Evolution Crisis/C20 Probing(part Ii)
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Evolution Crisis/C20 Probing(part Ii)
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C20 Probing(part Ii)

Without any warning, he suddenly came back, avoiding everyone's eyes and ears, and even had connections with Teng Long's second miss, Qin Er. She had also met that second miss a few times, and she was also not a simple beauty, and how did he connect with her? It couldn't be that he had been brought back by the raging fire, but there had been people squatting in the fire for the past two days, and they didn't find any trace of him.

Unable to bear the beautiful woman's questioning gaze, Wen Zhang confessed himself, "I met Second Miss Qin that night on Star Observation Mountain, and coincidentally, she was not feeling well, so I brought her back. At that time, I didn't know her identity, so I let her rest here for the night and left in the morning." Wen Zhang knew that it was okay to hide this from Sima Wenloong, but it seemed like it was impossible to hide it from someone as smart as Water Beauty. Now, he could only hope that she didn't expose him in front of everyone, otherwise it would be troublesome.

According to the results of his investigations, he did not go up to the Star Observation Mountain at all, and there were people secretly searching for him. No one knew where Wen Zhang was, how did he suddenly appear there, it might be true that Second Miss Qin appeared there, but how did she come to his place? In the middle of it all, it was very intriguing, he seemed to have used some sort of method to avoid the eyes and ears of so many people. But of course she wouldn't expose him now. She smiled and said, "Oh, I didn't think that you and Second Miss Qin were friends!"

Wen Zhang quickly tried to defend himself, "No, I didn't know her before. It was just that she wasn't well and only found out her identity after bringing her back. Otherwise, I would have just sent her back." Wen Zhang tried his best to put aside his relationship with Qin Xuefei. He also knew that if he let the truth slip, not only Qin Xuefei, but also him would be in trouble. As long as they kept their mouth shut, no one would know.

Shui Qingying did not pursue the matter any further. Since she already knew about this matter, there must be someone who would go and investigate it. She did not need to worry about it here and asked him if he would tell her the truth. Since you're fine, then that's good. "

She didn't mention the matter about the library, and Wen Zhang also tacitly shut his mouth and didn't talk about this issue. Only Sima Wenloong didn't know how they met, and instead, didn't talk about the issue that should be discussed.

Shui Qingying suddenly recalled Wen Zhang's words and asked, "What happened? Were you waiting for someone?"

Wen Zhang didn't understand what she meant and was about to say something when Sima Wenloong interrupted, "Yeah, he won't be alone very long. Someone from his family is coming over, and they're also planning to study at our academy. We'll be classmates from now on." The big mouth said everything.

Shui Qingying was now slightly grateful for this big mouth of hers. With him missing so many things, she casually asked, "What kind of person are you? When will you be here?"

As expected, Sima Wenloong immediately revealed everything. "It's today. And when you knocked on the door, we thought it was them. It seems to be someone from his family." With that, he turned to Wen Zhang and said, "Old Wen, you'd better hurry and see when they arrive."

Hearing the word "family", Shui Qingying became quick-witted and asked in a sensitive manner, "Family, where is Student Wen Zhang's family?" Although this question was a bit private, at the moment, she couldn't care less.

Sima Wenloong was so focused on pleasing beauties that he forgot everything else. He took the letter and handed it to Wen Zhang: "Look at when they arrived." Then he handed the envelope to Shui Qingying and said, "I don't know where it is, you can look at it and you'll understand."

Wen Zhang wanted to stop her, but he couldn't. He couldn't just take the envelope back, so he had no choice but to take a careful look at what time it was.

Shui Qingying was alarmed when she saw it. The address of the envelope was marked as' Extreme North '. At first, she couldn't remember who lived in such a desolate place. But when she thought about Wen Zhang's powerful ability, Shui Qingying immediately remembered that her grandfather had introduced her to the guardian family that had shone in the war more than 20 years ago. Shui Qingying was certain that Wen Zhang came from that place.

At this moment, Sima Wenloong asked anxiously, "Old Wen, when are they coming? How many people are there?" As expected, he had asked all the questions he wanted to ask.

Wen Zhang looked at it again and felt relieved. "It's today, but it's only two in the afternoon." He looked at the clock and said, "It's only around ten o'clock, it's still not too late." Thinking of Sima Wenloong's question, he continued, "There are a lot of people, there are six of them."

Sima Wenloong also let out a sigh of relief and said, "You scared me. I thought there wasn't enough time. If I had known, I would have sent this letter over last night. I almost became a sinner. " As he finished speaking, he had a look of thankfulness on his face.

The two of them looked at him at the same time and thought the same way. Shui Qingying was thinking that since you might not be able to find him last night, who knows when he came back last night? Wen Zhang was thinking that no matter when you came last night, I wouldn't let you in!

