Evolution Crisis/C13 Rescue
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Evolution Crisis/C13 Rescue
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C13 Rescue

Although he didn't know what time it was, Wen Zhang was sure that it must be more than one day, maybe the second or even the third day. Wen Zhang didn't know what time it was, but he was sure that it must be more than one day, maybe the second or the third day, so he had to hurry up and go back.

Of course, the majority of them were people that Shui Qingying's grandfather had sent out to find out where Wen Zhang was. There were also many other people that the playboy had found, so they had to do something if they wanted money. But under the circumstances, how could they possibly find Wen Zhang?

With a slight thought, the power in Wen Zhang's body was triggered instantly. It was huge but very docile under his control, and as he watched his arm to palm gradually becoming thicker, his skin gradually becoming thicker, sharp claws sprouting out from his fingers, emitting a cold light and a slight chill in the dark. Wen Zhang felt that his strength was much stronger than before, and the range of his transformation was getting smaller and smaller; it was now only limited to his arms and lower legs.

He stuck his head out and grabbed a bunch of old vines. Pulling on the vines, he used his strength to quickly climb upwards. He was much more nimble and faster than those animals that were good at climbing, and very soon, he was close to the top of the mountain, much faster than when he came down.

Just as he was a short distance away from the top of the mountain, he suddenly heard whispers coming from above. He jumped in shock and quickly crouched down, grabbing onto the ancient vine and holding it close to the cliff wall like a giant gecko. He couldn't help but rejoice in his heart. He climbed a little bit more, closer now. He could finally hear what the two of them were saying.

After listening to a short conversation, Wen Zhang understood that the two people on the cliff should be a couple. Coming here to talk about love affairs at this time, they really had some feelings for each other! Just when Wen Zhang was about to leave in a different direction, a change suddenly happened on the cliff. Wen Zhang was shocked and lay on the ground, not daring to move. He just quietly listened to the movements on the cliff.

There were no longer two people on the cliff, but three. A man and a woman had arrived first, followed by a woman. At this moment, the woman spoke in a choked and angry tone, "Zhou Feng, Liu Feng, why are you both carrying me?" Wen Zhang felt that the voice was not bad and it was clear and sweet. With such a nice voice, it seemed that she was a beauty. However, it was a pity that this beauty was here to catch the enemy.

That woman, who should be called Liu Feng, stammered, "General Manager, we, we..." Wen Zhang, who heard this, was stunned. Why was there no girl who was also a general manager?

The general manager pointed his gun at the man and loudly said, "Zhou Feng, tell me, what did you two do behind my back? No wonder I didn't see Liu Feng when I woke up in the bamboo house. It turns out that my boyfriend and my good subordinate were cheating behind my back. You two heartless things, in vain I treated you so well. Do you think you can be worthy of me by doing so? "Alright, Zhou Feng, tell me. What's better about her? Is she prettier than me, or is she richer than me, or is there some other reason? Tell me!" A string of words shot out like a string of cannons, causing Wen Zhang to be stunned for a moment.

Speaking of bamboo houses, Wen Zhang knew that no hotels were allowed on the mountain, and some kind-hearted people had made a few bamboo houses for the tourists to hide themselves from the wind and rain. Many people, who wanted to watch the stars or watch the sunrise, would often stay there at night, but Wen Zhang didn't know what they were here for.

That Zhou Feng seemed to be provoked and also said loudly: "What's wrong, I'm going to be good to Liu Feng, so what, she isn't as rich as you and isn't as beautiful, but she listens to my words more than you, whatever I tell her to do, she'll do for me." Look at you, I've already been friends for almost a year, and I'm not even willing to hold your hand and kiss your face, much less go to bed. I'm a healthy and healthy man, don't you think I need it? "

Wen Zhang nodded as he listened. Just from the day he saw Lan Yu's half-naked body, he couldn't help but be moved. Plus, how could a friend that had been with her for a year still be able to endure it?

When the general manager heard his words, he said angrily, "Are you making friends with me just for my body? I was prepared to give you all my feelings, you lecherous hooligan. " Then, he heard a "pa" sound. It seemed like this woman had come up and slapped Zhou Feng.

Liu Feng saw that her lover had been beaten up, and was not convinced. She angrily said, "General Manager, since he has already decided to not let you go, why did you still hit him?"

It seemed that he had rushed up to slap Liu Feng again, and fiercely said: "You still have the face to say, I'll let you eat, I'll let you wear, step by step I'll pull you up. I didn't expect you to actually use this method to repay me, you really have a lot of conscience, I want to fight both of you."

