Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C1 Do Not Allow Animal to Roam
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C1 Do Not Allow Animal to Roam
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C1 Do Not Allow Animal to Roam

In the autumn of October, Thames Town's St. Paul's Cathedral was full of guests.

At ten o'clock in the morning, dozens of Rolls-Royce cars drove by, and finally they saw the yellow Bugateville covered with flowers and balloons.

After the groom alighted, he walked gracefully to the other side, opened the door and picked up the bride with the princess' arm and walked towards the wedding.

The bride was holding a bouquet of flowers in her arms, her other hand on the groom's neck, a happy smile on her face.

"The bride and groom are here …" Someone shouted, and immediately someone scattered flowers. The groom put the bride down and took her hand as they walked up the red carpet.

Bai Yunshu was panting heavily as she rushed to the door of the church. As she was entering, she was stopped by two men. "Miss, you can't enter!"

"I'm here for the wedding!"

"I'm sorry, but you can't go in! Boss Jin said that no animals are allowed to come and go today! "

Bai Yunshu felt as if a thorn was stuck in her throat when she heard that person's words. She couldn't swallow or spit it out.

She knew that Jin Chenyang hated her, but she didn't expect him to be this disgusted.

Beast! What a beast!

She took a deep breath and tried her best to calm herself down. Her legal husband was publicly marrying his sister while her legal wife was stopped outside!

He really was ruthless!

She didn't have much time to waste here, so she anxiously looked inside before quickly turning around and leaving.

There was a large artificial pond on the east side of St. Paul's Cathedral. There was a door facing the pond. She quickly walked over and waded into the corner, not caring that the water in the pond was cold.

She had just entered the church and was not yet out of the door when she heard someone talking, and she stopped.

"I wonder where that b * stard Bai Yunshu went. She won't come back later to disrupt the wedding, will she?"

"Hubby, I told you to send someone to take care of her, how is it? He actually ran away! If she knew we were going to let Duoduo take her place for the wedding, wouldn't she cause a ruckus? "

"What can she do? "Young Master Jin likes Yun but doesn't like her. Otherwise, why would he send her to a mental hospital?"

In lieu of a wedding?

Deliberately sent to a mental hospital?

Bai Yunshu's entire body was trembling. Her heart was ice-cold. Her lips were trembling, but she was unable to say anything.

Her husband and her real father had joined hands and locked her up in a mental hospital so she could marry her own sister!

"Y-Yunshu …" Bai Motong caught a glimpse of Bai Yunshu's figure and quickly shouted out.

Yu Hongyu's forehead twitched. What was there to be afraid of? She turned around and saw Bai Yunshu. She immediately jumped up to hit her.

"Bai Yunshu, you jinx, what are you doing here?"

"Red Jade, stop messing around. Today is the wedding day!" Bai Motong was quick to react. He quickly pulled her back and whispered to her. She glared at Bai Yunshu a few times and was finally unwilling to give up!

Bai Yunshu looked at the person in front of her coldly. Her heart was filled with grief for her dead mother. Back then, when Yu Hongyu brought Bai Yunduo with her to the house to show off her big belly, she had committed suicide out of anger.

She thought her death would keep the pair of them living a life of remorse. But she had never thought that they would be together in broad daylight before her corpse turned cold, leaving her to live in despair.

Her mother's death had not avenged anyone. Instead, it had made her a motherless child, a little grass that everyone could trample on.

The so-called 'loved ones hurt their enemies quickly', that was all!

When the wedding march started, Bai Yunshu immediately breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't have much time to waste on people who weren't important. She glared at the two of them and hastily ran towards the wedding venue.

Inside the church, the priest was standing on the altar, holding a Bible in his hand, solemnly inquiring about the wishes of his marriage partner.

"Mr. Jin Chenyang, are you willing to marry Miss Bai Yunduo? "Do you love her all your life, regardless of how poor or rich you are, sick or healthy, and never leave her for the rest of your life?"


"Miss Bai Yunduo, are you willing to accept Mr. Jin Chenyang as your husband? To love him all one's life, regardless of whether one is poor or rich, sick or healthy, and never leave him for the rest of his life? "

"I don't agree!" Before Bai Yunduo could say yes, Bai Yunshu had already reached the door, followed by Bai Motong and Yu Hongyu, but they couldn't stop her from talking.

"What's going on?"

"What's going on?"

The guests were stunned by this sudden turn of events. One by one, they looked towards the uninvited guest. Among them, many of them were taking pleasure in the misfortune of the woman whom they loved but could not love.

When Jin Chenyang heard Bai Yunshu's voice, his face instantly turned pitch black as if it was covered by dark clouds before the rain.

Bai Yunshu was torn apart by Bai Motong and Yu Hongyu as she stood on the red carpet that represented her happiness in a sorry state.

The husband who should have been with her was now holding her sister's hand and standing happily at the other end of the red carpet.

"Chenyang, are you not willing to listen to my explanation? I'm your wife! "That's not what you think …"

"Explanation? Bai Yunshu, what else do you have to explain? Don't forget that I saw it with my own eyes! " When Jin Chenyang heard Bai Yunshu's words, the aura on his body dropped a few degrees.

Bai Yunshu's hopeful eyes instantly dimmed. What did he see with his own eyes?

His grandmother had fallen down the stairs and was still unconscious. She was the only suspect present. When his grandmother fell, he was home, and she still has the reputation of being a criminal suspect.

Yu Hongyu was the first to react as she shouted to everyone, "Everyone continue, everyone continue! There's something wrong with her head. She just ran out of the mental hospital and the wedding continues …"

"You're the one with a screw loose!" Bai Yunshu broke free from Yu Hongyu and Bai Motong's imprisonment and shouted at her.

Bai Yunduo was stunned for a few seconds as she ran over with her wedding dress. Everyone was ready to watch the flame war, but she ran in front of Bai Yunshu and asked with concern, "Sis, are you cured?"

"Bai Yunduo, don't pretend to be good to me! Don't you know if I'm sick? Are you even human? You actually treat me like this? " Bai Yunshu pushed Bai Yunduo's hand away from her shoulder. Bai Yunduo suddenly fell backwards and fell onto her butt.

A tinge of grievance appeared in her eyes. Her large eyes were brimming with tears as she looked at Bai Yunshu with an extremely innocent and innocent expression.

Bai Yunshu looked at Bai Yunduo's face, which was very similar to hers. She forcefully suppressed her impulse and went forward to tear off Bai Yunduo's skin!

She wanted to see what kind of face was hidden under her skin and how much effort she put in. She was not unaware that Bai Yunlai's white lotus would not forget to scheme against her even under such circumstances.

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