Evolution Crisis/C2 Parasitism
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Evolution Crisis/C2 Parasitism
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C2 Parasitism

New Era, year 127, an ordinary night. This was one of the hundreds of outposts set up at the edge of Magic Beast Forest. The hundreds of sentry posts formed a long chain that locked the entire Magic Beast Forest within this cold and distant north.

The sky was covered in pure white snow, and the moon was shining brightly. Looking around, other than the outposts that were sparkling, there was no sound at all. It was quiet and cold. The Magic Beast Forest were quietly and quietly within this quiet place, just like a huge monster that was quietly lying there, waiting for its prey to deliver itself to it.

These endless Magic Beast Forest had been quiet for a hundred years, and occasionally a few blind magical beasts would come out and be quickly killed by the army. However, in these few days, the Magic Beast Forest seemed to have gotten more lively, and from time to time, heaven shaking roars would ring out, and many of the demonic beasts also roared, but humans did not know if they were happy or wailing, but it was about the same, the army that was stationed here had already changed.

However, the people guarding the tribe were different, because they knew that it was the roar of a beast, and the sound was filled with panic and terror. This was a reaction that only people who were facing a life or death threat or even fright would react to, and it was very rare for a demon to appear inside a beast, unless there was some kind of terrifying monster produced by the Magic Beast Forest.

In the depths of the Magic Beast Forest, if a human were to see this situation, they would definitely be scared silly. In the eyes of a human, these magical beasts must still be in their original state of being wild beasts, and should be crawling around randomly in the forest, devouring each other's bodies. However, in reality, in this harsh environment, in the deepest depths of the forest, was actually a perfect city.

The whole city was made up of all kinds of plants. Although humans also had plant warriors, but compared to the real plant warriors who had evolved from magical beasts, they were nothing. Only they could create such a miracle.

In the most magnificent and beautiful temple in the center of the city, the atmosphere was very tense. On the high throne sat a woman, no matter what kind of human one was, one would not be able to find fault with her perfection, the curves of her body were similar to that of a devil's, they could corrode a person's soul, a wild beauty could make one's blood boil, and those charming eyes were telling a legend.

Why would a human appear in the Magic Beast Forest?

Of course, there weren't any humans here. If one looked carefully, this beautiful woman's ears were a bit pointed, her hair was red, and her body seemed to be shrouded in a faint mist.

She was the queen of the Magic Beast Forest, the supreme existence amongst all the beasts.

Perhaps the souls of these magical beasts still had traces of worship for humans, as they had once been their masters. The images of their evolution were infinitely close to humans, with those with higher levels of evolution or those with more talent, and after evolving, they looked no different from humans. It was laughable that humans, in order to obtain power, were infinitely close to magical beasts.

"Glaze, what's going on!" This was a terrifying magical beast that had evolved from a violent bear. Just this magical beast alone was enough to kill hundreds of semi-mechanical warriors of the human race, but now, it was trembling in fear because of this seemingly weak woman.

It was the King of Beasts that was responsible for guarding the magical beasts that the clan had spent nearly a hundred years to create. It was the ultimate weapon that the magical beasts had forced humanity to use, but now it let Beast King run away!

"Your Royal Highness, Your Majesty, Beast King had suddenly entered the early stage of eating and rushed out after swallowing the guards. This …" His intermittent words allowed all the magical beasts present to feel the fear and trepidation in his heart.

"Her Majesty the Queen." "Logically speaking, this is the last time Beast King will eat, and then he will be able to obtain the most powerful strength, but it is indeed quite early. According to your subordinate's investigation, Beast King's strength is not even one tenth of our estimated strength, but the guards of Glas were still devoured without any resistance. Right now, Beast King is completely unconscious, so we have to find it. In this kind of unconscious situation, Beast King is very easy to use the parasitic soul of a beast when his life is in danger."