The next battle was a chaotic one, with curses and popping noises coming from all directions. Two against one, Wen Zhang didn't even need to look to know that the general manager was going to suffer a loss. Sure enough, not long later, Wen Zhang heard a thud and something fell to the ground. While he was still confused, the higher-ups started talking again.

The woman spoke first. From the sound of it, it was most likely Liu Feng. She tremblingly said: "Brother Feng, where did you hit her? How come she stopped breathing?"

Hearing that he had beaten to death, that Zhou Feng also panicked, and said: "I don't know where to hit, I was just angry that you were beaten up by her, so I just hit with a little bit of strength. I just wanted to help you vent your anger, but I didn't plan to beat her to death!"

Liu Feng anxiously asked, "Then what do we do now?" If the police find out that she's dead, they'll definitely suspect that we did it. Then we're done for, and I don't want to go to jail. The chairman will definitely take revenge on us. "

Zhou Feng deliberately put on a calm tone and said: "Don't worry, think of a way, she's already dead, and the police will definitely suspect us. For now, we can only try our best to hide the news of her death, one more day is one more day, and then we'll flee far away, find a small place to hide ourselves and live, so that they won't be able to find us, what do you say?"

Liu Feng said, "If that's the case, what do we do now?!"

Zhou Feng took in a deep breath and said, "We'll leave her body on the cliff and go down the mountain immediately. Go far away and come help me quickly." It seemed like they were going to throw away the corpses now, while Wen Zhang was stunned by the series of changes. He didn't even have the time to react, how did he manage to kill someone in such a short time?

While Wen Zhang was still in a daze, a corpse fell off the cliff and Wen Zhang grabbed it by the arm without thinking. Wen Zhang didn't have any time to think before grabbing the arm of the corpse and finally understood what was going on when he grabbed it by the hand. He grabbed the General Manager's corpse and was shocked, but when he wanted to throw her down, he felt a weak pulse.

Hearing the panicked footsteps on the cliff, Wen Zhang brought the woman to the top of the mountain and put her on the ground. Wen Zhang led the woman to the top of the mountain and put her on the ground, and just as he was about to save her, she suddenly woke up.

Seeing that she fainted again, Wen Zhang couldn't help but smile bitterly. Luckily she fainted, otherwise, if he saw her like this, he wouldn't be able to explain himself! What should he do now? He couldn't leave her alone in the bamboo house, so he could only bring her back first. Otherwise, if he kept tormenting her, it might even be dawn. At that time, he would be in deep trouble.

Fortunately, after transforming, Wen Zhang had extraordinary strength. As if he didn't feel anything, he carried another person on his back, ran down the mountain, and then under the shadow of the lights, jumped lightly from the roof to the roof. He felt like he would be home in a short while.

The last time he came out, he didn't take the key with him, so Wen Zhang quietly rushed down to the skylight with the woman on his back. Finding that there was no one in the room, he turned on a small light and put the woman on the sofa.

But he was in serious trouble. His three days of progress had filled him with a mixture of blood and mud. No wonder he had scared her senseless. He rushed into the bathroom to give himself a bath, and washed himself from top to bottom a few times, finally washing off the mud and blood on his body. When he came out wrapped in a towel, he found that the woman had already woken up and was sitting on the sofa, looking at him without saying a word.

Wen Zhang didn't expect to see such a scene as soon as he came out. He didn't know what to say, so he asked in a daze: "You're awake?"

Perhaps the woman had already vented her anger, but now that she had calmed down, she coldly asked, "Who are you? Where are you? Why am I here?" As she spoke, she sized up her surroundings. It seemed that she still cared a lot about her safety.

Wen Zhang quickly replied: "My name is Wen Zhang, this is my house. I saw you faint on the mountain and couldn't wake you up, so I brought you back." In the blink of an eye, she had arrived here. Was she in the city? What could be moving so fast? However, this woman had just been abandoned, and her mind was in a mess. After hearing his words, she just sat there in a daze, not saying anything.

Wen Zhang glanced at the woman under the light and found that she was indeed very pretty. Although she was a little untidy and was stained with a lot of dirt, her appearance was not any worse than Lan Yu's. If she was dressed up, she might be even better than Lan Yu.

Wen Zhang was afraid that she wouldn't want to leave, so he said to her: "You're a little dirty, why don't you go in and wash up. I'll go in and make the bed for you and you can sleep here today. If there's anything you want to say, you can say it tomorrow!" After saying that, he went to get some toiletries.

