Evolution Crisis/C6 Bar Rescue(last Part)
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Evolution Crisis/C6 Bar Rescue(last Part)
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C6 Bar Rescue(last Part)

Lan Yu explained her experience. Ever since graduation, she had worked at that company and worked hard for two years before finally being promoted to the main company. Who knew that the moment she arrived, she would be pestered by this playboy and couldn't offend him. Her family situation wasn't that good, and all the money she earned in the past few years had been used to subsidize her family. She hoped that her parents would be able to live a good life.

That was why the current job was of utmost importance to her. That was why she had to endure the harassment from this playboy, not wanting to lose her hard-won job, or else she would have long ago jumped off the job. After all, she could clearly distinguish between dignity and the life of her family, and that bastard had also found this point and had treated her in a soft and hard manner.

In comparison, Wen Zhang's introduction was much simpler. His parents were here, but he liked freedom, so he went out to adventure very early on. He came across a suitable opportunity, which was why he was studying in the Xinghai Academy. He had two siblings at home, enough for his parents to worry about.

Perhaps they were all wandering outside and had a common topic to discuss. They all knew each other when they were drinking, so they all drank a few cups after a while. However, it seemed like everything was normal now. Lan Yu still wanted to scream, but she was stopped by Wen Zhang. He knew the power of this wine very well. Today, she drank quite a lot, but he hadn't drunk that much in a long time.

If they didn't drink, the two of them would still chat. Wen Zhang was fine, but what he should say was fine. What he shouldn't be said was not saying a word. Lan Yu, on the other hand, couldn't take it anymore. She not only told him about her usual anecdotes and embarrassing things, but she also told him about many private things that she had not hesitated to tell him.

Lan Yu was probably drunk. Just now, she had drank quite a few cups, and it was already not easy for her not to fall down on the table. It was amazing that she was still able to chat with him.

Wen Zhang carefully looked at her eyes, and sure enough, she had a charming look in her eyes, and her eyes were no longer clear. Wen Zhang carefully looked at her eyes, and sure enough, she had a charming gaze, and her eyes were not clear, and she was a little bit off. Now, while she was still conscious, quickly send her back. Otherwise, it would be troublesome.

Wen Zhang restrained himself and said to the beauty, "Ms Yu, it's getting late. Let's go back. I'll call a taxi for you." After chatting for a while, the two became more familiar with each other, and they also started to address each other more intimately.

Lan Yu waved her hand and shook her head, saying with a bored voice, "It's fine, let's drink some more. We won't be going to work tomorrow. Ms Yu likes to chat with you. There's no pressure at all." After he finished speaking, he raised the wine cup and was about to pour it into his mouth. He didn't even notice that the wine cup was already finished.

Hearing this, Wen Zhang knew that he was drunk. This was troublesome. He said helplessly: "Ms Yu, let's go. I still have class tomorrow!"

Fortunately, she could understand Wen Zhang's words. Lan Yu mumbled under her breath, "We have lessons tomorrow? Fine, let's go back then! " After she finished speaking, she stood up shakily and was about to call for the payment when she saw that she was swaying and could not even stand straight. She even got the direction of the call wrong.

Wen Zhang had no choice but to stand up and help Lan Yu to sit down. He said, "Ms Yu, you rest for a while. I'll settle the bill." With that, he called the waiter over.

Hearing that he was going to pay the bill, Lan Yu panicked. "How can I let you pay? I'm the one who invited you!" As she spoke, she struggled to get up to pay the bill, but now that she was so drunk that her legs were weak, how could she possibly stand up and lie on the table without a care in the world?

Wen Zhang had no choice but to whisper in her ear, "It's the same if I invite you this time, but you invite me next time." With that, she called for the waiter to pay the bill. Lan Yu saw that she was about to stand up, but she couldn't get up no matter how hard she tried.

After paying the bill, Wen Zhang said to Lan Yu, "Ms Yu, let's go back!" After she finished speaking, she wanted to help Lan Yu up from the table. Lan Yu also struggled to stand up, but the alcohol had already started flowing back into her body. She felt weak all over, her limbs were weak, and although her mind was still clear, she couldn't stand up even with Wen Zhang's help.

