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Qin Xuefei sat there and thought for a while. She found it funny even when she thought about it, as her problem didn't get through her head, but she did understand a little about that adulterous couple. Now she could forgive them a little, but she no longer hated them as she had hated them the night before when they found out about their relationship on the mountain.

As she thought about it, she completely recalled what happened at the top of the mountain the day before. She only remembered that she had been hit by those two gangsters several times, and then she had lost consciousness. She seemed to have woken up once in the middle and was scared unconscious by that weird ugly face. When she woke up again, she was already at Wen Zhang's house.

At that time, her mind was a little hazy, and her mind was muddleheaded. She did not pay attention to her surroundings, and now that she was completely awake, she was originally a smart and smart woman. As soon as she thought about it, she immediately found a lot of problems.

Looking at the scene outside the window, she was sure that she was inside the city by now. This meant that she should have been here when Wen Zhang brought her back last night, but how did she come here in the blink of an eye when it happened on the top of the Star Observation Mountain? There was a long way to go up and down the mountain, and there were still dozens of miles to go to the city.

Furthermore, why did he go to the top of the mountain to martyr at midnight yesterday? They had only thought of going there to watch the sunrise on a whim, so they relaxed. They were the only ones who remembered that they didn't find anyone else when they went to sleep! In the wilderness, where did he live when he didn't live in a bamboo house?

Furthermore, at that time, she had been knocked unconscious by the two of them. They were both smart people, and in order to stall for time and prevent her family from finding out anything, she would think of destroying the evidence. They would also naturally think of how he had saved her from their hands!

Thinking about it this way, Qin Xuefei discovered that this seemingly ordinary man still had a lot of doubts regarding the handling of this matter. Qin Xuefei found that this seemingly ordinary man still had a lot of doubts on the handling of this matter a lot of times.

Just when she decided to ask Wen Zhang about this, she felt an abnormal pain in her lower body the moment she moved. It seemed that she went too far yesterday, so she couldn't help but slightly frown with a sweet feeling when thinking about it. She didn't expect herself to be that crazy in that situation. He raised his eyes and saw that Wen Zhang had cleaned up the dirty bed sheets and quilts that were casually put aside. There were also large patches of sweat and blood on the bed sheets. That was the witness of their craziness last night.

She slowly got up, wanting to deal with it. For her first time, since she had already lost it, she would not feel pity. However, for the memorial she had left behind, she would like to keep it.

Just when she finally got off the bed, put on a random nightgown, and was about to deal with these things, Wen Zhang suddenly appeared at the door, looked at her and said softly: "I'll deal with those things. You pack first, I've prepared some breakfast, we'll eat together later." As he said this, he came over to wrap up all of these items. It seemed like he was going to dispose of them.

Seeing that Wen Zhang probably wanted to throw them away, Qin Xuefei quickly opened her mouth and said, "Don't throw this away." After saying that, she realized how embarrassing it was for her to say those words. She lowered her head with all her might, wishing that there was a hole in the ground for her to crawl into.

Wen Zhang also felt a little embarrassed, but he also knew that girls generally pay a lot of attention to their first time. If you want to keep a little memory, that's fine too. "Wen Zhang also felt a little embarrassed, but he also knew that girls usually paid a lot of attention to their first time. After saying that, he picked up the dirty bedsheet and took it outside to deal with it. He knew that if he stayed here now, it would make her even more embarrassed. What he needed to do now was to quickly disappear from her sight.

Only after Wen Zhang left did Qin Xuefei raise her head again and walk to the mirror. Looking at her blushing face, she thought to herself how she was so shameless today. She said everything out loud.

But she also knew that Wen Zhang was doing those things right now, so she had to at least wash up. If she didn't go out soon, they would think that she was shy and wouldn't dare to come out, maybe it would be even more awkward. From the looks of the current situation, Wen Zhang was quite considerate of her, and he was also very careful, which gave her a good impression of him.

Taking this opportunity, Qin Xuefei came to the bathroom and saw that Wen Zhang had specially prepared a new towel and toothbrush for her. Taking this opportunity, Qin Xuefei came to the bathroom and saw that Wen Zhang had specially prepared a new towel and toothbrush for her.

Thinking back to how he didn't wash at all last night, Wen Zhang just washed the two of them with water to get rid of the stains and sweat on their bodies. Now that he thought about it, how could a girl who loved cleanliness like them be able to stand it. Thinking of this, she quickly soaked herself in the bathtub again. After a thorough wash from head to toe, even mother's pain felt much better after soaking in warm water.

