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C7 Zoonosis


As soon as Wen Zhang got in the car, the driver turned around and gave him a thumbs up. "Good job, young man!" These people relied on their power to bully others all day long. Today, they had finally learned their lesson. Let's see if they would dare to bully others in the future. Where are you going? " Though in a state of excitement, he had not forgotten his job.

He didn't know where Lan Yu lived, but he couldn't say that to the driver, so he could only smile and say, "Master, you should go to the front first. I'll ask a bit before I tell you."

Hearing this strange answer, the middle-aged driver silently smiled and said, "Well, you think about it and tell me quickly. Even if I'm running around, I still need to collect money. You'd better hurry!" The driver was quiet for a while before slowly starting to move along the car.

Lan Yu was not in the mood to listen to the driver's humor. Just now, she had been blown by the cool wind outside. Hearing her voice, Wen Zhang immediately grabbed his arm and shook it to wake her up. He said to her: "Ms Yu, wake up, tell me, where are you staying, I'll send you back."

However, Lan Yu didn't react at all to his words. He had no choice but to shake her with both of his hands from the side. He also needed to use more strength, so he could only hope that she would wake up.

Unfortunately, things went against her wishes. Lan Yu spoke in her sleep, but what she said was, "Don't disturb me, I'm so sleepy, let me sleep." She waved her hand, as if trying to chase away a fly, and coincidentally touched Wen Zhang. She put both of her hands on his neck, as if she was hugging him, and then leaned her whole body against him.

It was over, now she really had fallen asleep. Wen Zhang knew people who were drunk wouldn't wake up easily, but he still held onto a glimmer of hope as he yelled into Lan Yu's ears, "Ms Yu, wake up, wake up quickly!" But only Lan Yu's soft voice replied him, and a sweet smell of alcohol wafted up from his nose. There was no other reaction, and it could be seen from the dim light that came in from outside the car, that her beautiful face had a smile of satisfaction.

Although Wen Zhang had a lot of ways to deal with those hoodlums, he didn't have any plans to deal with the drunk Lan Yu at all.

"Young man, you don't need to call me. It seems like your girlfriend is drunk, and you can't wake her up, so just send her back, or else I'll send her to you. Besides, drunk people need someone to take care of them, where do you live?" The driver said with a smile.

In the eyes of the driver, they were a pair of young lovers, a slightly slovenly youth, a young girl, a typical city lover. He had seen a lot of these drunk young men and women wandering the streets of the city.

There was no other way. It seemed like he could only take her to his place. Luckily, he rented a house outside. If she lived here, it would be troublesome.

The academy's management of the students' logistics was very lax. It provided dorms, but also allowed students to rent their own homes outside the school. Of course, if there were any problems, they would have to take responsibility for them.

Wen Zhang didn't want to be restricted by those rules, so he immediately rented a room outside. If it was a few years ago, he would have gone to a hotel for sure, but that would have been dangerous.

Gently moving to let Lan Yu's head rest better on her shoulder so that she could sleep more comfortably, she gave her address to the driver, 123 Starlight Road.

The driver went straight to his destination without asking any further questions. He even chatted with Wen Zhang, "Lad, you're still a student right? You already have a girlfriend so soon. Young people nowadays are really awesome. We started making friends so early." It seemed like this uncle was also an open-minded person, and his speech was also very humorous.

"No, she's not my girlfriend, she's my sister. By the way, Uncle, how did you know I'm a student? " Wen Zhang explained and then raised his own question.

"Oh, there are many students living there. You know we don't have much here, but there are many students here and after a while, our eyesight has been tempered. I think your age is about the same, and you also live there. "Uncle, I was also a university student back then, but I didn't finish my book. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come out to drive." The driver seemed to be very talkative, talking nonstop, regardless of whether Wen Zhang responded or not.

Wen Zhang started to chat with this warm-hearted driver. After a while, he also fell asleep in a daze. He drank a lot tonight too, and now his alcohol was back to normal.

When he looked back, he saw that the two of them had already fallen asleep. He smiled and stopped talking, quietly driving. Luckily, there weren't many people on the road at night, so he rarely pressed his horn.

"Hey, young man, wake up. We're here." The driver stopped the car and pushed Wen Zhang back.

At least he was quite alert. Although he was a bit drunk, the moment the driver touched him, he woke up. He looked up and saw that they had arrived at a place where Lan Yu was still sleeping.

He pulled Lan Yu and wandered around a few times, wanting to wake her up. Otherwise, how could he enter the house?! He did not dare to hug her, not because he could not, but because he did not dare to. Most of the people living nearby were students, and if someone familiar saw him, then he would not be able to wash himself even if he jumped into the Yellow River!

In the end, Wen Zhang had no choice but to learn how to leave the bar, one hand holding the other as he led him towards his own room. With this shake, he was able to taste that warm and jade-like embrace again.

Although there was a lot of alcohol smell, Wen Zhang's sensitive nose could still clearly smell the refreshing and natural fragrance that came from Lan Yu. It was a kind of natural pure feeling, and it seemed like as she said, she rarely used cosmetics.

