Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C11 Do You Even Have Any Shame?
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C11 Do You Even Have Any Shame?
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C11 Do You Even Have Any Shame?

"Little aunt, how are you?" Jiang Tianbai ran towards Bai Yunshu in a hurry. He even forgot to hold on to his umbrella.

"Don't worry about me, don't worry about me, wuu …" "Bai Yunshu pushed Jiang Tianbai away as she cried.

"Let's go home!"

"Wuwuwu …"

Bai Yunshu didn't care about what Jiang Tianbai said, she just kept slapping him, not letting him get close to her. Jiang Tianbai helplessly grabbed her hand and said: "Calm down, calm down!"

"How am I supposed to calm down? "Sob, sob, sob …"

"No matter what happens, you can't act so lowly. Let's go back and slowly talk about it!" Jiang Tianbai picked her up carefully.

"What else is there to say? They're all bullying me, wuu …." They broke the only thing my mother left me, wuu...

A chill flowed through Jiang Tianbai's body. He knew how precious his mother's things were to Bai Yunshu.

"Even if you don't think for yourself, think for your child! The child is innocent, do not implicate him. " Jiang Tianbai shook her. Hearing Jiang Tianbai say children, she reached out her hand to caress her belly and raised her head to look at Jiang Tianbai, trying hard to calm her emotions.

"Let's go home. Grandmother is still waiting for you!"

Bai Yunshu hugged his neck and nodded, still sobbing uncontrollably.

Just as Jiang Tianbai carried Bai Yunshu and walked a few steps away, Jin Chenyang stood in front of them with an umbrella in his hand.

"Let her go!" Jin Chenyang's voice was very cold, and there was a hint that he couldn't refuse.

"Ha, Boss Jin!" Jiang Tianbai's tone wasn't good either, it was filled with provocation.

"Let her go!"

"On what basis?"

"She's still my wife!"

"Wife? "It seems like the bride of Boss Jin's new wedding isn't Yunshu?!"

Jin Chenyang's expression changed slightly. With a cold expression, he did not answer him. Instead, he said proudly:

"I don't want to repeat my words twice!"

"Men have to deal with matters in a man's way!" Without any hesitation, Jiang Tianbai pushed Bai Yunshu into the car to avoid Jin Chenyang and turned on the heating.

Jin Chenyang also wanted to use a man's method to solve the problem. At this moment, he was like a lion that had lost its prey, his entire body was filled with danger.

"Boss Jin, are you sure we need to settle this here?"

"It's better to choose than to strike!" Jin Chenyang threw the umbrella to the side, threw his jacket and loosened his tie, then threw a punch towards Jiang Tianbai.

Jiang Tianbai didn't expect him to attack as soon as he said he would. His face was hit so hard that he touched his own face. Soon, blood was washed away by the heavy rain.

Jiang Tianbai also swung his fist towards Jin Chenyang, but Jin Chenyang was also hit squarely. He took a few steps back and fell to the ground. The rain on the ground stained his white shirt like dirt.

He quickly got up and hit Jiang Tianbai again. The two of them were fighting in the heavy rain, neither of them could gain any advantage.

Seeing the two of them fighting, Bai Yunshu hurriedly opened the car door and shouted, "Both of you, stop! "Stop!"

Jin Chenyang and Jiang Tianbai stiffened for a moment and then continued to fight.

"Everyone stop, stop!" Bai Yunshu howled, seeing that no one was paying attention to her, she ran over, desperate to separate the two of them.

Jiang Tianbai took into account that she was pregnant and quickly stopped his hand. Jin Chenyang couldn't stop for a moment and then punched him again.

"Jin Chenyang, do you still want face?" When Bai Yunshu saw this, she slapped Jin Chenyang in the face, causing the air to freeze for a moment!

Jin Chenyang opened his mouth to explain something, but he didn't say anything. He stood up and went back to his car without looking back. The car door was slammed shut and he drove away.

"Mr. Jiang, are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" Let's go home first! "

Bai Yunshu nodded and got into his car.

Jin Chenyang drove his car quickly on the road. His brain was spinning just now. He was actually fighting for Bai Yunshu!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, especially when he got off the car and walked in front of her, Jiang Tianbai hugged her and greeted the child in her belly warmly.

Could that child be Jiang Tianbai's?

Jin Chenyang drove very fast, and he couldn't see clearly in the rain. When it was time for him to turn around, he directly crashed into Jin Chenyang.

On the other side of the hospital, Bai Yunshu started to have a fever once she got home. Jiang Tianbai quickly sent her to the hospital. Due to the patient's excessive emotion, as well as the unstable fetus due to the rain and fever, the doctor asked her to stay in the hospital to observe.

"Little Grass, what's wrong with you?" Hurry up and get up to cook for mother. Mother is hungry … " The old lady of Jiang Family was making a ruckus at home to see Bai Yunshu. Jiang Tianbai couldn't bring her here anymore, so when she saw Bai Yunshu lying on the sickbed, she quickly came up to shake her arm and pitifully said like a child.

"Grandmother, little aunt is sick!" Jiang Tianbai pulled the old lady's hand to stop her from shaking her.

"Then when will she be well?"

"It's almost time. The doctor is treating her. Grandma isn't making a fuss, so my aunt has recovered. She's going home."

"Oh, I won't, I won't!"

Old lady Jiang Family sat by the side of Bai Yunshu's bed, looking at her with a serious expression, occasionally wanting to touch her with her hands.

"Grandma, I'll take you home. Can you play with a maid?"

"No, I want to be with Little Grass."

"If grandma doesn't listen, little aunt will be angry!"

"Oh, I'm going home. Little White, send me home now." As the old lady spoke, she took a step at a time and looked back at Bai Yunshu, reluctantly following Jiang Tianbai back.

In the VIP ward next door, Bai Yunduo was peeling an apple for Jin Chenyang. Jin Chenyang's face was completely dark, so he didn't say a word.

"Chenyang, come and eat some apples!" Bai Yunduo placed the peeled apple in front of him. He looked at the apple and asked:

"Duoduo, what's the meaning of a girl crying in front of a man?"

Bai Yunduo thought Jin Chenyang said she liked to cry. She lowered her head and said, "This proves that this woman cares about this man. Otherwise, who would be willing to show her ugliest side?"

After Bai Yunduo finished her sentence, Jin Chenyang's face turned even darker.

"Chenyang …" Bai Yunduo wanted to say something, but hesitated.

"What is it?"

"Why do I feel like your attitude towards my sister is a little unclear?"

"What are you talking about? Do you think a woman like Bai Yunshu, who would do anything to achieve her goals, would be worthy in my eyes? "

"After hearing what you said, I am relieved!" Bai Yunduo said as she placed her head on Jin Chenyang's chest, her heart still unable to calm down.

"Don't think too much!"

"En!" Bai Yunduo nodded obediently. Jin Chenyang took a deep breath and looked at Bai Yunduo's obedient appearance. In his mind, he couldn't help but see Bai Yunshu's stubborn appearance and the scene of her sitting on the ground and splashing water.

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