Wen Zhang had no choice but to hold one of her arms with one hand and then put the other under Lan Yu's armpit, finally lifting her up. Although it was warm and jade-like, that natural fragrance once again filled his nose, Wen Zhang didn't have the mood to think about these things. The biggest problem was that he didn't know where Lan Yu lived, so it really wasn't easy to save a beauty.

There were quite a lot of people in the bar, so Wen Zhang helped Lan Yu out with great difficulty. A few guys saw that a pretty girl was drunk and wanted to lean over to take advantage of her, but they were cleverly stopped by Wen Zhang and didn't want to cause any trouble.

After walking for only a few steps, Wen Zhang saw a few strong men walking towards him. They were staring at Lan Yu, and although they tried their best to pretend nothing happened, Wen Zhang had a hunch that they were coming for him. Sure enough, when he looked over, he saw the playboy secretly staring at them in a nearby shop. It seemed like he had sent these guys.

Wen Zhang felt helpless. Although he wasn't afraid of these guys, he didn't have a third way to deal with them with Lan Yu in his arms.

Just as he was getting anxious, a voice came from behind him: "Mr. Wen, there's a taxi." He turned around and saw that it was the waiter from the bar. Seeing that he brought a drunk person with him, it might be inconvenient for him, so he followed him out and stopped a car for him.

Wen Zhang quickly said to him, "Okay, help me get her there!" After saying that, the two people carried Lan Yu and quickly walked over. Seeing that they were about to get on the car, the other men followed up. It seemed that their target was definitely them. When the waiter saw the fellows who harbored ill intentions, he also quickened his pace.

Just as he helped Lan Yu into the car and was about to follow her, a burly man came up and put his hand on Wen Zhang's shoulder. He said in a loud voice, "Brat, someone is looking for you. Come with us!" While they were talking, a few of them came up and surrounded him.

When the waiter saw that someone was looking for trouble with Wen Zhang, he signaled Wen Zhang with his eyes. Should he help? After all, Wen Zhang was the boss's friend.

Wen Zhang shook his head slightly, signaling that he didn't need to. He turned around and said to the big bloke who grabbed his shoulder, "Who wants to see me? Tell him to come over himself, I don't have time to waste." After saying that, he turned around to get on the car.

"Brat, don't refuse a toast and eat a forfeit. You don't care about face if I give you face!" After saying that, he pulled Wen Zhang's body, clenched his other hand into a fist and punched Wen Zhang in the face. They came to beat Wen Zhang up, so it didn't matter if there was an excuse or not.

However, his fist didn't even touch Wen Zhang's face, but was intercepted by Wen Zhang. Wen Zhang opened up his palm and pressed down with force his huge fist, the huge pain forced the big guy to hold his wrist with his other hand, his body gradually bent, and finally he kneeled on the ground. This scene stunned everyone, no one expected Wen Zhang to be so powerful.

Hearing the kneeling burly man's pained cries, the surrounding people finally understood. They knew that if they came across a tough opponent, they would all pounce on him. It seemed like they knew that a one-on-one fight was not an option, so they decided to gang up on him. It was already very late and there weren't many people on the road. Even if someone saw these big guys, they might not dare to come up. Meanwhile, the waiters at the bar had secretly run back to get reinforcements.

Seeing that several people were about to pounce on him, Wen Zhang threw the guy who knelt in front of him away. God knows how much strength it took to throw such a grown man away and even beat a guy who pounced on them. This move was beyond everyone's expectation.

Taking advantage of the moment when everyone was in a daze, Wen Zhang quickly beat them up to the ground. He had already secretly activated his own ability, his strength was not something they could handle alone, and with one strike, all of them were lying on the ground. The intense pain caused all of them to curl up on the ground, unable to move at all, they could only let out low moans. In that split-second, Wen Zhang had retracted his ability. No one could see his slight beast-like features, including the driver of the taxi that was just inches away from him.

He patted his hands as if he was patting away a few flies. Wen Zhang glanced at the playboy's location, which made him tremble with fear. He then got into the car and told the driver to drive, leaving behind a mess.

The few burly men were helping each other as they struggled to get up from the ground with painful expressions. Wen Zhang, on the other hand, left quickly in the car. He didn't know how Wen Zhang dealt with these guys, but no one would tell him.

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