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C10 Why?

"I'm being excessive? "Jin Chenyang, pat your own chest and ask yourself, who is the one who is going overboard!" Bai Yunshu's finger almost touched Jin Chenyang's chest.

Jin Chenyang's face was dark and he didn't say anything.

"Sis, it was clearly you who interrupted us. Why did you do this? Is it to make me sad that you want to break us apart? "Sob, sob, sob …" Bai Yunduo cried once again. The flames on Bai Yunshu's head burned brighter and brighter.

When Jin Chenyang heard Bai Yunduo's words, he suddenly remembered the conversation he had with Bai Yunshu when he went back to the hospital.

This woman was a scheming woman!

"I'll break you guys up? I'm so f * cking full that I f * cking spent my whole life trying to make you sick? Are you thinking too highly of yourself? "

"Then why did you marry Chenyang? "Do you really not love Chenyang at all?" Bai Yunduo covered her mouth as if she had discovered some incredible secret.

Jin Chenyang also looked at Bai Yunshu. He also wanted to know if this woman had really loved him.

When Bai Yunshu heard the word love, she sneered and said, "Love, the Bai Yunshu who once loved Jin Chenyang has already been buried by his hands!"

When Jin Chenyang heard her words, his tensed heart suddenly relaxed. However, in the next second, he was once again set ablaze with anger.

"Sis, you love Chenyang, why are you still sleeping with another man? "Why were you deceived by Chenyang?"

Bai Yunshu's face stiffened, and Jin Chenyang felt a green light shining on his head. He knew better than anyone else that he had not touched Bai Yunshu before, this was the first time he held his breath!

"Who am I supposed to be with! "None of your business. I'm just a thousand, ten thousand, and Jin Chenyang's legitimate wife. And you, are still a shameful mistress!"

Bai Yunduo felt the pain in her heart. With a pale face, she pointed at Bai Yunshu and said, "You … you're shameless!"

"Pui!" Just who is shameless? " Bai Yunshu took a deep breath at Bai Yunduo. Jin Chenyang couldn't stand it any longer, so he slapped her on the face.

Bai Yunshu was slapped twice. She covered her face and pointed at them. "One day, I, Bai Yunshu, will laugh and see all of you cry!"

Bai Yunshu ran out the door as she spoke.

Jin Chenyang held his hand slightly and pursed his lips without saying anything.

"Boom!" The sky was filled with thunder, and in less than five minutes, a strong wind blew. Heavy rain poured down from the sky, and the windows were instantly covered by mist.

Rain was pouring on the window. Jiang Tianbai stood in front of the French window and watched the tall and low buildings in the distance become silent in the wind and rain.

After a long while, Xu Rufeng knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

"Boss Jiang, I just confirmed that Miss Bai hasn't gone back yet."

"He hasn't gone back yet?" Jiang Tianbai frowned. He raised the Jiang Shi Dan on his wrist. It was already afternoon and she still hadn't returned.

"Boss Jiang, do you want to send someone to take a look?"

Jiang Tianbai put his hands down and put them in his pockets. He turned around and looked out the window. It was raining heavily outside. She shouldn't be so stupid as to get caught in the rain, right?

"No need! You'll help me push it off in the afternoon! "

"Boss Jiang, this afternoon is a summit discussion, this …" Xu Rufeng was in a bit of a dilemma. This meeting was so important that many foreign entrepreneurs would come to S City to participate, but he actually didn't want to go!

Jiang Tianbai looked at the watch on his wrist again and said, "I'll try my best to come back!"

He picked up his clothes and walked out.

The weather had turned cold at the end of October, but such a heavy rain this season was rare.

Jiang Tianbai drove a limited edition Maybach around the world as he listened to the traffic radio on the way, feeling anxious.

There was no one on the road to Jin Family Villa. He anxiously patted on the steering wheel and quickly drove back in the direction of Bai Family.

The rain got heavier and heavier. There was no sign of stopping. The wipers kept brushing against them, but they could not clear their vision.

Jiang Tianbai was a bit discouraged. He stopped the car by the side of the road and stepped on the accelerator again.

Just as Bai Yunshu stepped out of the Bai Family gate, heavy rain poured down from the sky, and she couldn't even open her eyes.

The rain kept washing against her face, but she couldn't tell if it was tears or rain. She raised her head to the sky, the cold rain hitting her face. It was painful, but not as painful as the pain in her heart.

Did she commit a sin in that life? All retributions would be made in this lifetime!

"AHH!" She fell to her knees and cried. Her tears flowed down her face and neck and into her clothes.

Her hair had already been drenched. The water at the ends of her hair was like a faucet that had not been tightened, continuously flowing down. Her clothes stuck tightly to her body, making her look extremely miserable.

"I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first!" Jin Chenyang, who was sitting at the side of the Bai Family, finally stood up and said to Bai Yunduo.

"Chenyang, it's raining so heavily outside, let's go after the rain stops!"

"My business is more urgent, I can't wait!" Jin Chenyang didn't give Bai Yunduo a chance to say anything and walked out. Bai Yunduo wanted to keep him, but before she could grab his clothes, he was already beside the car.

He sat down in the car and opened his palm to reveal the leaf fragments of Bai Yunshu's precious treasure.

He carefully placed the pieces away, stepped on the throttle, and disappeared from Bai Family's villa.

It was raining heavily outside. The wipers could brush the windshield, but not the side windows. From time to time, he would wipe the fog with a piece of paper, hoping to catch a glimpse of Bai Yunshu's figure.

Suddenly, Bai Yunshu's figure appeared in his field of vision. The way she appeared was extremely heart-wrenching.

She sat on the ground, splashing the water that flowed past her. Her hair was plastered all over her face, and her clothes were dripping.

"Damn it!" Jin Chenyang cursed in a low voice, then pulled Bugatti closer to her side.

Suddenly, a limited edition Maybach came from the opposite side and stopped in front of him with a creak. He stepped on the brakes and wanted to curse, but the person in the car hurriedly got off and ran towards Bai Yunshu without being able to hold up an umbrella.

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