Evolution Crisis/C9 Evolutionary Crisis(last Part)
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Evolution Crisis/C9 Evolutionary Crisis(last Part)
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C9 Evolutionary Crisis(last Part)

Fortunately, he had experienced the previous two breakthroughs on his own, and he realized that most of the evolution was just a process of accumulating energy for qualitative change and for transformation of the body. If he could control this energy, then it would undoubtedly be very easy to succeed, but how many people could completely use this kind of berserk energy, so the degree of energy utilization was different, and the effect of evolution was also different.

In addition to using his own strength to control the energy, the spiritual energy had an unexpected effect on guiding the energy. Although the berserk energy in his body was no longer under his control, he still inherited his father's ability to mutate. The training of the spiritual energy was more troublesome, but the training of the spiritual energy was relatively easier, and there were many unexpected pleasures to it.

If an esper saw this scene with their own eyes, they would notice that Wen Zhang's body was covered in a layer of blue light, which seemed to be moving around with the white energy dragon. However, Wen Zhang's situation was quite complicated, and he had special composite abilities, which was something that was rarely seen in soldiers with a single ability. If Wen Zhang was found out, he would have dissected him a long time ago.

The higher the number of times Wen Zhang advanced, the more violent the surge of energy would be. Adding to the special situation in Wen Zhang's body, the huge amount of energy in his body had long since exceeded the scope of his control, and with regards to guiding such a huge amount of energy, he simply could not sustain that bit of spiritual energy for very long. After an unknown amount of time, his spiritual energy finally ran out.

However, it was rare for Lan Yu to get a good night's sleep while she was drunk. She slept for seven to eight hours before she finally woke up with a dry mouth. He opened his beautiful eyes and stretched his jade-like arm outside. Then, the blanket fell off her body, revealing her beautiful figure. Only then did he feel that there was something wrong with his body.

"AHH!" "Lan Yu finally realized that this wasn't her bedroom. She wasn't sleeping on her own bed, and the simple decorations and simple male features, especially the pair of male slippers, made her almost certain that it was a man's bedroom. When it came to her half-naked body, her first thought was that she wasn't eaten by that playboy.

"Ah …" It was really hard to tell that a quiet girl like her screaming voice wasn't any worse than others. Luckily, the soundproofing effect of the house was quite good, otherwise the neighbors would have thought that there was some kind of murder. They would have already called the police.

Lan Yu realized that under her miserable wails, there was no sound at all from inside the house, not a single reaction. Lan Yu had been wandering away from home for many years, and she had encountered many situations, and after experiencing many trials and tribulations, she immediately calmed down and started to think about the sequence of events.

He didn't have any money left, so he just went to the bar to drink. He didn't know that he met that playboy Li Jun, but luckily, a boy called Wen Zhang helped her drive that guy away, and then they continued to chat. Afterwards, it seemed that he was drunk, and then he didn't know anything anymore, so it seemed like that guy brought her back.

Thinking about this, Lan Yu finally picked up on this matter. It seemed like this was Wen Zhang's house. It couldn't be seen that the house was very tidy, it didn't even look like a boy's bedroom. It was too clean.

With this thought, she had the time to come back and think about her own problem. It was Wen Zhang who brought her back, and since she was only wearing a set of skintight underwear, she probably took it off by him as well. If she felt it carefully, her body didn't feel anything special, and it seemed to be perfectly fine, which made her feel a lot more at ease.

Thinking about this, she blushed. Although she wasn't young and had had one or two boyfriends, she was still a pure and innocent person. At least she had never been touched by a man, but those boyfriends of hers had never touched her before.

A certain male senior once said: If a woman was drunk in front of you, what did you do, that woman would give you a slap and fall in love with you, and if you didn't do anything, that woman would. I love you more.

"Wen Zhang, Wen Zhang …" She screamed a few times, wanting him to get her some clothes. How could she see him like this, there was no response from the house, it seemed there was really no one inside. Of course, if there was someone screaming earlier, she would have appeared.

It was rare for him to get up so relaxed. Seeing that work time was over, he decided not to go today. He called the company to inform them of his leave and jumped on Wen Zhang's bed. Perhaps he had vented it yesterday, but his mood today was exceptionally good.

Lan Yu rolled around on the bed a few more times before finally getting up, and started to check her surroundings carefully. Soon, she found Wen Zhang's message on the desk and found out the ins and outs of the situation. It seemed that she had really forgotten about it yesterday.

Since there was no one in the room, there was no need to look for a pair of pants. The shirt was big enough to cover most of her body, so Lan Yu walked around the room barefoot. The floor was also very clean, unlike a normal guy's style.

While Lan Yu was walking around the room, her phone suddenly rang. Lan Yu thought it was Wen Zhang, so she quickly ran over to answer it.

As soon as Lan Yu answered the phone, she impatiently asked without waiting for the other side to speak, "Hello, is this Wen Zhang?"

"Of course... It was Sima Wenloong on the other side, and he called to ask why Wen Zhang didn't come to class. This was also the first time he saw Wen Zhang, but unexpectedly, it was a girl who picked up the phone and made friends for two years. He didn't know that Wen Zhang had a girlfriend here, but she obviously knew about Wen Zhang.

Both of them were a little surprised. There was a short silence on the phone, and no one knew what to say.

Sima Wenloong was the first to react. He politely said, "Hello, I'm Wen Zhang's classmate. My surname is Si. Wen Zhang didn't come to class today. Isn't he home?" Although he knew that Wen Zhang wasn't at home, Sima Wenloong still asked.

"He's not at home. I haven't seen him since this morning. Is there anything you need from him?" Actually, Lan Yu had only just woken up. However, she was too embarrassed to answer him like that.

"Oh, then if he comes back, please tell him that another student named Sima is looking for him, and he'll know." Sima Wenloong said.

"Okay, I'll tell him as soon as he comes back." Lan Yu made a note of this matter in the notebook beside the phone.

"Alright then, thank you so much. Goodbye!" Although Sima Wenloong was filled with curiosity at the moment, he still couldn't ask. Such a fresh and melodious voice must be a pretty good girl, but he knew all the girls Wen Zhang knew, but he had never heard of this voice before, and according to her, she was still staying at Wen Zhang's place last night. As far as he knew, Wen Zhang only had a single bed with him, so he should just ask Wen Zhang this question.

"Ok, bye." Lan Yu also hung up the phone.

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