It seemed like she had received quite a bit of excitement today. Wen Zhang had just rushed into the bedroom to make up a bed for her, and it seemed like he himself was going to sleep on the sofa. Thinking about it, it was really strange. Luckily, Lan Yu had helped him clean up that day. After tidying up for him, he made a bed for himself on the sofa and then sat there quietly, waiting for the girl to come out.

After a while, the woman came out wearing a towel. She was still silent, her eyes dull. Wen Zhang didn't know what to say, so he took her to his bedroom. He only took his bed and said, "You can sleep here. I'll sleep on the sofa outside. If you need anything, just call me." He then walked out and got into a bed on the sofa. He stretched himself. He hadn't slept for a few days, so he should be able to sleep well today!

However, not long after he laid down, Wen Zhang heard a burst of suppressed sobs coming from the bedroom. The sound was getting louder and louder, and he wished he could cry out loud.

However, the whimpering did not stop even after a long while. Wen Zhang was thinking that this woman was probably trying to provoke the transition, so something must have gone wrong! From the looks of it, this woman's identity was not ordinary. If something were to go wrong with him, he definitely would not be able to escape.

He quickly got up and went to the bedroom. He turned on the bedside lamp and saw that the woman was completely buried under the bed, probably because he had heard her coming in and couldn't hear her crying, only seeing the quilt shaking. It seemed like she was still crying.

Hearing Wen Zhang's question, the woman suddenly stopped sobbing, but there were no other movements. Wen Zhang saw that she stopped crying and thought she was better. He turned around and was about to go to bed, but the woman did something that surprised him.

Just when Wen Zhang was about to leave the bedroom, the woman did something that surprised him. She quickly lifted the quilt, then turned off the bedside lamp. Then she jumped onto Wen Zhang's back at lightning speed and hugged him tightly.

At first Wen Zhang ate, and then it dawned on him that she might have been too stimulated to do so. He struggled a little, then said, "Don't be like this, miss. That kind of person isn't worth it."

The woman behind him leaned her entire body on Wen Zhang. Through the thin nightgown, Wen Zhang could clearly feel her exquisite curves. She shook her head slightly and then pressed her face against Wen Zhang's back, increasing the strength of her arms.

With Lan Yu's experience last time, this time he immediately felt his male characteristics rise up high and couldn't wait to stick his head out. This change made Wen Zhang extremely ashamed, it was a good thing that the woman turned off the lights, otherwise, he would have flushed red at this moment.

Breathing heavily, Wen Zhang released his right hand to pull the woman behind him, but when he turned his arm to pull her arm, he unexpectedly felt a smooth sensation, and also felt his two fingertips touching a soft touch. The moment he touched the woman, she let out a weak groan, and Wen Zhang immediately knew that he touched something he shouldn't have touched.

He suddenly thought that he had come into direct contact with her body just now. Could she be naked now, and once he realized that there was a beautiful woman hugging him tightly behind him, Wen Zhang couldn't help but feel his blood rush to his brain, and then to his lower body, causing the flagpole to rise higher and higher, to the point where he almost couldn't hold himself back. He wanted to turn around and pounce on her, but luckily he still had some self-control. He did not notice that his voice had become slightly hoarse.

The girl probably burst into rage as she boldly jumped down from the bed to hug Wen Zhang. This was already her limit, she finally used up all the courage she mustered, yet she was unwilling to let go, so she could only hug him tightly. She didn't expect Wen Zhang to reach out and save the country. Not only did he touch her mother's arm, he even touched the perch on her chest. This was a forbidden area that no one had ever touched before.

Wen Zhang forcefully resisted the urge and said with difficulty, "Miss, it's better if you let go of him quickly. Neither he nor I are worth it." Although Wen Zhang wasn't a person who adhered to his principles, he wasn't willing to do something like robbing while the fire was hot, even though he had a clear desire and request towards such things.

Without saying anything, Wen Zhang felt that she was lightly tiptoeing and that the two tall girls in front of her were rubbing against his back through his pajamas, which made Wen Zhang's skin extremely sensitive. He felt that there were two balls of fire rolling on his back and beads of sweat constantly dripping from his head.

She stood on her tiptoes and felt that she was about to reach a height. She breathed in the hot air and whispered into Wen Zhang's ear, "No, I want you today." Saying that, she used her delicate tongue to lightly brush Wen Zhang's earlobe to tease him.

Feeling the hot air she puffed out beside his ear, Wen Zhang felt his ear itch a little, as if it had become hot and sensitive beyond compare. Then with that light sweep, it was as if a fuse was ignited, causing all the hot blood in Wen Zhang's body to burst forth.

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