Evolution Crisis/C16 Alarm(last Part)
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Evolution Crisis/C16 Alarm(last Part)
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C16 Alarm(last Part)

Other people could not understand Shui Qingying's words, but he immediately understood that she had found out about it when he was using his spiritual energy in the library, and that was probably what he was talking about. This was a little difficult to deal with, how could he have known that he would be in such trouble if he failed so suddenly, if he had known earlier, he would have dropped those books.

The one that Ye Zichen could not understand the most was Sima Wenloong's, so he didn't know what the hell was going on with him. Sima Wenloong also tilted his head and tried to peek at what was written on the two notes. He didn't expect to finish it so quickly and get folded up. After reading the message, Wen Zhang raised his head and looked at Sima Wenloong, asking him to explain.

Sima Wenloong was no longer in a hurry and asked, "Do you understand now? We've been looking for you these past few days.

Wen Zhang said, "I know you're working hard. I understand what those two bars mean, but the key is what your note means. I don't understand, what can I do for you?" Even after a few years of making friends, she had yet to find him for any serious matters.

Sima Wenloong said slowly: "It's nothing, tell me what's the relationship between Ms Yu and you. Why did she stay here with you that day and wear your clothes? How can you explain that?" Are you trying to get lucky? Why do beauties always come to your side? Ms Yu, Shui Qingying, you're even more amazing today. It's actually the great beauty Qin. "

As he finished speaking, his tone was filled with envy. He had already figured out the reason for the beautiful lady Qin. Why had the beautiful lady Shui come looking for him? She was in such a hurry, and even took the initiative to come looking for him. He didn't know what kind of complicated relationship Lan Yu had with him that she would be so ambiguous. Why didn't these beauties come to find him?

Wen Zhang was stunned. "Ms Yu, how do you know Ms Yu?" He could not understand how they knew each other. Could it be that they were originally acquainted with each other? Could it be such a coincidence?!?

Sima Wenloong explained the situation to him, then said, "That morning, I came to look for you with the class monitor, but I didn't see you, but I saw your Ms Yu in your room with her clothes in a mess. Afterwards, we chatted together, ate together, and even left a note for you. What he did not mention was that he was kicked out because he was obstructing the two beauties from chatting, and he was also teased by the beautiful lady Shui while treating him. Even if he was beaten to death, he would not say these embarrassing things.

Lan Yu's story was the same as Qin Xuefei's. What should be said should be said, and what shouldn't be said definitely couldn't be said. However, she didn't need to make things up like this, she only needed to speak the truth.

"Ms Yu was someone I met that night in Fire. There was a playboy pestering her, so I helped her fend him off. "Who knew that Ms Yu got drunk too? I didn't know what to do. I didn't know where she lived so I brought her back. She stayed here for the night." Half-truth and half-falsehood were the most believable.

After hearing that, Sima Wenloong shook his head, thinking that this guy must have been out of luck recently, so he shamelessly smiled and said: "You sure are lucky, why did you meet so many beauties recently and even bring them home, why haven't I seen your luck in such a long time, it's really a whole new world, look at me in a new light, remember, in the future go to the fire and call me along!"

Although his mouth was full of nonsense, Wen Zhang knew his temperament. Naturally, he knew what his intentions were and helplessly said, "Alright, alright, if you want to go, then come with me. But I won't guarantee that you'll meet a beauty. If you have anything to say to me, say it quickly! " He said this to change the topic, so why would Sima Wenloong look for him?

Talking about himself, just when he was about to open his mouth, Sima Wenloong suddenly remembered something and said in shock: "That's right, Class Rep Shui also told me yesterday that I have to tell her once I see you. I have to call her first. "Hur hur, I haven't called the Bureau of Discipline Inspection yet, so I might as well take this opportunity to give it a try today." With that, he got up and made another call.

After Wen Zhang heard this, he asked doubtfully, "What is the relationship between the Wind Discipline Academy and Shui Qingying?" He had only skipped a few classes, but he had never done anything serious!

As Sima Wenloong dialed, he turned around and snickered to Wen Zhang, "Hehe, you probably don't know this. Let me tell you a big secret. This is exclusive news, you can't spread it! " Shui Qingying had just warned him that day, and he had casually told this matter to Wen Zhang.

