Evolution Crisis/C15 Alarm(part I)
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Evolution Crisis/C15 Alarm(part I)
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C15 Alarm(part I)

Sure enough, the moment Sima Wenloong came in, he couldn't even close the door and started shouting: "Old Wen, Old Wen, who was that beauty that just left your place? Why does she look so familiar to me! I was following her for a bit, but I didn't remember who she was. What was your relationship with her? Why didn't I know when you knew such a beauty? " This guy's curiosity was quite strong. He had so many questions before he could even sit still. He didn't expect this guy to follow him around for a while, so why wasn't he caught acting like a pervert calling the police?

Seeing that he didn't notice anything wrong with Qin Xuefei, Wen Zhang felt relieved. He smiled and acted as if nothing had happened and said: "At least you're slower. You're asking so many questions all at once, how am I supposed to answer you?" Actually, he didn't want to answer any of them. It would be best if he could get through them, but unfortunately, he definitely wouldn't be able to do as he wished so easily.

At this time, Sima Wenloong had already woken up from his initial shock. Hearing that, he smiled strangely and said: "Okay, I will ask one by one. Anyway, I have plenty of time now, so let's first talk about who that beauty is. What's her name? " Today, he was determined to dig up Wen Zhang's little secret.

Sima Wenloong said that he was one of the few friends that he had known in the past two years at Xinghai, and he was also very familiar with these people. Otherwise, it would be too awkward if he exposed himself one day and found out that he was lying to him, so he could only hide as much as he could now.

Wen Zhang answered helplessly, "She's called Qin Xuefei. We just met, she could be counted as a friend." The reason it was considered a friend was because their relationship was quite strange. They had known each other for less than a day and knew little of each other. It was already difficult to call them friends, but that was all he could say.

As soon as he heard Qin Xuefei's name, Sima Wenloong immediately became excited. He jumped up from the stool, waved his arms and shouted: "Oh, so it's her. Why does she look so familiar to me? I've seen her before. Right, she's the youngest daughter of Tengfei Corporation's CEO Qin Yunsheng, she's only 24, 25 this year, she's very young, I think she just took over a company under her father's group last year, she's done very well, has some talent, and is one of the few great talented beauties in the business world. " With that, he put on an intoxicated look as he recalled the scene when he met Qin Xuefei.

Sure enough, the moment Sima Wenloong said the name, a bunch of information immediately came out, and it was basically all correct. It was pretty much the same with Qin Xuefei herself, at most, there was only one difference in inside information. It wasn't like him being completely ignorant of her, it seemed like his information was really lacking!

Sima Wenloong said the name that came out of Wen Zhang's mouth, and the image that he saw in the doorway combined with the memories in his mind, and came up with an answer that made him go crazy. Since when did a business beauty like Wen Zhang become good friends with him, and he was about to go crazy, so he quickly threw out the question, "When did the great beauty Qin become friends with you?"

"Yesterday." Wen Zhang spoke with a golden tone and an expressionless face, which formed a clear contrast with Sima Wenloong's excitement. He was unwilling to say anything more.

"What? Then how did you meet yesterday?" Every answer from Wen Zhang shocked Sima Wenloong. Thinking about Lan Yu from two days ago, and then Qin Xuefei from today, why does an honest person like Wen Zhang always encounter beauties? Could it be that he was recently getting lucky … Could it be the legendary Continuous Peach Blossom Evil?

If she followed him closely, wouldn't she be able to taste the peach blossoms as well? However, he would think about this question later. Right now, he was anxiously waiting for Wen Zhang's answer.

He carefully said, "Yesterday, I met her at the Star Observation Mountain. She was not feeling well at that time and fainted, so I brought her back, and when we came back it was too late, and I didn't know who she was at the time, so I let her rest here for the night. It wasn't long before she left, and you saw her, too." Wen Zhang pretended not to care.

"What? She spent the night here with you? Did you two sleep together?" This answer undoubtedly gave Sima Wenloong an even bigger shock. He couldn't help but blurt out the next question, "This is too scary, the princess is actually staying here?"

He had unknowingly neglected some other very important things. Perhaps, this question was the most important to him. Wen Zhang was secretly relieved that he didn't ask the question that Wen Zhang was initially worried about.

