Evolution Crisis/C4 Escape(part Ii)
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Evolution Crisis/C4 Escape(part Ii)
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C4 Escape(part Ii)

Wen Zhang was also deep in thought as he observed the crowd. Three years ago, he was taken in by the big boss of Seven Eagles Hall, the Black Hawk. He didn't expect that since they were all superpowers, they accepted him as the smallest little hawk.

It was only two years ago, when there was a huge battle of Seven Eagles Hall and his actions caused a disaster with the destruction of Seven Eagles Hall, that he found out about his strange ability called Devouring and that this power was a taboo in the superpower world.

What was taboo? Even the most terrifying thing was that its power had reached a level that everyone was afraid of. At the same time, it was something that everyone could only dream of.

At that time, he was also in a rush and desperately trying to absorb the energy of a few abilities that tried to swallow their Eagle League. Those people mysteriously died on the spot and the other enemies that tried to do so were all annihilated by the Seven Eagles. Afterwards, he was sent out to prepare for advancement due to the high energy fluctuation in his body. There was no wall that could block the wind. He did not expect this news to leak out and cause that disaster.

Wisdom Eagle, who had escaped with his life, immediately brought him away from Yan Ping, avoiding being chased by all kinds of forces. Although no one noticed them, they still kept changing places, hiding in all sorts of remote places, in case there might be any threats.

When he found out that it was because of him that the six brothers were killed, he became muddle-headed all day and fell into deep self-blame. He, who was not good at drinking, took advantage of the alcohol to get rid of his worries, which made Wisdom Eagle extremely anxious, but they had too many enemies, their forces were too powerful, and he was busy with the matter of escaping, so he didn't have time to persuade him.

One day, he finally made up his mind. Wisdom Eagle said to him, "Since we are all brothers, then we will not differentiate each other. His business is everyone's business." Although his big brother Black Hawk and the others' deaths were related to him a little, Eagle League was supposed to swallow up Seven Eagles Hall anyway. If it wasn't for him, they might not be able to last through the first battle. On the contrary, it was him who saved the lives of his brothers.

In fact, if the brothers did not leave, they would still not be able to compete in Eagle League. With their personality of refusing to surrender, all of them would definitely lose their lives in the end, and his matters were merely a catalyst. However, no matter how powerful they were, they had to take revenge.

Wisdom Eagle was Wisdom Eagle indeed. He was good at arguing, and although these words still couldn't make Wen Zhang feel relieved, his mood was a little better. His spirits were also uplifted.

After Wisdom Eagle saw that he was in a better mood, he told him about the two's plan of action that he had thought about for the past few days. The two of them had too many goals when they were together, so it was easy for the enemy to notice them. Wisdom Eagle was going to look for Ol 'Eight who was hiding in the dark. He had some funds and trained men with him, and he was going to take care of them as the capital for his revenge in the future.

It was just that the Eighth Dark Eagle was a normal merchant, and on the surface, he seemed to be slightly related to the Seven Eagles. He had secretly prepared sufficient funds for the Seven Eagles Hall and also trained a lot of people for it. Now that his Seven Eagles Hall had been destroyed, he could only rely on the Dark Eagle's power to take revenge. However, the Dark Eagle was, after all, a normal merchant, so some things still needed to be taken care of by Wisdom Eagle.

Although the little gyrfalcon was accepted by the black falcon and they were brothers, he was basically not allowed to participate in the matters of the hall, so he couldn't do these things right now. However, in the future, he would definitely need to borrow power for his revenge. For his Devour Skill to be so feared, it was not without reason. What he needed to do now was to find out more information and learn more about his own abilities.

Initially, he refused to go with Wisdom Eagle to prepare for his revenge. However, after thinking about it again, he didn't have much real talent and his biggest target was still him. If he accidentally exposed himself, then even the Dark Eagles would be exposed. Besides, he really didn't know what was going on with his messy body. He really needed time to figure it out. It wasn't a wise move to walk with Wisdom Eagle in this situation.

Moreover, many of the items had been sealed by the headquarters. As for the rest, they could only be found in those ancient libraries, and people his age usually studied in universities. Thus, the best place for him was the university. And the old and numerous libraries, as well as the good places of universities, were the Xinghai. Thus, he changed back to his original name, Wen Zhang, and the little eagle disappeared from this world.

Under Wisdom Eagle's secret arrangements, he became a student of the Xinghai Academy. After settling him down, Wisdom Eagle left him some money and promised to meet again when he graduated from university four years later. After Wisdom Eagle finished explaining everything, including the minute details of when encountering danger, he left the Xinghai to do his own thing.

In the past two years, he had followed Wisdom Eagle's instructions and did not make any unusual moves, only searching everywhere for information. Not only was it the library of the academy, he had also scoured almost all the libraries in the university, and had also flipped through almost all the related books. Although he had gained a lot of knowledge, he was still unable to find any information on the devouring ability.

After two years of experimentation and observation, he had a little more understanding of his own abilities, but most of it was still unclear. All that was known was that his ability had been divided into three parts within his body. The ability to mutate from his father and his mother's beast transmogrification had appeared on the surface, while the ability to devour seemed to be hidden in the depths.

When the spiritual and beast transmogrification powers were activated, as long as the spiritual and beast transmogrification powers were activated, the two abilities would also be activated immediately. As for the devouring ability, although he knew of its existence, it wouldn't come out unless it was in a dire situation. Moreover, after transforming, its condition was also very strange, and with the previous example, he didn't dare to casually test it out, so up until now, he still only had a vague understanding of his devouring ability.

Today at school, there was a small lecture by the Institute of Superpower Studies. He went there to listen to it, but found that it was all cliché. It was all about the basics.

He felt depressed as he had not gained much in the past two years, so he came back to drink after school. He also wanted to think of a way out for the next two years.

Four years is only half the time it should be, of course, we can't go and find Wisdom Eagle and the others now. Moreover, he secretly noticed that there was no news of Wisdom Eagle and the others on the surface. It seemed that they were still developing in the dark, so it would be useless even if he were gone for a while. For a moment, he didn't know where he should go.

He took another sip of the wine and sighed. He was originally a pure teenager, but now the death of Black Hawk's group of six was pressing down on his heart like a mountain. However, he couldn't do anything about it.

Unconsciously, the waiter gave him one glass after another, which surprised those people at the bar for a while. What's going on today? Mr. Wen, who was very good at drinking at a young age, started to drink like this again. It's been a long time since he had drank more than three cups.

Now, there were many people coming and going in this bar, and the fish and dragons were mixed in. Every day, there would always be a little something that was neither too big nor too small. Here, most of the customers knew that the boss had prepared a few burly men backstage to deal with the drunkard and undesirable guests. Therefore, no one would intentionally cause trouble here.

Although the big trouble was gone, the small conflicts basically happened every day, but as long as there was no big trouble, they would not come out again and let the customers settle it themselves. Today, Wen Zhang was in a bad mood, so he did not know if it was a blessing or a curse.

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