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Seeing Shui Qingying's unique flying car, Lan Yu knew that this girl wasn't simple. After working for a few years, she had a certain level of discernment. Just now, from her appearance, regardless of whether it was her attire, her manner of speaking or her temperament, she knew that this kind of girl was definitely not someone that could be groomed by an ordinary family.

She had heard about the rarity of this kind of flying car. To be able to drive this kind of car, one must be rich or expensive, and Shui Qingying was only a little girl right now, yet she could drive this kind of car everywhere. This showed how good her family background was and how much her family loved her.

However, Lan Yu's attitude was still very calm, as the saying goes, life and death are decided by fate, wealth is by the heavens, one must not force it. Moreover, Shui Qingying did not have the feeling of being inferior to others, instead, she did not have the arrogance and vulgarity of an ordinary child from a rich family. Instead, she was a beautiful girl with a rich connotation and temperament, her future was limitless, although she did not have any intention of fawning over him, but if she was a good person, then what was the use of making friends!

Lan Yu thought about it for a long time. In fact, it was a short trip for her to come out of the house. Seeing that she had come out, Shui Qingying waved her hand and said loudly, "Ms Yu, take my car!" After saying that, he got into the car. Sima Wenloong had no choice but to sit in the back, this was inevitable.

After Lan Yu had settled into her seat, Shui Qingying asked while she drove, "Where are we having dinner today?"

Lan Yu, who was usually rather simple and unsophisticated, said, "I just randomly found a place to have a meal. It's just lunch already. Don't you have lessons in the afternoon?"

Shui Qingying said, "How can we just have a casual meal? That's not good. We don't have any classes in the afternoon anyway, so we can have a chat while eating. Sima Wenloong, since you want to treat us, you decide where we should go!"

Sima Wenloong said that he was going to treat the two beauties to a meal today, so naturally, he couldn't be too shabby. Furthermore, in a place with too low a standard, the beautiful lady Shui doesn't have to go, after thinking for a moment, he hardened his heart and said, "Let's go to the Milky Way Restaurant!"

Seeing that Shui Qingying nodded her head to show that she still acknowledged him, Sima Wenloong's heart relaxed and immediately felt the pinch. The Milky Way Restaurant was one of the best restaurants in the entire Xinghai City, and after going there a few times, the expenses that he had to spend would always make his heart ache, so it seemed like today was inevitable.

Shui Qingying drove straight to their destination as she was familiar with the place and had to go there several times a month.

Hearing that Sima Wenloong chose Yin He and Shui Qingying didn't have any unexpected expression on her face, Lan Yu didn't say anything. She knew a bit about Yin He, but she had heard those gossipy colleagues say that the place was filled with Golden Turtles, but she had never been there. The food there required a few months of salary, so she couldn't afford to go there, nor did she want to go there to fish for a golden turtle.

He really didn't know how Wen Zhang's friends were made. Judging from his normal appearance, he didn't seem to be a disciple from a wealthy family, so why would he make friends with someone like Sima Wenloong? And Shui Qingying was not a simple person, she only said that she had something to ask Wen Zhang, but she didn't say it out loud, it seemed that Wen Zhang's social network was more complicated than she had imagined.

At the Milky Way, Shui Qingying, who was familiar with the route, was more familiar with it than Sima Wenloong. After ordering the private seats, she ordered one dish after another, which Lan Yu couldn't stop. Sima Wenloong's heart was beating wildly as he looked at Sima Wenloong.

Although the food tasted good in his mouth, Sima Wenloong felt a little tasteless. He was a little worried about the money in his pocket. Shui Qingying had ordered a lot of dishes and most of them were expensive.

Shui Qingying was obviously a regular customer now. She kept introducing the dishes to Lan Yu. After eating, Lan Yu kept nodding her head. Indeed, a high-end restaurant was a high-end restaurant.