What was even worse was that Lan Yu's body kept on leaning towards him, like a boneless snake, leaning on Wen Zhang. She couldn't even stand up by herself, and with every step Wen Zhang took, Lan Yu's body would sway against his body. Her boneless body kept on rubbing against his body, making him feel like he was on fire, smoke was coming out of his throat.

Although it was still late at night and no one saw, Wen Zhang's face still flushed red. He felt a peculiar fire burning in his heart, and even his whole body had a strange reaction. He thought: "This good person is really hard to be!"

Although the distance was not far, Wen Zhang felt that he had walked one of the longest and most difficult paths. When he arrived at his house, Wen Zhang felt that his head was covered in sweat. This was quite a strange feeling.

At the door, he half carried Lan Yu, and when he let go of her, he was afraid to let go, but he didn't have the third hand to open the door. After thinking for a while, Wen Zhang put Lan Yu on a stone chair on the front lawn of the house. Then, he quickly ran to the door to open it, turned on the lights, and then quickly ran to Lan Yu. Sitting on this kind of stone chair in the middle of the night was easy to catch a cold.

However, after being tossed back and forth a few times, she sat up again and was blown away by the cold wind. Lan Yu actually opened her drunk eyes drowsily, supported Wen Zhang, seemingly wanting to say something, but the moment she opened her mouth, before she could say anything, she vomited loudly. Not only did it dirty her dress, but it also splashed Wen Zhang's clothes that was supporting her. After vomiting, her legs went soft and she leaned on Wen Zhang again. This time, their clothes were completely ruined.

He couldn't go on like this. Wen Zhang's throat was starting to feel a little bitter after being stimulated by the taste. He had to go in to wash off the taste. When he thought of this, he held his breath and grabbed Lan Yu's legs. He couldn't care less about the feeling of softness or the dirty things on her body, so he carried her across his chest and went straight to the bathroom. He put Lan Yu in the bathtub and took off his dirty clothes first, preparing to help Lan Yu wash off the dirty things on her body.

But now the problem arose. How could he, a male student, do such a thing? He couldn't take off his clothes and bathe a woman. But there was nothing he could do. It was too late to get help. He couldn't just let Lan Yu sleep in her dirty clothes, especially since he called her Ms Yu. Forget it, it seems that I have no choice but to do it.

Gritting his teeth, he undid the buttons on Lan Yu's white shirt, which was stained with a lot of vomit. He couldn't wear it without washing it, and the white shirt inside his coat had been stained a little, so he had to take it off as well, but if he took it off again, he would see the meat. Wen Zhang's face was red as he undid the buttons on Lan Yu's white shirt, and beads of sweat dripped from his head. He was very clear-headed now, and prayed that she wouldn't wake up now, otherwise she would kill him immediately.

Luckily, Lan Yu was very drunk and slept very heavily. Even though it was a big move to help her take off her clothes, she still didn't wake her up. She actually knew to take off her dirty clothes with Wen Zhang, so she raised her arm obediently and scared Wen Zhang half to death.

Unbuttoning and taking off her shirt, Lan Yu's towering twin peaks immediately stood out. The pure white bra immediately entered his eyes, reflecting the brilliance of her sparkling skin, and a tempting fragrance immediately wafted out. This was the most natural temptation of a woman, not to mention the fact that Lan Yu was now drunk and had unconsciously made some small movements that were extremely tempting.

Wen Zhang didn't have much contact with this area, and when he saw this situation, he only felt a surge of hot blood rushing up, rushing straight to his brain, and he only felt a flow of hot blood slowly flowing out of his nostrils, not under his control. Wen Zhang's heart was beating rapidly, and he couldn't even suppress it, as if it was about to jump out.

Wen Zhang only felt as if Lan Yu's crystal white body was twisting in front of his eyes. The fresh and alluring fragrance was coming towards him again and again, and it was much stronger than what he had smelled before. It made him dizzy and unable to control himself.

In his daze, he did not know what he had done, but he unconsciously did something.

But if there were anyone else here and now, they would see a big pervert blaspheming a beautiful woman who was drunk. The young woman was wearing only her undergarments, and her outer garment was pulled to the side, and the man was rubbing and rubbing the girl with his hands, but there was no further movement. In this strange situation, this action continued for a long time without any further reaction from the two sides.

Suddenly, a soft "hum" came from Lan Yu's mouth, as if she couldn't bear his caress. However, when it entered his ears, it was no different than a bolt from the blue. Wen Zhang seemed to wake up all of a sudden. He shook his head, wanting to throw that hazy feeling out of his mind.

However, when he looked carefully, he found that his hands were stroking Lan Yu's sparkling white chest, the white bra was crooked, almost falling off, the snow-white pigeons were already half revealed, the last two hidden springs were almost unearthed by him, that soft touch felt like electricity quickly passed from his hands into his brain, igniting his blood vessels, accelerating his heartbeat, that feeling was something he had never experienced before.

