if you make this call. It's just that I'm not here." If you tell them, they'll tell me too, so they won't misunderstand. "

Hearing this news, Sima Wenloong was immediately stunned. What kind of thing was the Students' Autonomous Union? Basically, the large and small affairs of the students belonged to them, and those who could enter were all outstanding students in the academy. Most likely, they were people with both outstanding knowledge and talents. The Disciplinary Committee was even more powerful. Whoever made a mistake and got caught by them, wouldn't they lose at least a layer of skin even if they didn't die? Those people who didn't learn anything would turn pale upon hearing the news.

Sima Wenloong had only heard of its fame before, so he really hadn't seen anyone call him the Bureau of Discipline Inspection. He didn't expect to meet one here today, it was really amazing, even if this number was given to him, he wouldn't dare to randomly call it!

No wonder this number looked familiar. It turned out to be the disciplinary violator that was previously announced by the Bureau of Discipline Inspection. Furthermore, they had already said at that time that no molesting phone calls were allowed. It was said that he was punished severely and "died" miserably. If he were to casually hit them, then it was certain that he would be found out and his plan failed.

But luckily, he found out another big secret. He never thought that the great beauty Shui was actually a member of the Bureau of Internal Affairs. This secret was probably known by only a few people in the class.

Just as he was thinking about this, Shui Qingying obviously knew what he was thinking about. She shook her sparkling little fist at him and said, "I'm in the Wind and Discipline Academy. You're the only one in the class who knows this secret. You know what to do."

If the others in the class knew about it, Shui Qingying would think that it was spread out by him. Sima Wenloong was having a headache, the information that he finally managed to find out today was either useless or he couldn't say it, even if someone else told him about it in the future, he might still have to take responsibility for it. It was such a waste of time.

The three of them chatted as time flew by. Soon, it was noon and they had not eaten lunch yet. As the only boy, Sima Wenloong had to treat everyone to a meal, but he was also a rich kid, so it didn't matter. Since he could get a good impression from a beautiful woman, he grabbed the opportunity: "Ms Yu, it's getting late, how about I invite everyone to lunch together with me?"

Before Lan Yu could say anything, Shui Qingying jumped up and clapped her hands. "That's right, let's go eat together and celebrate our meeting today!" Without waiting for Lan Yu's permission, she dragged Lan Yu out. When Sima Wenloong saw that she did so, he quickly rushed to the front to open the door for them.

Seeing that she couldn't refuse, Lan Yu forced a smile and said, "Alright then. But you guys have to let me change my clothes. I can't just leave like this, can I?" Indeed, her current appearance was not easy to get dressed in. Although Wen Zhang could wear clothes, but if you looked closely, they still didn't fit him well.

Shui Qingying pulled Sima Wenloong and said to Lan Yu, "Alright, Ms Yu, we'll wait for you outside. You have to hurry!" He dragged Sima Wenloong out to prevent him from being a pervert plotting something bad. Sima Wenloong drooled as he was dragged out by Shui Qingying with a red heart in his eyes. Of course, he didn't dare to have any objections.

Both of them were shocked when they saw Lan Yu wearing a black coloured suit. Lan Yu originally wore Wen Zhang's clothes and had just finished her shower, so she didn't look like she was going to dress up. That's why they already had a very pretty and pure feeling when they looked at her.

After changing into a new set of clothes and dressing up a little, he felt much more beautiful than before. He also felt like a mature and capable professional woman. Sima Wenloong now felt that Lan Yu's beauty was comparable to Shui Qingying's.

It could be said that seeing a woman in another form of charm was a completely different concept from seeing her beauty. This kind of charm was often seen in her own family, perhaps in her own family, but she didn't feel that it was anything extraordinary. However, today, she witnessed Lan Yu's transformation with her own eyes, giving her quite a shock.

She finally understood why so many people liked to circle around her family all the time. There might be other factors, but this charm was definitely a very important one. As the saying goes, people get together in groups. This kind of beauty didn't make Shui Qingying jealous, but instead made her happy. It should be said that from this moment on, she considered Lan Yu her true friend.

However, obviously, since Sima Wenloong decided to treat them today, he was sure that they would be slaughtered.

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