Evolution Crisis/C17 Relieving Resentment(part I)
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Evolution Crisis/C17 Relieving Resentment(part I)
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C17 Relieving Resentment(part I)

However, his brother and sister were not among the first batch of people that came out to adventure. They were selected as part of the second group because they were still young, and if the first group got used to it, they would be sent out immediately.

Actually, this matter had a lot to do with him as well. After he ran away from home, his crazy parents started to reflect on their own actions. They finally realized their mistake, because of their wrong vanity and wrong attitude, he was discriminated against by others outside. Even when he returned home, he couldn't feel the warmth of his family, which was also the most important reason why Wen Zhang ran away from home.

Wen Zhang's departure made them realize that the age of vanity had passed and the era had changed. Their way of doing things no longer adapted to the times and they were no longer the savior. Their greatest responsibility now was to allow their families to live a few good days. Unfortunately, in that special environment, this tragedy finally occurred. The Guardian's family had suffered a major blow from the encirclement of the Devouring Spirit. They paid special attention to the upbringing of the Adept descendants, and the average child wasn't taken seriously.)

It wasn't until Wen Zhang had left that they truly realized that Wen Zhang was their child, a half child who didn't know anything. Not long after he left, he went out to look for Wen Zhang. At the beginning, Wen Zhang didn't stay at the same place for long. He wandered around and there weren't any fixed destinations. Eventually, they all came back empty-handed.

Later on, when Wen Zhang came to the Xinghai Academy to study, he had coincidentally become friends with Sima Wenloong, and later on, Sima Wenloong's parents also met Wen Zhang. Coincidentally, Sima Wenloong's parents were once friends with Wen Zhang's parents, and after receiving their orders, they finally found out the news about Wen Zhang.

By chance, they finally got the news about their son. Their family was ecstatic, but since Wen Zhang's brother and sister had a lot of things to do in the past two years and Wen Zhang's brother and sister were at the critical point of their second advancement, they couldn't leave. Only Wen Zhang's mother had secretly come by once. However, he was afraid that his son would not forgive him. In the end, he only sneakily glanced at Wen Zhang a few times before quietly leaving.

Seeing this, and knowing that his mother had even come to find him, but was afraid that he wouldn't be able to forgive them and could only go back sadly, Wen Zhang's tears couldn't help but fall. Back then, he had suffered grievously at home, had gone through who knows how many hardships, had suffered countless hardships, and even today, he still carried the hatred of Seven Eagles Hall. Although his two years of life had been a bit more peaceful, this hatred was like a poisonous snake that devoured his soul day and night, causing him to be unable to calm down day and night.

He had also been thinking that if he hadn't run away from home that year, so many things wouldn't have happened. Looking at the happy lives of others, he couldn't understand why his parents would treat him like this at the beginning.

But in the end, Wen Zhang gradually understood that the most important reason for his parents to become like this was their sense of responsibility. To them, their family was their heaven, their land, and their everything. When the family suffered a heavy blow and rushed to replenish their strength, the children of the two Adepts would be ordinary people. This was something they couldn't accept, and what happened afterwards would become a matter of course. Having thought through this point, Wen Zhang was no longer as resentful towards his parents as he was in the beginning.

Even so, he never expected to receive a letter of apology from his parents today, which made Wen Zhang a little surprised and also a little pleasantly surprised. For the past few years, he had been suffering from the pain of losing the Black Hawks and the others.

Seeing Wen Zhang reading the letter with rapt attention, and then actually shed tears, Sima Wenloong was cautious and didn't make any move, nor did he say anything. After a while, Wen Zhang wiped away the tears on his face and continued reading the letter.

Due to coming out to see the outside world, the request to send the young people of the clan out to study was Wen Zhang's parents' idea. In the end, Wen Zhang obtained the approval of the Clan Elder's Association, and legitimately chose the Xinghai. With the appearance of the Government, it wouldn't be bad if they could enter the Xinghai Academy.

Although Wen Zhang's brother and sister weren't in the first row, if the first batch succeeded, they would immediately be sent out. Since he had already lived in the Xinghai for two years, he must be more familiar with this place. Everyone here was originally from the same family, so he hoped that he could help them out. If they succeeded, the siblings would meet as soon as possible.