Wen Zhang pretended to glare at him angrily, then said to him in a very angry tone, "What are you thinking? How can we sleep together? Who do you think I am? She sleeps in my bedroom, I sleep on the sofa, look at how dirty your thoughts are. Alright, that's the end of the question, don't go out and ruin her reputation, understand?" Wen Zhang wanted to make use of this opportunity to get back to the topic at hand.

"I know, I know, I won't speak carelessly. Let me ask you one last question. You saved her, did the great beauty Qin give you any kind of gift to thank you for? Did she call you or anything? " This pervert's intentions were not to be ignored. It seemed like he wanted to get a phone call from the great beauty Qin. This was his usual behavior after seeing a beautiful woman.

Wen Zhang thought to himself that she had given me her most precious thing, what else did I want, but all he could say was: "She originally wanted to give me something as a thank you, but I rejected her. This is a trivial matter, and I am not the kind of person to repay favors. But then she gave me her card and told me to call her if I needed anything. " After hiding most of the truth and revealing a bit of truth, it would be more believable if the truth was between the truth and the truth. And this news wasn't that important, it was also something that Sima Wenloong was interested in and could attract his attention.

As soon as he heard there was a name card, Sima Wenloong's eyes immediately turned red. He was about to ask for it, but Wen Zhang beat him to it and said decisively: "This name card is a private card with a private message on it. I definitely won't give it to you, so just give up!" He knew all these vices like the back of his hand, and sealed off the road with one bite.

"A private business card? Is that a private phone number? Wen Zhang, my good brother, I beg of you, just lend me some money and I'll return it to you immediately. Don't worry, I definitely won't spread it around. "As long as I don't say it, no one will know it's from you." Sima Wenloong was even more excited, collecting the personal numbers of beauties was their playboy hobby.

I just don't trust you. I don't care if I give it to you because I'm afraid that if you take it, you might one day exchange it with someone else. That's why they gave me their name cards. Wen Zhang knew some of the bad habits between playboys. Of course, he couldn't give him the number, not to mention that this number and the card all had a special meaning to him. He wouldn't give it to anyone, not even Sima Wenloong.

No matter what he said, it was useless. Sima Wenloong was depressed and said, "Then forget it. Aiya, if I came here half an hour earlier, wouldn't I be able to meet her. What a regret." After realising that he had missed out on a good opportunity, he felt incomparably regretful and regretful.

He thought for a while and had another "dirty idea". He excitedly said to Wen Zhang: "Old Wen, I've worked hard these past two days, I'll sleep with you tonight, so I won't go back. Speak of the past, how about that?"

Wen Zhang knew what trick he was playing, so he mercilessly exposed him and said: "Forget it! Do you think I don't know what you're up to? "Let me tell you, I washed the blanket or something like that in the bedroom yesterday and hung it up. If you want to sleep today, you can sleep under my blanket."

Sima Wenloong muttered, "What's so good about your blanket? Do you even have the fragrance of a great beauty of the zither? I thought you would get a bit of the fragrance of a beautiful woman already. How wonderful would it be to sleep together with a great beauty of the zither?" As he spoke, he made an expression of ecstasy.

Wen Zhang didn't have the patience to talk so much nonsense with him. It would be troublesome if he didn't leak the information, so he quickly changed the topic: "Don't say such disgusting words. Did you come here today for something?"

Hearing him mention this, Sima Wenloong remembered that he still had something important to do, so he quickly said to Wen Zhang: "I have a lot of things to do. Let me ask you, where have you been these past two days? I couldn't find you anywhere, did you see the message I left for you?" Speaking of this matter, Sima Wenloong was full of resentment. He was on the verge of searching for someone, but he couldn't find that person.

"I went to settle some matters in the next two days. If I didn't come back, of course you wouldn't be able to find me. Didn't I leave a note?!" What message? I didn't see it. " Wen Zhang was confused. From the day he came back last night until now, he almost never stopped. Where did he see any messages?

Hearing him say that, Sima Wenloong immediately stood up, walked to the phone and looked, and sure enough, three message slips were still there untouched. He didn't see them, he picked up the message slip and said to Wen Zhang: "Take a look first, I'll tell you later."

Wen Zhang unfolded the three pieces of paper one by one and read through them. Lan Yu's message was easy to understand, probably to thank him, or else he would have something else to say. Wen Zhang suddenly remembered what he did that day. He did not dare to think any further.

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