Evolution Crisis/C5 Bar Rescue(part I)
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Evolution Crisis/C5 Bar Rescue(part I)
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C5 Bar Rescue(part I)

Just when Wen Zhang was sitting there with his eyes closed and enjoying the wine in his glass, someone suddenly greeted him, "Sir, there are no more seats over there. Can I have a seat with you?" A clear and melodious female voice said.

There was no doubt that the bar was a place of opportunity and excitement, as men all knew.

Wen Zhang had also encountered this kind of situation before. Since there weren't enough seats, it was normal to get a seat. However, after knowing the number of the table, many people left. After that, basically no one came to find him. However, he took a quick glance to the side and found that there were actually seats at the side. He didn't know why this woman would come and find him.

Wen Zhang swallowed the wine in his mouth and didn't say anything. Perhaps he was worried that Wen Zhang wouldn't be able to understand her words due to the noisy music, but that woman moved closer and said: "Sir, it's not too convenient over there. Can I have a seat with you here?" Approaching closer, a fragrance spread to Wen Zhang's nose. It was a relatively fresh and natural smell, not the smell of inferior cosmetics.

Wen Zhang took a quick look under the dim light, it was a young white-collar lady. She wore a light black business suit with long hair, a short skirt at the bottom, and a pretty good figure. Her slender waist, round buttocks, and long legs were long and slender. Wen Zhang looked around and didn't have time to say anything.

Under the dim light, Wen Zhang's actions could not be seen. The lady looked behind her, then said in an apologetic and anxious tone, "Sorry, sorry for disturbing you. I'm just sitting here for a moment. I'll leave soon. I won't disturb you." Then, without waiting for Wen Zhang's reply, she sat down on the side with her back facing outside. It seemed like she was hiding from someone.

Wen Zhang looked up, his sharp eyes spotted a young master pushing his way through the crowd behind the lady. He knew what was going on, so it was better for him to stay at ease. He said "whatever" and closed his eyes to taste his wine again.

"Oh, it's cooked in the snow." It should be because she had smelled the aroma of the wine burning in the snow. The woman said with a bit of surprise, it seemed that they had drank before, otherwise they wouldn't have recognized this kind of rare wine.

Hearing her words, Wen Zhang was a little surprised. He had rarely seen a girl drink this wine, this wine is so strong, not just anyone can endure it. He said in doubt: "Hmm, what, have you tasted this wine before? Very few girls drink this kind of wine! "

Just as she was worrying about not having a topic to talk about, she hurriedly answered, "Yes, I've had some before. This taste is very fragrant and very special, so I remembered it immediately after smelling it today." Actually, she had only drunk this wine once in a while. At that time, she had been attracted by the fragrance and had only drunk a few glasses of it. However, she hadn't expected it to have such a strong aftereffect.

Wen Zhang replied with an "oh" as a response to her.

Miss Lan, I didn't expect to meet you here. What a coincidence!" He was a young master with famous brands all over, but his appearance was quite ordinary. His face was covered in oil and he had an arrogant expression on his face. Just by hearing this, one could tell that he was a playboy.

It was just that the light was dim, and the movement was very light, so the playboy did not notice. He thought to himself: As soon as I saw him, I hid myself, but who would have thought that I would still be surrounded by him.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. He had to deal with it for a while. He said rather awkwardly, "Young Master Li, it's such a coincidence. I didn't expect you to be here too!" This guy was the son of a big director of the company, a playboy who didn't know anything. He had been pestered by him the moment he arrived at the headquarters, hiding whenever he could. He was in a bad mood today, so he came here to relieve him. If she knew he was here, she wouldn't have come even if she was beaten to death.

He had been eyeing the beauty that he had been yearning for day and night. She was beautiful, and she also had a temperament. Normally, he wouldn't be able to catch her. He didn't expect to meet her here today. It was a rare opportunity. Seeing her in a black suit that was even more beautiful than before, he couldn't help but think that the delicious food wouldn't slip away from his mouth today. Thinking of this, he almost drooled.

He was an expert in flowers and bushes, and had long cultivated a thick skin. He sat down next to Miss Lan without asking, and his scholarly look changed the moment he opened his mouth. "It's really difficult to meet Miss Lan here today. If I knew that Miss Lan likes this place, I would have invited you here already." "First, I must congratulate Miss Lan on her promotion, and second, I must buy you a drink to celebrate our fated meeting. I've always wanted to interact with Miss Lan, but I haven't found the chance today, so I must give you some face."

If she said it out loud, then it would be too much of a lie to refuse. Refusing meant not giving them face, unless she didn't want to stay in this company anymore. While this Miss Lan was thinking of a way to escape, Young Master Li was already preparing to clear the area.

Just as he was about to order more wine, he realized that there was a third person on the table. This couldn't do, this would ruin the atmosphere. Under the dim light, Young Master Li looked carefully at Wen Zhang and found that he was also young and dressed normally. He seemed like an ordinary person, so he said to Wen Zhang, "Friend, I have something to discuss with this lady today. Can you change your position?"