Shui Qingying didn't know the details and asked in surprise, "There are six of them. Wen Zhang, do you have so many brothers and sisters?" However, he was muttering in his heart, if all six of them had Wen Zhang's strength, then wouldn't they be able to easily cause a ruckus in the Xinghai?

Sima Wenloong was about to speak quickly, but he was glared at by Wen Zhang and swallowed back his words. He knew that he stole a lot of things from Wen Zhang, but he had just offended Water Great Beauty, so how could he let this opportunity go?

Wen Zhang had no choice but to introduce Shui Qingying to him, but he couldn't show it in front of Sima Wenloong. Besides, if they come, they won't be able to cover it up, so it's better to explain, "They are not a family, they are from the same family as our family, and they are all young people, because the place is rather remote. They want to study here, see the world, and adapt themselves. "Because we are not familiar with each other, I hope that if it's convenient, I can take care of them."

Sima Wenloong heard and smiled: "You really know how to keep secrets. I've never heard you say that your family has such a big family. I always thought you were the only one."

That's right, Wen Zhang definitely came from that Guardian Family. At this time, in that place, the entire Hermit Village was considered to be a Guardian Family. However, ever since the encirclement and annihilation, everyone had increased their attention towards the Hermit Village, but they had not heard of this news.

Shui Qingying wanted to understand more, so she asked, "If they come over, Wen Zhang, what do you plan to do? Have you considered about their food and accommodation?"

Sima Wenloong followed up: "Yeah, if so many people came over together, what would you do? How many people can you live in such a big place?"

Wen Zhang thought about it and said: "I don't think they will live here! Either they live in the school, or someone here should take care of them! I shouldn't have to worry about this, right? "When the time comes, I'll meet them at the airport. We'll talk after we bump into each other!" He was almost certain that the government had prepared something to entertain them. Even if it wasn't, his family should be prepared!

Sima Wenloong smiled and said, "That's good. Anyway, there's nothing to do today. I'll go with you then!" Actually, he had heard from Wen Zhang that there was a beauty and wanted to take a look.

Shui Qingying also said, "That's right, since there's nothing to do today, I have a car. I'll take you guys there!" After a period of rest, her mind would be able to recover a lot. As long as she didn't use her mental strength too easily, it would be fine. She felt that her mental strength was fine, so she made this request.

Hearing that, Wen Zhang immediately said, "How can that be? We can just call a random car. Since there's nothing else, how can I trouble you?" He hurt her so badly, how could he dare to invite her? Ever since he knew that Shui Qingying knew he had a superpower, he didn't want to have anything to do with her. Furthermore, he didn't want his power to contain such a powerful flame.

Shui Qingying understood what he meant and smiled meaningfully at him, saying, "It doesn't matter. I have nothing to do anyway, and I also want to meet your family. Anyways, we're going to be studying together, so it's good to have a friend first!" She was determined to go with Wen Zhang.

When Sima Wenloong heard that the beautiful lady was willing to send them off, he immediately said: "Okay, it's nothing much anyway, it's really the class monitor. Sima Wenloong heard that the beautiful lady was willing to send them off, he immediately said:" Okay, it's nothing much, it's really worthy of being the class monitor. He was really eager for Shui Qingying to send them off. Such a good opportunity wasn't something that could be found anytime soon. When the time came, he could use this topic to provoke these guys.

Seeing Sima Wenloong helping him, Wen Zhang helplessly said, "Alright then, I'll have to trouble you today class monitor."

Hearing his words, Shui Qingying smiled charmingly and said, "You're welcome. We're classmates, so there's no need to be so intimate. You can just call me Light and Light." After knowing Wen Zhang's great strength, she had made up her mind to build a closer relationship with him. However, this suggestion scared Sima Wenloong and he couldn't say anything as he stared with wide eyes.

Wen Zhang knew about Shui Qingying's situation in class and it seemed that no boy dared to call her that. He was asking for death, so he quickly said, "How can I do that, how can I do that?" He waved his hands, unwilling to do so no matter what.

Shui Qingying purposely said, "Why? Does Student Wen Zhang look down on a girl like me?" With that said, the crime became huge and Wen Zhang immediately became speechless.

Only then did Sima Wenloong react and started to jeer, "That's right, class monitor said that. Old Wen, just call him Old Wen, and there's also class monitor, you don't have to call him Wen Zhang. Just call him by his name, or in any case, Liu Tie is older than you, you can call him Mr Wen too!" He only dared to say that because he was provoked. He wouldn't dare to say that in normal times.

Unexpectedly, after Shui Qingying heard this, she nodded her head and smiled sweetly at Wen Zhang, calling him "Mr Wen", causing Sima Wenloong to be stunned.

Since they called him that, he couldn't just refuse them, so Wen Zhang could only call out helplessly: "Qingying!" From then on, the two of them were connected.

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