It wasn't until after she finished washing did she realize that she didn't bring any other clothes in. How was she going to get out? The original clothes couldn't be worn anymore, but she couldn't face Wen Zhang naked again. As he was panicking, he felt his body begin to sweat.

In the end, she decided to let Wen Zhang get her clothes, but after thinking for a while, she remembered that she didn't know the name of this man who was willing to let him take away her chastity. But there was no other way, she couldn't care so much now. Even so, she still felt very embarrassed.

After wrapping himself up tightly, he noticed that Wen Zhang had already placed breakfast on the table. Hearing her movements, he turned around and saw that she was only stunned for a moment, so he smiled and said to her: "There's a set of clean pajamas in the room. You should wear it first. "Now that you're done, come and eat your meal quickly!" She turned back to her breakfast.

Qin Xuefei, who had just emerged from the shower wrapped in a towel, was as beautiful as a flower blooming in water. Even though it was just a glance, her beautiful pink face could still be clearly seen, the tightly wrapped towel showing off her exquisite figure, the skin on her shoulder as fine as white jade, and the lower part of her lower leg that couldn't be wrapped up properly made her look even more attractive. As such, Wen Zhang only took a glance and immediately turned around, afraid that he would have a bad reaction.

Qin Xuefei secretly felt relieved to see Wen Zhang didn't care about the little bit of spring light he revealed, especially the look in his eyes. Qin Xuefei was relieved to see that Wen Zhang didn't care about the little bit of spring light that she revealed, especially the look in his eyes, which made Qin Xuefei secretly relieved. Wen Zhang's carefulness also made her feel a lot more caring.

She quickly returned to her bedroom and changed into a new set of pajamas. This made her even more satisfied. Although it was a bit too big, it was enough after she tied the clothes and rolled them up.

Qin Xuefei walked to the table and sat down. breakfast was already prepared, and a pot of fragrant millet congee, along with a few other dishes, could be said to be delicious. Wen Zhang was even worse. He had been fighting for several days already, and last night he put in a lot of effort. How could he not be hungry?

Qin Xuefei's appearance was not much better than Wen Zhang's, so her ability to resist hunger was incomparable to Wen Zhang's.

When she stopped, she was already full to the brim. She was afraid that Wen Zhang would laugh at her. When she looked up, Wen Zhang had already started tidying up the table, thinking that this guy had a good performance. Although Qin Xuefei didn't have much feelings for Wen Zhang at this time, but the affability level shot up. With the special relationship between them, anything could happen.

Actually, this was already Wen Zhang's habit. He had been wandering outside for so many years, cooking and eating by himself, and washing his own bowl. He even thought about not getting it, but if he didn't get anyone else to get it for him! He couldn't be wrong, Qin Xuefei gave him another two points.

Qin Xuefei still had a few questions that she had yet to answer. With a shy yet decisive tone, she said, "Sit down first. I have something to talk about with you." Obviously, he was prepared to have a showdown with Wen Zhang.

Wen Zhang got to the point. He put down the messy work he was doing and sat opposite to her. He smiled and said, "Xuefei, just say whatever you have to say!"

Qin Xuefei blushed when she heard him call her name, but she couldn't stop him from calling her now. She composed herself until the blush faded from her face and said solemnly, "First of all, thank you for saving me yesterday at the mountain. I didn't even ask for your name." He had already promised himself, so there was no need for him to say any more words of thanks.

However, Wen Zhang did not dare to say these words. He smiled, relaxed the atmosphere, and then said: "There's nothing much to thank, it's nothing much. My name is Wen Zhang, I'm a third year student of the Xinghai Academy." He even introduced himself.

"You're still a student, why don't I see you look like one?" Indeed, there wasn't a big difference between people in their twenties. Plus, Wen Zhang had been around for a few years, so he looked a little more mature. Actually, this was what she was thinking in her heart. If he was still a student, she would definitely be a few years older than him. Wouldn't she be an old cow eating young grass?! But then again, Wen Zhang was weird. The two girls he just met were both older than him.

"Yeah, I'm not directly taking the exam. It's a bit late for school. This year, I'm almost 22." Wen Zhang didn't think about the age difference between the two of them, he just thought that he should take some responsibility and casually explained.