Wen Zhang was a bit unhappy today, but when he heard Ye Zichen's tone, he was unhappy. No matter what, you have to be polite, and this seat was given to him first. He hasn't even sat down, so why should he give up the seat? At this moment, the music was very loud. Wen Zhang pretended that he didn't hear it and continued humming his little tune.

He saw that the other party did not react at all, and regardless of whether it was intentional or not, Young Master Li was slightly displeased. He was just about to get angry, but then he thought that this was not the time or place, so he endured it and coughed dryly and said, "Friend, give me some face, I have something to discuss with this young lady. You can change seats, and I'll pay for today's expenses." Being able to say such words, he was already giving him a lot of face. If he was in a different situation, he would have asked someone to teach this ignorant fellow a lesson a long time ago.

No matter what, it will ruin your good luck today. He also grunted, picked up his wine cup, took another sip, and was swaying back and forth again, not even bothering to pay attention to him.

Not giving her face and not turning hostile were the options, not to mention getting slapped in front of a beautiful lady. Young Master Li could not suppress his anger any longer, as his pretty face immediately turned red and turned purple. He muttered: "You are such a disgrace. "I want to …" He didn't finish the sentence. It seemed like he didn't have time to think of a good excuse and was about to stand up.

Seeing that the situation was getting out of control, although it was beneficial for him, he didn't want to implicate Wen Zhang. After all, he was the one who brought the trouble here. Thinking of this, Miss Lan stood up and said, "No need, this is my friend. He's the one who invited me here today. Let's sit together! He doesn't really like to talk, so don't mind him too much, Young Master Li! " As she said this, Miss Lan secretly glanced at Wen Zhang, sending him a pleading look, hoping that he wouldn't expose her.

He turned around and introduced to Wen Zhang, "This is our son, Mr. Li. He has a lot of money!" Although she wasn't too happy with the way Miss Lan had introduced him, as if she were an incompetent second generation ancestor. Although he was, this beauty had finally realized her worth.

Wen Zhang didn't mind helping Li Jun out. Since Wen Zhang was able to vent the anger in his heart, he stood up, slowed down his breathing and said: "Hello, I'm her friend Wen Zhang. I'm studying at Xinghai Academy now, so I want to meet with Miss Lan to discuss some personal matters!" He had lied on behalf of Miss Lan, and had also made it clear that we had something to attend to today.

She was secretly happy in her heart, but she couldn't show it on her face. She only put on a troubled expression as she looked at Li Jun and stuttered, "I'm sorry, Young Master Li. It's not convenient today, how about another day?" The lights in the bar were dim, otherwise Li Jun would have seen through the smile hidden in the depths of her eyes.

Li Jun wasn't an idiot, of course he could tell something was wrong. The relationship between Wen Zhang and Miss Lan was quite strange, Miss Lan had been hiding from him all this time, and she had only squeezed in here after seeing him. Their previous actions didn't seem like a friend, Miss Lan was probably just an excuse, and this Wen Zhang had purposely messed with him, most likely because he had taken a fancy to this piece of meat.

Thinking about this, Li Jun was furious. He had never heard of Wen Zhang's name before. What the hell is he? Not only did he mess up his plans, he even wanted to steal his beauty. I'll deal with you today. He was infuriated, but he wanted to maintain his composure in front of Miss Lan. He forced a smile and said, "It's alright, you talk." Saying that, he turned around and left reluctantly. Before leaving, he glared at Wen Zhang. He was already thinking about how to take revenge on him. Wen Zhang could clearly see the cold look in his eyes.

Seeing Wen Zhang helped her drive away the playboy, Miss Lan stretched out her delicate hand and happily said to Wen Zhang: "Mr. Wen, hello. Thank you so much for today, otherwise, I might really be in trouble! I almost forgot to introduce myself. My surname is Lan and my name is Lan Yu. "

Seeing this, Wen Zhang quickly reached out his hand and grabbed her small hand. He gently grasped it, and sure enough, her fingers were soft and smooth like a piece of soft jade, delicate and moving. Wen Zhang quickly woke up from this moving feeling. He immediately let go after grabbing her hand.

He was happy to let the playboy eat the turtle just now, and the worries in his heart lessened by quite a bit. He smiled and said to Lan Yu, "You're welcome, Miss Lan. It was just a small matter. After saying this, both of them began to laugh.

Lan Yu chuckled lightly and waved her hand. "Haha, no matter what, I have to thank you for today. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how to get rid of this blanket-like fellow. Let me buy you a drink then." Without waiting for Wen Zhang's reply, she waved her hand to call for the waiter and ordered two more glasses of wine, both of which were boiled in snow. After she relaxed, she also wanted to try this kind of wine.

The two of them drank their wine as they casually chatted.

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