How could it be like this? Wen Zhang was shocked and immediately retracted his hands that were not listening to him. Both of his hands seemed to still be nostalgic for that soft feeling and wanted to resist the command from his brain. What was going on? What had happened to the self-control that he was so proud of? What had that bit of alcohol done to him? He had long since woken up, but why was he still unable to control his own consciousness and actions?

Wen Zhang felt that his blood was surging and he couldn't control his limbs. There seemed to be a vigorous energy gathering and flowing in his body. Could it be that the time had come again? He did not dare to continue thinking about it. He could not continue like this, he had to find a secluded place to resolve this problem.

Looking back at Lan Yu's pink skin, Wen Zhang thought he had to solve the big problem in front of him first. Otherwise, when Lan Yu woke up tomorrow, she would not be able to cause a ruckus, and seeing that he wasn't here, she wouldn't even think that he was running away from the consequences of his crime. Furthermore, he couldn't let her just lie there like that.

He calmed himself down. The calmness he had developed over such a long period of time had helped him a lot. He returned to his calm state of mind with great difficulty. The state of mind that he had trained with was not something that could be easily changed.

Wen Zhang took off the black skirt and tidied up the underwear that was tilted by him, as if the sparkling and translucent skin, the pure white skin and the mysterious area under its cover had lost its allure. It was as if he was doing a normal thing, his alluring and lovely body became like a mummy, completely unattractive to her.

He quickly helped Lan Yu clean her body, then carried her to his bedroom, where he slept on his bed. Although he looked a little messy, his bedroom was not messy at all. After tucking her in, he left a note to the effect that she was drunk and her clothes were dirty, so he brought her back, took off her dirty clothes, and left her in a hurry. When she left, all she had to do was to help him close the door.

It could be said that his life was at stake. Although it was a bit exaggerated, but it was about time for Wen Zhang to reach the Adept level. His body was a little unstable, and if he couldn't handle it well, he might actually die.

His parents were both espers with special abilities. His father was a rare spirit warrior, and as his spirit power was very developed, this kind of person was basically a genius. As a result, he became a mad scientist, and his mother was a beast warrior, Wen Zhang was their first child.

However, when Wen Zhang was born, no matter how much Wen Zhang examined, he couldn't find any foreign genes. Basically, it could be said that this child wasn't a Power User, which made his parents and his parents' seniors suffer a huge blow. They were proud to have these special abilities, but the children they gave birth to were actually ordinary people.

Therefore, they crazily used all kinds of methods to test the child. The child was on the verge of death due to them, but of course, Wen Zhang didn't know about any of these things. In the end, when the couple saw that their efforts were in vain, they used their final trump card.

After the energy exploded, the most important thing in the brain, the part of the brain where the mutated energy was located, fell in front of him. Even though it was damaged from the explosion, a large portion of it was still preserved, recognized by him and hidden away.

When Wen Zhang's father was researching the Origin Stone, his mother found out. She also found out about the secret, but she didn't say it out. She just didn't allow him to study it again. Unexpectedly, they wanted to use it on their children, and they did, and then went on a crazy test, but they still couldn't find anything, so they gave up.

Wen Zhang had always been a little stiff when he was growing up, and had been discriminated against ever since he had a younger brother and sister. This was because his younger brother and sister had been born with the genes for alienation, and they had all displayed their abilities as adepts early on. Furthermore, they had inherited the high-level genes from their parents, causing his younger brother and sister to look down on their older brother and sister.

Until Wen Zhang was 13 years old, he had occasionally found the whole story in his father's secret experimental record. This was the habit of scientists, recording was an indispensable part of their lives. So when he was fourteen, he opened a house and went out for a walk.

However, he did not expect that his ability would awaken at the age of 16, and furthermore, it went through its first evolution. However, unlike his parents and siblings, it did not have the same single ability, but displayed a complex composite ability. Living in such an environment, even if he did not eat pork, he had still seen pigs walk.

The second upgrade was at the age of nineteen. After helping Hei Ying defeat the invaders and devouring the energy in their minds, it triggered his second one. It was an unforgettable experience for him.

In the last two years he'd been trying to remember his progress. The first time was because his mind had been greatly stimulated, and the second time was because he'd absorbed an external source of energy. He discovered that the energy inside his body wasn't stable, unlike that of a normal Adept.

In fact, he had guessed it right. Due to the stimulation from the energy explosion before the Spirit Devouring died and the incomplete information from the Wisdom Origin Stone in his brain, the huge amount of energy contained within was unstable, however, he was still very young when he was modifying the energy, so the energy was very weak. This energy had been hiding around him the entire time, faintly suppressing the development of his own mutated energy.

However, due to the fact that his energy was lacking compared to the tremendous amount of energy left behind by the Devouring Spirit Beast, he was unable to control the energy in his body when he advanced. The two breakthroughs were like walking a tightrope, wandering on the edge of danger.

Unexpectedly, he drank too much today and was stimulated by Lan Yu. His spirit was unstable and it triggered energy fluctuations. It seemed that the third breakthrough was about to begin. He had to find a secluded place to survive this crisis. If he were a brute here, someone would probably catch him later (which would show some special features during evolution), and he would have found this place long ago.

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