Evolution Crisis/C8 Evolutionary Crisis(part I)
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Evolution Crisis/C8 Evolutionary Crisis(part I)
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C8 Evolutionary Crisis(part I)

Fortunately, he had his previous two experiences and knew that he needed to find a secluded place to complete this evolution. The first time he came to this place, he was already prepared. After deciding to study here, he carefully investigated the surroundings and finally found a hidden cave on a cliff near the Star Gazing Mountain.

He went back to investigate a few times later, in the dead of night, in the hope that no one would enter that dangerous place, and that the cave wasn't very deep, he found out that there were traces of humans there, only some bird droppings and so on. At that time, he had cleaned the cave, and when he came out, he even pulled some ancient vines from the side to hang on the cave entrance, hoping that it would be more hidden, and not let the birds enter as it pleased, because it wouldn't be safe to have another bird by its side when it evolved.

He would rather let Lan Yu think that he had shyly escaped rather than let her think that he had gone missing. It would be best if he could inform Sima Wenloong about the matter through Lan Yu, so that even if he was temporarily out of contact with him, Sima Wenloong would deal with his situation at school and avoid having to go missing that would cause a storm in the city. By doing so, he could be considered to be considerate.

However, things had already come to a head. There was only so much to consider. It was better to hurry to the Star Observation Mountain. After all, it would still take some time to get there. Wen Zhang packed his things, picked up the things he had prepared beforehand and quickly left the house.

It was already the middle of the night. It was not easy to find a car in a place like this. Even if he had a car, he wouldn't dare to find one. Besides, who would dare to take him to that sort of place at this time? Even if the sun were to appear, it wouldn't be a good time for them to take a look.

He could only feel a warm energy surge through his body in an instant. His hands and feet seemed to be filled with energy, and even without looking in the mirror, he knew that if he activated the energy in his body, his body would definitely have some beast transformation characteristics. Generally speaking, the more power he used, the more obvious it was.

However, according to his own observation and understanding, with the continuous upgrading of his level, he could gradually increase the control of his beast transformation energy. According to his own observation and understanding, with the continuous upgrading of his level, he could gradually enhance the control of his beast transformation energy.

He jumped onto the roof and, without any effort, identified the direction, headed straight towards the Star Observation Mountain. Luckily, it was already the middle of the night, otherwise, they would be scared to death. It had been 150 years since the end of the World Exterminating War, so many years since a superpower had appeared in front of ordinary people. And those who had these special abilities all chose to hide their identities, who wouldn't want to live a life of freedom!

Fortunately, the new academy was built in the outskirts of the city, not far from the Star Observation Mountain. With his speed, he arrived at the foot of the mountain in a short period of time. Although he met a few scattered people along the way, there were still a lot of drunkards wandering around the city at this time, so no one found him.

Avoiding the specialized road to the top of the mountain, Wen Zhang chose the bumpy places to walk. This little problem didn't matter to him. Although some small animals were also awakened in the middle, under the suppression of his strong beast transformation aura, there wasn't too much noise. It had to be known that this was a tourist attraction, if a slightly stronger guy wasn't killed, he would be locked in a cage for tourists to see, saving him a lot of trouble.

After about an hour, Wen Zhang finally arrived at the top of the Star Observation Mountain. Although he had only used a small portion of his power in the last hour, he had focused most of his energy on suppressing his energy fluctuations. However, at this moment, he felt as if his body was boiling, as if there was a fire burning inside his body. However, at this moment, he felt as if his body was boiling, as if there was an abnormal swelling.

Although it was deep in the night, the stars in the sky were dim, and the mountain peak was shrouded in mist, but under the faint light, Wen Zhang could clearly distinguish the direction and the things on the mountain. He took a quick look and figured out the approximate location of the cave. He tightened the small bundle on his body and jumped down. If someone found out, they wouldn't be surprised. Most likely, they would think of him as a suicidal martyr.

Ever since the establishment of the academy, there had been countless relationships between men and women, as well as countless people who had drifted away from each other. Many people who had been disappointed chose the path of jumping off a cliff, and there were even quite a few couples who jumped together and died together. With the accumulation of time, countless corpses filled the bottom of the cliff. It turned out that the name of Star Gazing Cliff had gradually been changed to Martyrs' Cliff.

For this reason, the elders of the academy had specially placed stone carvings at the cliff edge to advise those men and women not to lose their lives because of a moment of impulse. Whether it was effective or not, they did not know, but the reputation of the cliff of martyrdom had turned into a huge sight on the Star Observation Mountain, with many infatuated men and women vowing to bear witness to their love.

With previous experience, this time Wen Zhang was much calmer after jumping down. Although his body was rapidly descending, he still grabbed onto the ancient vine hanging on the edge of the cliff. Although he slid down, he still firmly held onto it. After making some rough calculations, Wen Zhang finally found the cave. The ancient vines that were originally hung at the entrance of the cave as camouflage were entangled and reproducing so much that they almost covered the entire cave entrance. If it wasn't too obvious, it might not be easy to find.

The entrance of the cave was completely blocked off. This made Wen Zhang happy instead of worried, and only this way would he be safer. Wen Zhang opened a small crack and went in. He turned on the emergency light that he had prepared. In such a place where not even a little light could penetrate, even with his eyesight, he could not see clearly what was inside the hole.

Perhaps it was because it was sealed shut, but other than some bird droppings that had already dried up at some unknown time, there was nothing else in the cave. Feeling that he had reached his limit, Wen Zhang quickly sealed the opening again. He quickly sat down and took a breath.

The moment he breathed in and out, he felt an uncontrollable surge of energy coursing through his body. It was like a spark that could set the prairie ablaze. Once ignited, it would immediately spread throughout his body, causing Wen Zhang to lose control of most of the energy in his body and could only slowly guide it.

Not long after he sat down, Wen Zhang felt his blood boiling and his blood expanding. Powerful energy flowed through his body along with his blood, as if fiery red lava was rolling around in his body. At the beginning, he could clearly feel that wherever the hot blood passed by, his blood vessels were rapidly expanding. It was so big that it seemed as if it would explode at any moment, but at the same time, it was tenaciously holding on.

What he couldn't see was that there was a layer of light blue energy surrounding the blood vessels, trying to prevent it from collapsing, because once it collapsed, it would very likely cause the advancement to fail, and if it became serious, it would be possible for the blood vessels to collapse due to the explosion of energy. So during the evolution process, it was best to have an expert guarding it from the side.

Most people's evolution would have signs of energy fluctuation. The energy fluctuation would only evolve after a week or so, giving them enough time to prepare for it. How could a person's evolution be as fast as a sign? In fact, this was mainly caused by the parasitism of the beast spirit. The energy was first suppressed and then absorbed in a flash. It would be strange if the energy in his body was stable!

Actually, Wen Zhang had been paying attention to his condition ever since he advanced two times, so he didn't want to get too excited. Unexpectedly, under the stimulation from Lan Yu's mother, his strong mental fluctuations were triggered and finally had this third evolution.

As most people's power comes from training, they could control the energy within their own body well. Even if they had accumulated more energy during the evolution, they could still control it with difficulty. Once they lost control of the energy within their body, they would be left to fate; the chances of success were extremely low.

This caused many people to be stuck in a dilemma when facing evolution. The amount of energy they had accumulated was not enough to support the success of evolution, and with so much energy accumulated, it was very dangerous to not be able to control it during evolution. The energy that exploded in Wen Zhang's body was not under his control at all. He was truly blessed to be able to survive the previous two rounds of evolution. However, he did not know whether his luck would continue to improve like this.

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