Only when they were almost done eating did Shui Qingying speak the truth. She took out a gold-level VIP card and said that it would give a discount. Sima Wenloong was finally relieved. He was so hungry that he started to gobble down the food, while the two beauties snickered. The two of them had already finished eating. They chatted there, especially about the interesting things that happened in the academy. It resonated with Lan Yu, and the more they chatted, the more they speculated about it.

Finally, they finished their meal. The three of them discussed for a while and didn't have the slightest inkling of Wen Zhang's whereabouts. They could only say that they felt sorry for him after hearing the news and decided to go to Wen Zhang's house together to see if he had returned.

While Wen Zhang was in the cave, he still didn't know anything about these things. He was in a semi-conscious state, sometimes he was more clear-headed, sometimes he fell into a complete coma, and when he woke up, he could still feel the tremendous energy in his body wreaking havoc everywhere in his body. However, he had recovered a little after consuming his mental energy at the beginning.

He could feel that this energy was turning into an energy arc, constantly expanding and contracting in his mind, giving him the feeling that a headache was about to burst. This was even more so taking his life; right now, both his power and spirit had evolved, the blue and white light inside his body was intertwining and flashing, and in the pitch-black cave, he was like a huge light bulb.

The evolution of his psyche brought him even more pain. Finally, he fainted once again, which meant that he didn't know anything. He didn't expect to wake up again after two days.

The trio of Sima Wenloong and the other two had already rushed to Wen Zhang's house when they fainted. Luckily, Lan Yu had brought the keys with her, but when she opened the door, she was disappointed to find no trace of Wen Zhang, not even a trace of him having come here. In other words, from the moment they left until now, Wen Zhang had never come back. This made the three of them feel very strange. Where did this Wen Zhang go?

Wen Zhang's house was too clean, there was not even a trace that could be found. This made the three of them helpless, but just waiting here wasn't a solution, so the final result of their discussion was that they first went back to their own homes and then went back to their own business. They would leave a message for him to contact him once he came back.

When it was time to leave their notes, the three of them had something to say, so they decided to write the three pieces of paper separately.

Sima Wenloong's note was the most direct one. It read: Old Wen, I have something to talk to you about. Unfortunately, I couldn't find your person. Behind him was Sima Wenloong, June 5, 151.

Lan Yu's writing was more reserved. She wrote: Wen Zhang, thank you for helping me solve my problem yesterday. Also, I got drunk yesterday. Sorry to trouble you, but I have to thank you. Call me when you get back. I have something to tell you. Then it was signed by Lan Yu.

Shui Qingying simply wrote: Student Wen Zhang, I want to talk to you about that day in the library. When you come back, remember to contact me as soon as possible. Other people might not understand when they see the note, but Wen Zhang will definitely understand after he sees it. That day, they all saw each other.

After leaving the note, Lan Yu said, "We don't know when Wen Zhang will come back, so we can't wait here either. Let's go and do our own things, we'll contact us when Wen Zhang comes back, what do you think?" Her company definitely won't go, maybe that playboy is looking for her everywhere, isn't going back asking for trouble!

That playboy tried to find someone to teach Wen Zhang a lesson last night, but was instead taught a lesson by him. Before he left, he was slightly intimidated by Wen Zhang, and was very scared at the time, but refused to accept it afterwards. He also wanted to find someone to teach Wen Zhang a lesson.

However, when he arrived at the company and heard that Lan Yu was taking a leave of absence, saying that she was not feeling well, he regretted it in his heart. Based on last night's situation, he could tell that Lan Yu must have drunk too much yesterday, the beauty that was carried by that guy was taken away by him. Otherwise, Lan Yu might be one of his people, which made him even angrier.

Shui Qingying drove away in her flying car. After a while, Shui Qingying drove up to the front of a luxurious villa. The guard didn't even ask before opening the door and letting her in. Shui Qingying parked the car in the garage and saw two limited edition flying cars of similar model but slightly different colors on the side.

