Evolution Crisis/C3 Escape(part I)
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Evolution Crisis/C3 Escape(part I)
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C3 Escape(part I)

In the year 149 of the New Era, after counterattacking an enemy, it was rumored that someone had mastered the ability of devouring. All of a sudden, regardless of whether it was the white line, the underworld, the government, or the military, all the major powers wanted to get a share of the spoils. Even the elites sent out by Magic Beast Forest were alerted and rushed over to investigate the whereabouts of their great Beast King.

Unexpectedly, the northern underworld alliance chief Eagle League had seized the Seven Eagles Hall's territory first. Six people were killed on the spot in Yan Ping's Seven Eagles, and only Ol 'Five, Wisdom Eagle, escaped under the protection of the crowd while risking his life.

Due to the pressure, the Eagle League announced the result. The six eagles that died had superpowers that didn't match with the power of devouring, so the target of joint arrest was Wisdom Eagle. Only a few well-informed organizations knew that there was a little hawk under the Seven Eagles. This little hawk could be the real mastermind of devouring abilities, so they secretly placed their center of gravity on this little hawk.

However, the Seven Eagles Hall had already been completely destroyed. Normally, the Seven Eagles would wear an eagle-shaped mask and wouldn't show one's face. Wisdom Eagle was a resourceful person. Although they were adversaries in all aspects, no one could find any traces of them. For this reason, there were even many conflicts between the various large organizations, and the resentment between them deepened.

After more than a year of fruitless searching, they had managed to catch quite a number of traitors. It should be considered compensation! The sound of the wind gradually weakened, and the search seemed to have become much more relaxed. Many people heaved a sigh of relief, as the people who had been vigorously pursuing the matter from start to finish were the elites of the magical beasts that came out of the Magic Beast Forest.

However, the apparent calmness was just an illusion. The most fundamental problem had yet to be resolved. The ability to devour was a disaster or a rare opportunity for those who knew about it. Wisdom Eagle, on the other hand, had hidden himself completely with the little eagle. They did not dare make any big movements, so they were unable to find any trace of him.

Under the calm surface of the lake, the Adept world was surging with waves, waiting for the right moment to explode. No one could predict how many people would be affected. Perhaps it would be an all-out war.

The ancient city's Xinghai was located in the southern part of the East Asian continent. It had a long history and a superior geographical location. Famed for the Xinghai of the Ancient Academy, the later generations used the name of the Xinghai Academy to rebuild an international first-rate university. The results were good, and in the following ten-odd years, many universities either moved or merged with each other, and all of them moved to Xinghai, forming the world-famous Xinghai University City. Among them, the Xinghai Academy was the most famous.

In the evening of the 151st of the New Era, as the sun slowly set, the setting sun painted the city golden, as if it were the legendary Golden City. The gentle evening breeze blew by, bringing with it a gentle fragrance, bringing the city a comfortable evening breeze. "Taking a deep breath, I feel refreshed, and my mood is much better. This is indeed a good place.

Along with the ringing of the bell that signalled the end of class, groups of students slowly walked out of the school gate. They released the fatigue they had felt all day, and couples snuggled together to find their own world. The originally empty streets were suddenly filled with people, and laughter filled the entire city. At the entrance of the Xinghai Academy, groups and groups of students were also leaving the campus and joining the surging crowd.

"Old Wen, wait for me. Where are you going?" a tall, thin boy asked loudly, his voice catching the attention of others, but when he saw their glances, he grinned, showing his white teeth, which matched his rather handsome face, and saluted them all with an apology, then caught up with the boy he had called out to.

"If there's nothing else, I'll go over to the fire. Do you want to come with me, Sima?" In front of him, a boy who was a little fat and dressed average stopped. He saw the boy chasing after him, so he turned around and told him.

"Then forget it, go alone! I'll go somewhere else to play. " The boy named Sima laughed bitterly. Who would dare to go with him? He had been there once with him a long time ago, and he had met a house full of drunks, and after that he had refused to go to the fire again, and the boy named Ven had gone to the fire alone, and then he had been alone.

That boy named Lao Wen's real name was Wen Zhang. It was a very special name … To be more accurate, he was a bit rustic. It seemed that his parents wanted him to be a knowledgeable person.

He was a very cultured person and always kept a low profile. He usually only liked to go to the library, so he didn't have many friends in school. Gradually, he stopped attracting everyone's attention. As for the fact that he fell in love with Raging Flames, other than Sima Wenloong, no one else knew about it.

After bidding farewell to Sima Wenloong, Wen Zhang went to the Fiery Blaze bar. There were a few types of strong alcohol that were rare in the city, but it was to his taste. He had traveled almost the entire city to find such a good place. Not long after, he became a frequent guest of the Raging Inferno. This place was also the favorite place of many big and small alcoholics.

Seeing Wen Zhang come in, the young waiter led him to the old seat in the corner, which was No. 13 table. Seeing Wen Zhang coming in, the young waiter led him to the old seat in the corner, which was at table 13.

The waiter asked in a low voice: "Mr. Wen, are you still the same as before?" Although he was young and somewhat student, he was already in his early twenties. His identity could be said to be a little unusual, so it was appropriate to call him mister.

"Yes, don't put yourself in too conspicuous a place. That matter always influenced his life whether it was intentional or not. Hearing the question from the waiter, he softly replied. He sank into the inexplicable darkness, gradually entering into the silence.

"Please take a seat. You will arrive in a moment." The waiter greeted the counter, then bowed his head and left. He still had other customers that he needed to greet!

The wine was served by a pretty waitress, who would look at him with admiration whenever she saw him. He wanted to drink this wine, which was one of the few strong wines he had here. He wanted to drink this wine as if he was being barbequed by fire again in a world of ice and snow. His temper was extremely strong, and most boys would not be able to drink this liquor.

It was a pity that not many people could drink this wine, so when Wen Zhang came for the first time and drank an entire bottle of it without feeling drunk, even the boss of the bar was alarmed. Although their ages were quite different, but for the friendship between men, it was not a problem at all.

At the beginning, he was a little embarrassed, but after drinking with the big guy Lei twice, the boss also told him the truth. Drinking wine all year round was not fun, no matter how much you drink, where can you find such a good opponent for the wine? After drinking a few times, Wen Zhang no longer had to be polite with him.

The time for him to drink had passed, and now was the time to savor the taste. Of course, other than Boss Lei, who never said a word to him, Boss Lei just patted his shoulder and let out a sigh of friendship! The feeling of being hot and sweet in his mouth was an incomparable pleasure to him. If he were to gulp it down, it would be a waste.

He squinted his eyes as he observed the crowd in the bar under the dim light. Gradually, this had also become one of his hobbies, and in this kind of dark environment, when faced with an unfamiliar crowd, one's nature was more likely to burst out, and the various things that normally hid within the depths of one's heart were more likely to be exposed.

It should be said that Boss Lei's girlfriend knows how to do business more than he does. It is said that Boss Lei's girlfriend is extremely confused about the arrangement of the fire once in a while, so she immediately started to carry out reforms. Boss Lei is clearly under strict control, and has no objections.

She divided the bar into three parts, one of which was a semicircle of rooms hidden in the dim light around them, to give those who drank and talked a more private environment, the other in the middle of which was a small ballroom for hot-blooded young people to vent their excess passions, and the rest of the bar was surrounded by extra stools to make it easier for the drinkers. As for the wine, there was a lot more to it, including a more professional bartender. There were all kinds of wine.

This new arrangement attracted more customers. Even someone like Wen Zhang, who didn't care much about the environment, felt more comfortable looking at it. He had also learned how to taste wine slowly from that moment on.

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