Hearing his words, Qin Xuefei thought to herself, that's good, the age difference isn't that big. Since I can enter the Xinghai Academy, then there must be some truth to my words, and I can basically pass this trial, but it feels really awkward, and she also knows that her family won't agree to this kind of condition. Now, I can only take one step, and it would count as one step. While thinking in his heart, he kept saying: "Okay, I'll call you Wen Zhang. What happened on the mountain last night?" She specifically emphasized the word 'mountain', and the meaning was self-evident.

Finally, he got to the point. He had planned out this part for a long time, so he couldn't make any mistakes. Plus, their relationship was so ambiguous and uncertain, so it was better not to be too frank with each other in some situations.

He followed his plan carefully. "I was camping on the top of the mountain last night," he said, "but when I heard movement on the top of the hill, I quietly ran over to take a look. At that time, they thought you had been beaten to death, so they decided to throw you off the cliff. Just when I wanted to throw you off the cliff, I made a small movement to scare you away.

Qin Xuefei was still furious when she heard that they were really going to exterminate the corpses. She wanted to interrupt them, but when she thought of the key moment, she immediately became gloomy and waited for Wen Zhang to continue.

Wen Zhang saw that there was something wrong with her face, so he quickly continued: "Then I went over to take a look, and found that you were just holding your breath, but couldn't wake you up, and couldn't leave you on the mountain like this. So I quickly brought you back, and you know what happened afterwards." Of course, he didn't dare to say that he had been scared senseless by his ghastly appearance. Since he didn't say anything, Qin Xuefei only thought he was dreaming.

He had saved her at the foot of the cliff. He had also purposely hidden the time difference between the middle and the middle, not making it clear how he had managed to get her down the mountain. In the end, he had deliberately added, "Why would they want to harm you?" to distract her.

Qin Xuefei heard what had happened and was very angry. After hearing what had happened, she immediately thought of her crazy and daring behavior last night and blushed. She didn't even think about the details. Hearing his question, she thought for a moment before saying, "Let me explain it to you!" Then he explained the triangle between them.

Although he had heard the conversation between the three of them and knew enough about their relationship, Wen Zhang still pretended not to know and listened seriously. After listening, he asked, "Xuefei, what do you plan to do and how do you plan to deal with them?"

Now that they heard him call them that, they were a little immune. Qin Xuefei sighed and said, "I don't want to do anything either, they must think I'm dead now. Firstly, they are afraid of the police capturing them, and secondly, they are afraid of my family taking revenge on them. One is my ex-boyfriend, and the other was my best subordinate. Although they betrayed me, I think this punishment is enough for them to bear. " She had already thought it through a bit, so she loosened up a bit.

Wen Zhang thought that even though he had good intentions and didn't want to pursue them, he might as well find them and explain the situation to them, otherwise this psychological burden would drive them crazy, so he might as well settle it well. However, he naturally wouldn't say that now, so he just agreed and said: "Mm, since you are so magnanimous, and you don't have anything else to do, then you don't need to look for them." He was just speaking lies with his eyes wide open. He had already given him the body of a virgin, so how could he say that he was fine?

Qin Xuefei didn't think too much about it. Once this matter was resolved, it would be up to the two of them. Although they got along well from last night, although Wen Zhang wasn't much of a person, he still gave her a good feeling. However, after she calmed down and thought carefully, Qin Xuefei still felt that the gap between them was too big, it was impossible. It wasn't that she was biased, but that the disparity in all aspects of their lives was too great. Furthermore, she had a powerful father. She was worried that Wen Zhang would be implicated because of this in the future. After all, Wen Zhang and her were husband and wife for the whole night, so she had a good impression of him.

Wen Zhang, to tell you the truth, I am the general manager of a subsidiary company of Tengfei Corporation. My father is Tengfei CEO Qin Yunsheng." With that, he stopped and looked at Wen Zhang's face to see if there were any changes.

Although Wen Zhang was mentally prepared, he was still surprised. His eyesight was not bad, and judging from Qin Xuefei's extraordinary temperament and dress, she was definitely not an ordinary person. When he heard them call her the general manager that day, he knew that she was not an ordinary person.

It turned out that Qin Xuefei's background was truly not small. Tengfei Group was a large financial group, not only in Xinghai, but even in the southeast region, it was a very powerful group with hundreds of millions of assets. Chief Qin Yunsheng had started his business from scratch and was an even more impressive person, and it was said that he had connections with both black and white companies.

If Sima Wenloong was here, he would have known that she was the little miss of Tengfei Corporation. Playboys like them had a good grasp of the materials of the local beauties in the upper class society, and Qin Xuefei was no exception.