Upon entering the house, one could see a large expanse of grass, evenly distributed on either side of the road, the flowers and plants tidily trimmed and arranged, giving one the impression that they were in order; the road was covered with cobblestones of all kinds, the patterns on the stones were naturally elegant, the stone was exquisite, and they did not feel very hard, but rather comfortable. It was said that walking on this road often was beneficial to one's health, which was one of the reasons for the architect's design; one could see the white group of villas, dignified, and elegant, which, if there were Jade Mansions, seemed to have been made by the master.

Without mentioning anything else, just this house was not something that an ordinary person could afford to live in. Furthermore, the people living in it were extremely respected.

As soon as Shui Qingying walked in, she immediately asked the servant, "Where is grandpa now?"

The servant replied respectfully, "The Old Master just finished his afternoon tea, so he should be reading in the study at the back. He said he would ask the young lady to come over immediately."

"Alright, I understand." With that, Shui Qingying immediately rushed to the study on the second floor. When she reached the door, she respectfully knocked on it.

An old but not weak voice came from inside the room. "It's Qingying, right? Come in!"

Shui Qingying pushed open the door, and saw that the four walls of the room were filled with bookshelves filled with all kinds of books. The furniture was very simple, a desk, two chairs, and even some other simple furniture accessories, all made of mahogany.

An old man with a head of silver hair was sitting at his desk, reading a book. His face was aged, and his forehead was full of wrinkles. He seemed to be in his late years, but his face was as red as a boy's. The look in his eyes was deep, old, yet brimming with vigor. Unknowingly, he exuded an imposing manner, and if it wasn't for him being in a high position, being in a political whirlpool for a long time, or having experienced many vicissitudes of life, he definitely wouldn't have possessed such an aura.

Seeing Shui Qingying enter, the old man turned his head and smiled benevolently. "Qingying is back. How's the investigation going?"

Shui Qingying threw herself at the old man's knee and said coquettishly, "Grandfather, he came back with such a hard time. Why don't you ask me if I'm tired?"

The old man smiled and said, "My good granddaughter is so capable, how could such a small matter like this be hard for her?"

When Shui Qingying heard the praise, she said with a serious tone, "Grandpa, I didn't find Wen Zhang today. He seemed to have disappeared into thin air." She recounted the events of the day.

Seeing the old man thinking, Shui Qingying asked, "Grandfather, is there a problem?" "Why are you so concerned about Wen Zhang? I don't think there's anything special about him."

Hearing this, the old man said, "Yesterday, there was news that he sent several big men flying with a few punches in the Fiery Blaze bar, the speed was so fast that other people couldn't react at all. It seems like he used pure physical strength, not mental abilities, but even a well-trained special forces soldier couldn't do that, he simply didn't have enough strength."

Shui Qingying was surprised to hear the news. "How is that possible? Isn't he a psychic? How can he possess such strength?" Although he didn't finish his sentence, his meaning was already clear.

"That's right." The old man said with a serious expression, "Now I'm a bit suspicious that this Wen Zhang might have two superpowers. This has never happened before in the superpower world, but other than us, no one else has received the news yet, so we have to get to know him a little earlier."

The old man had something else to say, but he didn't know how to find out Wen Zhang's information. The only thing he knew about Wen Zhang was that he had been studying at the Xinghai for the past two years, and all the other information was just randomly made up. Furthermore, the appearance of Wen Zhang didn't happen to happen to happen at the right time when he was investigating the Devouring Power, so he couldn't help but pay attention to him.

The two of them discussed for a while. The two abilities that he displayed were worthy of their attention. The result of their discussion was that they would have to find him first.

However, no matter how they searched, they couldn't find any trace of Wen Zhang. However, they couldn't find any trace of Wen Zhang leaving the city, and they found out that the last person to see Wen Zhang was the driver that drove Wen Zhang and the others home.