However, this matter was not something that could be forced upon him. If he was unwilling or inconvenient, it was fine. In any case, there would be someone here to receive them. If you want, you can meet them at the airport or contact them later. They've already said hello.

After that, he introduced the situation of the young people that came this time. Wen Zhang took a look and saw that there weren't many people, only a total of six people. It seemed that the elders were quite cautious. As Wen Zhang listened to their names, he could still remember a few of their faces. They were old friends, although they might not have been very good at that time.

Moreover, these people had already completed their second upgrade, so nothing unexpected would happen in the short term. Right now, they were pretty strong and basically wouldn't be bullied. However, the society now was too complicated, so they were afraid that they would go astray. Therefore, they hoped that Wen Zhang could take care of them.

Moreover, he had already made arrangements with them. Unless it was a life and death situation, they weren't allowed to use their abilities as they wished. Thus, there might be some matters that he might need to help with when the time came.

Seeing this, Wen Zhang couldn't help but smile bitterly, these people were the most outstanding among the younger generation in the village, otherwise they wouldn't have been chosen as the vanguards to be sent out. Wen Zhang was worried that they might not be willing to accept his help when the time came, not to mention that he was still a useless person in their eyes.

At the end of the letter, there was still an apology, a plea for forgiveness, and the hope that he would be able to put aside some of his past grudges and help them. After all, they were a family. If they didn't leave after hundreds of years of friendship, the only thing waiting for their family was destruction. It seemed that the family still held a heavy weight in their hearts.

However, in Wen Zhang's heart, the existence of his family didn't have much to do with him. However, since he decided to forgive his parents, he didn't care about other things.

After reading the letter, Wen Zhang felt different. It was a lot easier than before. He had abandoned those old shackles in his heart, and the feeling of a new soul was even more comfortable than when he completed the third advancement.

Seeing the smile on Wen Zhang's face, Sima Wenloong was relieved. He knew that Wen Zhang had untied the knot in his heart. The one that appeared in front of everyone was the brand-new Wen Zhang. Sima Wenloong asked softly, "What are you so happy about?"

Wen Zhang then noticed Sima Wenloong still sitting there quietly. He raised his head, wiped away the tears on his face, and was a little embarrassed. He smiled at him with gratitude and said, "Thank you so much for me this time, please thank your parents for me."

"No need to thank me. No need to thank me. We are the best brothers here." It had always been Wen Zhang who had often helped him. Sima Wenloong was not used to Wen Zhang thanking him in such a serious manner, so he was unable to make any changes. His way of speaking was a little sloppy.

Knowing his personality, Wen Zhang did not linger on this matter for too long, and instead happily said: "The good news is that my brother and sister might come to Xinghai, and they might even become your junior. There are still photos of them here." Then he shook the envelope again, and sure enough, a picture fell out. He pointed to the photo and said, "This is their picture. I wonder how they have changed over the years."

Sima Wenloong glanced at the photo, smiled and interrupted: "Hehe, let me see, your sister has grown into a great beauty, your brother has now become a fierce man with muscles, and he's even more handsome than you. In any case, these two can be said to be handsome men and women, and if you compare with them, you are on a completely different level." Seeing that Wen Zhang had let go of his feelings, he started to joke with him again.

Hearing him praise his little brother and sister so, Wen Zhang was filled with pride. He patted Sima Wenloong on the shoulder and said: "It doesn't matter if they are better than me, we are all one family, red flowers also need green leaves to match, I almost can show them what is good, at least they will say I have two good little brothers and sisters, your family only have one son, you don't even need to praise him." Speaking of which, Wen Zhang remembered what happened back then. In the past, he was just a foil to them at home. He didn't expect it to be like this now, but now, his mood was very different.

Speaking of this matter, it could be said that it was a regret in Sima Wenloong's heart. Unfortunately, this matter wasn't decided by him. Ever since he was young, he had enjoyed the liveliness. He envied his family for having a few siblings, and a family of liveliness. However, his parents had their own businesses.

When Sima Wenloong was old enough to know about this in front of his parents, it was already too late. His parents were already too old, so they couldn't add him as a little brother or little sister anymore. As one of Sima Wenloong's best friends, Wen Zhang naturally knew about this and even heard about it from his parents. Now that Sima Wenloong mocked him, he obviously didn't hesitate to tell him about it and return the compliment.

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