Seeing Wen Zhang's surprised expression, Qin Xuefei secretly smiled in her heart. Finally, she saw your face change, so she continued, "I took over this company last year for training, I still have two older brothers, one sister, and one company. Father will decide our share of the inheritance based on our performance, although I'm not planning to do anything to my father's family property, but I can't let others look down on me, so this company is very important to me now." The tone of her words displayed her stubbornness and unwillingness to admit defeat.

If it was in the past, Wen Zhang might have been shocked or something like that. It could be said that the deterrence of such a large group to ordinary people was not small, but now that Wen Zhang possessed powerful strength and successfully advanced three times, not just anyone could deal with him. He had walked a completely different path.

Even for these rich and powerful people, he had nothing to fear. If they did not offend him, then he would not offend them. They would walk on their own roads, and if they were to fall out, who knew who would suffer a loss? Therefore, when he heard Qin Xuefei's introduction, he didn't have any strange expression. He never would have thought that after this incident, he would also get a piece of the cake.

If it was a greedy person or someone with ulterior motives, they would definitely express themselves upon hearing this news. She thinks that Wen Zhang should be a very proper person and doesn't have that much greed. Such a person is rarely seen in this mercenary society.

But now was not the time to think about these things. She continued with a strange mood: "Wen Zhang, we all knew that yesterday's incident was an accident and I knew it was my responsibility. I don't blame you, I have to thank you for saving me. As for some of the things we said, we may not be able to live up to them. I have to work hard for my company right now, and I can't be distracted. I think we can be good friends. " Actually, this was just an excuse to get Wen Zhang to accept.

To be honest, Wen Zhang did not have any special intentions towards this' bliss'. It was just because he felt that he had to at least bear some responsibility for the first time that he gave it to him, that's why he said those words and did such a thing. However, after listening to Qin Xuefei's introduction, he had already mentally prepared himself. This matter was most likely impossible and there were many reasons for it. He couldn't force her, as if he had other intentions. To be honest, if she didn't mind, he didn't mind.

Hearing Qin Xuefei's words, Wen Zhang still had a faint smile on his face as he said, "Mm, that's alright. We can still be friends. We just hope that you can have happiness in the future. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can come and find me." Although the Qin family was rich and overbearing, she was still a weak girl. Many things might be difficult for her, but for a superpower master like him, it was just a simple task. He didn't expect them to think he was just spouting empty words without understanding his own abilities.

Seeing Wen Zhang's calm expression, Qin Xuefei felt strange in her heart. She thought he wouldn't accept it, after all, he had always shown concern for this matter. She didn't expect him to be so indifferent. Speaking of which, this was also his first time yesterday. Thinking about this, he had a strange feeling, but now that things had been resolved, it was time to bury the memories in his heart.

She only smiled at Wen Zhang's words and didn't think that he could help her at all. She only thought about it now and didn't want to bring her any trouble. From the current situation, Wen Zhang wasn't that kind of person. She stood up and said, "Alright then. I'll be going then. Let's contact each other again when we have the chance in the future!"

After saying so, she went to change into her clothes and packed her things. She also put away the bed sheet quietly, so that Wen Zhang wouldn't be embarrassed.

Before leaving, she took out a business card from her bag and handed it to Wen Zhang, saying, "This is my personal business card. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can call me here. I'll do my best to help. Goodbye." After saying that, he opened the door and didn't even turn around to leave. This was the sorrow of the Wealthy Class children. They carried too many things on their back, and most of the time, they couldn't even make their own decisions!

Wen Zhang smiled bitterly as he watched her leave without looking back. It was a lie if he said he didn't feel it. Their first time ended just like that. If not for this name card, there wouldn't even be a trace of it left behind. He still kept the name card and worked for a few years. As for finding her for help, he didn't have any thoughts right now.

He stood there for a while and shook his head. Just as he was about to close the door and clean it up, he raised his head and saw Sima Wenloong yelling at him. He might have been worried after he was gone for two days, otherwise, he wouldn't have called him so early.

Wen Zhang didn't know if he saw this scene. If he saw it, he would definitely get to the bottom of it. He didn't know what to say, so he quickly went back to see if there were any traces of extermination.

He quickly went back to his room to check. First, he went to his bedroom and the bathroom to clean up his pajamas and towel. Luckily, the sheets and quilts had already been taken care of. After a quick scan to make sure there were no traces left behind, he turned around to receive him.

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