Not to mention that everyone was anxiously waiting for Wen Zhang to appear, on the third day, Wen Zhang woke up again in the endless darkness. There was the whistling sound of surging energy in his ears. It seemed that the critical moment had arrived.

Wen Zhang woke up from his coma once again. Of course, he didn't know when exactly it was, the continuous comas had completely destroyed his concept of time. He could only feel strong winds stirring within the cave. The blue and white lights intersected and sparkled, and the bewitching eyes were even more eye-catching in the darkness of the cave. He had no way to control the flow of energy in his body. Moreover, a portion of this energy was distributed outside his body, attracting the outside world's energy.

The closer they got to Wen Zhang, the denser the energy became. Near their bodies, there came a sharp sound produced by the fast flow of energy, but it was very low, so they couldn't hear it without paying attention. The clothes on Wen Zhang's body were already torn into pieces by the energy, but he didn't reveal it. A layer of white light wrapped around his body, and the energy flowed slowly on his body like flowing water under the guidance of the faint blue light, changing every part of his body.

Through the layer of energy surrounding his body, he could clearly see that Wen Zhang's body was bulging, his blood vessels were bulging, and his skin seemed to be being pulled in all directions by a great amount of energy, creating bloodstains. The bloodstains spread continuously along with the flow of the energy in his body, and after an unknown period of time, his entire body was covered with a faint layer of blood. Therefore, his current situation was pretty good. Many people died miserably when they were unable to control their internal and external energy at this stage of their evolution.

Wen Zhang could clearly feel that the spiritual energy in his body had recovered to a certain degree, and was still increasing at an alarming rate. Wen Zhang could clearly feel that the spiritual energy in his body had recovered to a certain degree, and was still increasing at a shocking rate, and had changed its circulation mode, and was pulling the massive energy in his body to flow through his veins again and again.

Along with the flow of the blue colored spiritual energy in his body, Wen Zhang seemed to see the blood vessels in his body being rapidly healed by the energy. He could even feel that each of the ruptured wounds was slowly healing due to the energy, and later on, the two energies merged into one and flowed through Wen Zhang's body, even through his fragile brain. Luckily, Wen Zhang didn't feel any discomfort, but he had a very comfortable feeling, as if the wounds caused by the evolution of his spiritual energy were also healing.

Feeling that his body finally calmed down, Wen Zhang felt relieved and opened his eyes. He was glad that he survived. The success of his evolution was not important to him. The most important thing was to survive. At this moment, it was still dark inside the cave, only a little light near the cave entrance, but it didn't have much effect on Wen Zhang. At this moment, it was still dark inside the cave, only a little light near the cave entrance, but it didn't have much effect on Wen Zhang. This was a remnant of the energy from his evolution, and the reason Wen Zhang could see it so clearly.

Wen Zhang stood up and hit the wall with his fist. Instantly, a big hole appeared on the wall and a lot of gravel fell off. Wen Zhang stared at the rock and with a thought, all the debris stopped in midair.

Seeing this result, Wen Zhang could not help but smile silently. Finally, this evolution was not wasted, just from this result, he knew that his strength had increased a lot. Although he did not intend to bully others, it was still good for him to have more power to protect himself …

Wen Zhang lowered his head to look at himself, and to his surprise, he saw that his clothes had become tattered, only leaving a small piece of cloth hanging on his body, and his body was covered in blood and mud. When he noticed it, he immediately felt his nose return to work, and smelled a weird smell, or rather, a slightly fishy smell.

Wen Zhang put on his clothes and walked to the entrance of the cave. He gently opened a crack in the ancient vine, and the sky outside was already very dark, it seemed like it was already night. There were a lot of clouds in the sky, only a little starlight was shining through the gaps in the clouds, adding a little bit of light to the sky. At this moment in the dead of night, only the sound of distant waves could be heard. Occasionally, there would be the howls of animals that were unwilling to be lonely at night. After a few days of life, they finally came out of seclusion.

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