"So she's a member of the Bureau of Discipline Inspection. I didn't expect that." Wen Zhang muttered, but in his heart, he was thinking. He'd seen a few people from the Disciplinary Committee dealing with the disputes, and he'd noticed that their hands and feet weren't ordinary. Shui Qingying was also an Adept, and it was only because of that that that she'd been able to understand what was happening that day. She probably had to be careful when she came to find him.

Just when Wen Zhang was thinking, Sima Wenloong had already finished his phone calls and walked over saying, "This disciplinary investigation department is really cool, all the other departments have girls answering the phone, only they use a guy with a cool voice to answer the phone. They really have a personality." But luckily, Class Rep Shui is here, if not he would have to waste some time with me. She told me to tell you that she'll come find you in a while. I really don't know what business she has with you to be so attentive? "

Wen Zhang knew this in his heart, but he couldn't tell him. He pretended to be baffled and said, "How would I know? It was just a few classes ago. Don't tell me you're going to talk to me about this!" This sentence seemed to be meant to tease Sima Wenloong.

Wen Zhang suddenly remembered that he still hadn't said anything about this guy. Since he was involved in this mess until now, he didn't know what happened. He said loudly: "Hurry up and say it, what exactly are you talking about? Why are you spouting so much nonsense?"

Hearing that, Sima Wenloong became serious and said in a serious tone: "This is not my problem. My problem has been solved, but this is the main purpose of my visit today. "Hmm, I have something very important to give you. You need to be mentally prepared?" Wen Zhang's words were like a tongue twister. How could he understand them?

Wen Zhang once again thought that he was playing tricks on him. He laughed and said, "Stop pretending, take it out quickly!" However, seeing that Sima Wenloong's expression was still very serious, Wen Zhang also got serious. Just what could cause this bad friend to be so serious and even be so related to him?

He took out a letter from his pocket and handed it over to Wen Zhang: "This letter is something your parents wanted to give you. Take a look at it." Originally, he wanted to ask him what was going on with Lan Yu and Shui Qingying. However, on the day he returned, his parents sent him a letter saying that Wen Zhang's parents asked him to be more quick-witted.

The moment Wen Zhang heard it was related to his parents, his expression darkened. He took the envelope but didn't do anything else and just stared at it in a daze, as if writing everything on it without opening it to take a look.

At that time, he didn't understand, but after seeing Wen Zhang's appearance, Sima Wenloong understood a bit, no wonder he had to be smart. At that time, he didn't understand, but after seeing Wen Zhang's appearance, Sima Wenloong understood a bit, no wonder he had to be smart.

As if awakened by Sima Wenloong, Wen Zhang unwittingly acknowledged and then opened the letter. The letter was not very long, so he quickly skimmed through it and roughly understood the meaning behind it.

It turned out that the Guardian Family had been living in the extreme north all year round and had been isolated from the rest of the world. They had not interacted much with the outside world. In these past few years, the elders had discovered that their separation from the outside world was too severe, and they were no longer able to adapt to the development of their society.

Besides, times are different. We can't keep these youngsters trapped there for the rest of their lives, right? In the past few years, there had been very few monsters that had ventured out of the forest, so they didn't need that many people to defend the place. It would be better to let them go out and adventure for a while since they wouldn't be able to help much.

The result of their discussion was that they picked out a few outstanding individuals to try out. If they succeeded, they would send out the next batch. But there was one thing that was strictly controlled, and that was marriage was not allowed. The bloodline was controlled by the family, so they couldn't let the bloodline go. This concerned the life and death of the Glory Family, but they couldn't afford to be careless.

The letter said that it was related to this matter, and that the young people that they had sent out would be coordinated by the government and would first go to the Xinghai Academy to study for a while, undergo a round of training, and then attempt to integrate themselves into society.

Regarding the merit family's request, as long as it wasn't too excessive, the government would agree. In fact, even the various factions within the government were watching them closely. No matter which party contacted them, they would still be of great assistance. Taking a step back, they were willing to be controlled by the government, which was much more relaxing than being able to roam the outside world. Everyone who came out of there could cause a huge disturbance in the society.

The key thing was that Wen Zhang's brother and sister were also coming to the Xinghai, this news was indeed not small for someone like him who had been away from home for many years and had not contacted their family.

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