This was the strongest weapon produced by the Beast Alliance, it would become the future king of the Demon Beasts, the future leader, leading the Demon Beasts to become the new ruler of this planet. And after more than a hundred years, as long as a period of time passed, Beast King would completely awaken, but at this time, such a thing actually happened. Beast King actually killed his way out of the Magic Beast Forest, and it was hard to imagine the effect that Beast King's power would have on the Beast World. One must know, Beast King's body contained a type of gene that could suppress all the Demon Beasts.

At this moment, a row of hurried footsteps broke the silence in the hall, and an orc flew in, "Reporting to the queen, things are not going well. Beast King's body was found in human territory, but it should have already become a parasite!"

If this was known by the other Alliance of Beastmen, they would be finished. Every year, Beast King would go through a cycle of cultivation in different countries to get the most perfect meal, but an accident happened right here in their Magic Beast Forest, and Beast King was infected. In a human's territory, who would be the parasitic target?!

Thinking of this terrifying outcome, everyone in the hall looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

"Your majesty, the most important thing to do is to seal off the news, and then find the beast spirit and bring it here before it fully wakes up. Afterwards, we must convene an emergency council to deal with it, otherwise our Magic Beast Forest will suffer the destruction of other alliances!"

The other magical beasts also joined in. One had to know that the countries of the demonic beasts weren't that united, so if there was such a big slip up, it was clear that the plan to attack the humans would be delayed. Orcs who had nowhere to vent their anger on would most likely use Magic Beast Forest as a target to vent their anger on.

"Laura, it's a good thing that the kings of the different races are still sleeping. We should use this time to scout and send out our elites to find Beast King's parasitic body!"

The hall was filled with voices of approval. This was the only way to save their lives, and it was also related to the survival of the beastmen race.

Many soldiers didn't even have time to react before they were directly engulfed. The Guardian Families had also all moved out, and in the end, they were finally able to discover the nightmarish magical beast. It had a devilish black body with a metallic luster, similar to a human's discontent with the incantation patterns on its body. Its black hair was pulled down to its feet.

There was no suspense in the battle. The soldiers of the hidden tribes suddenly realized that the magical beast had no weakness and did not care about their attacks. As long as they were brushed off, the soldier's life would come to an end.

"Ye, I didn't think that our lives would end here. It's just a pitiful child. He should be the most powerful warrior in our clan."

A resolute smile appeared on the young woman's face as she gently caressed her mother's stomach, "Brother Wen, I've never regretted marrying you!"

Perhaps dying together was a good choice.

The magical beasts continued their slaughter, or to be more accurate, they were eating. Even the protector clans had never seen such a powerful and strange magical beast before. Even in the records, the war for the destruction of the world had never happened.

Even so, the warriors around them were still killed by it. The young couple, who were also experienced soldiers, and the most powerful supernatural ability in the tribe, naturally saw the abnormality; they attacked with all their might, leaving the rest of the matter up to fate.

Honestly speaking, this attack wasn't enough to hurt the tottering magical beast, but for some reason, the half-asleep magical beast suddenly opened its eyes wide, and a floating ball of pale white spirit emerged from its mouth. This ball silently entered the young woman's stomach without any obstruction, and then the magical beast just lay there, completely shattered by the two attacks, the two of them were knocked unconscious by the shockwave.

This event was one of the most devastating events of the century after the Apocalypse. As a result, the number of Adepts and ordinary soldiers that had been lost was astonishing. There was no wall without wind in this world, and this magical beast attracted the attention of everyone. Strength had always been a human's greatest desire, and the climax of cultivation for Adepts began once again. The secret research on this terrifying devouring ability never stopped.

Although after the battle, the military and the guardian clans had jointly sealed off the place, there were still many experts who entered the Magic Beast Forest stealthily every year, hoping to find this kind of demonic beast called the Spirit Devouring Beast and study it, hoping to obtain that terrifying devouring ability. However, after dozens of years without any news, other than a few large secret organizations, everyone else gradually gave up, until a mysterious person appeared a dozen years later.

All of the Magic Beast Forest's beasts trembled for no reason. The Queen's beautiful face revealed a trace of a sigh and unwillingness, but no matter if it was the fate of humans or magic beasts, they would all change because of him. The wheel of destiny began to turn …

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