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C12 Monkshood Seed

After Jiang Tianbai sent Old Lady Jiang back to the hospital, they met Bai Motong in the VIP corridor.

"Jiang, Boss Jiang?" When Bai Motong saw Jiang Tianbai, his mouth opened wide in shock.

"Boss Bai!" Jiang Tianbai had a formal smile on his face, but that smile did not reach his eyes.

"Boss Jiang, what a coincidence. What are you doing?" When Bai Motong saw Jiang Tianbai, he thought of his daughter who was with him, and made up his mind again. If his eldest daughter could marry Jiang Tianbai, and his youngest daughter could marry Jin Chenyang, then the status of his Bai Family would no longer be the same.

"Sick visit, I won't disturb Boss Bai anymore!"

"Hey, Boss Jiang, I'm visiting too. Why don't we go together?"

"Hehe, Boss Bai, it's not convenient for me!" Jiang Tianbai laughed until his face hurt. The place where he was hit by Jin Chenyang was still bruised. Of course, Jin Chenyang wasn't any better.

Bai Motong felt Jiang Tianbai's coldness towards him. After thinking about it again and again, he felt that Bai Yunshu still had some value in using him. Thus, he made up his mind and walked towards Jin Chenyang's room.

"Young Master Jin, I just saw Jiang Tianbai!" Bai Motong told Jin Chenyang as he entered the ward. When he found Bai Yunduo, he coughed awkwardly.

Bai Yunduo sat up from Jin Chenyang's chest and said, "Dad, don't you even know how to knock at the door?"

"I, I forgot about it in my anxiety!"

"What did you just say?" Jin Chenyang asked.

"I just saw Jiang Tianbai. His face is still injured, so he might be here to see a doctor. Hey, Young Master Jin, what happened to your face?" Bai Motong immediately exclaimed when he noticed that the wound on Jin Chenyang's face was not any better than the one on Jiang Tianbai's face.

"I just touched it, the car is probably going to be ruined as well!" Jin Chenyang said without a care. Bai Yunduo looked at the wound on his face thoughtfully and did not say a word.

"Where did you meet Jiang Tianbai?"

"Just now, he was just outside the door. I had thought that he would come to see you."

Jin Chenyang didn't say anything. Since Jiang Tianbai came here and this was the ward, he couldn't possibly come here to see a doctor. The only possibility was that someone was also living here, so who would stay here?

Next door, Bai Yunshu was lying on the bed. She had just woken up, and she was not in a good mood.

"Little aunt, how are you feeling? Are you feeling better?"

"I'm fine!" "Bai Yunshu's voice was a little hoarse as she forced out a smile. She was a bit embarrassed and regretful about her madness yesterday. After all, she wasn't old enough to be willful now. She still had a child in her womb.

"It's good that you're fine. You can go home in two days!"

When Bai Yunshu heard the word "home", she felt a strange ache in her nose. How far away was home from her reach?

"Mr. Jiang, I'm sorry for causing you trouble!"

Jiang Tianbai looked at her and did not say a word. She suddenly used Mr. Jiang and instantly closed the distance between them.

He sat down and turned on the potion in his hand, looking at the mirror to disinfect his face.

"Let me do it!" Jiang Tianbai looked at her, then took the medicine and handed it to her.

Bai Yunshu sat up, smeared some of the disinfectant on the cotton swab, and gently wiped Jiang Tianbai's face and blew on it.

Her scent lingered at the tip of Jiang Tianbai's nose at a close distance. A burst of cold air came from his face. As expected, it didn't hurt that much anymore.

"Look at your incomparably handsome face. If it were to be ruined, who knows how many women would have hanged themselves!" Bai Yunshu teased him as she saw the wound at the corner of his eye.

"It seems like you are fine. You can tease me now!"

"Are you angry?" Bai Yunshu asked.

"How could that be?" Jiang Tianbai didn't say anything after he finished speaking. Bai Yunshu carefully applied the medicine for him, afraid of hurting him.

Jiang Tianbai felt a little regretful. Bai Yunshu was indeed like a small blade of grass. After experiencing a storm, she had become even stronger.

The image of the two of them applying the medicine was extremely intimate. Bai Yunduo had taken a photo of them applying the medicine through the window outside.

Soon, Jin Chenyang received a text message. He opened it and saw that it was a video.

The more he watched the video, the darker his expression became. Was this Bai Yunshu really not ashamed at all?

Did he take his husband as a decoration? When they were still husband and wife, they were all fooling around and didn't know what to do.

Jin Chenyang jumped down from the bed and wanted to fight with Jiang Tianbai again, but he turned back at the door.

Fighting for a woman was such a shameful thing. It would be fine if he, Jin Chenyang, did it once, but he would never want to see him do such a disgraceful thing again.

Jin Chenyang went back to the bed and looked at the video on his phone. Then, he threw his phone to the side.

A woman like Bai Yunshu was not worth it for him to waste his energy on!

Closing her eyes, she saw the scene of her collapsing in the rain. If she had not apologized, this would not have happened. After thinking about it, it was still her fault!

Thinking of this, Jin Chenyang immediately sat up and walked towards the door.

Bai Yunshu had already applied the medicine for Jiang Tianbai. Jiang Tianbai looked at his handsome face in the mirror and raised his eyebrows.

"Mr. Jiang, you don't have to stay here with me. I will be fine. Go and busy yourself!" Bai Yunshu looked at Jiang Tianbai. She was only a servant of Jiang Family at most, how could she let her master accompany her here?

"I'm not busy!" Just as the words left his mouth, his phone rang again. He took the phone and walked into the corridor apologetically.

Seeing Jiang Tianbai leave, Bai Yunshu touched her belly and said, "Indeed, you can't do this to yourself because of some slut! Baby, you can do it! "

Jin Chenyang pushed open the door and heard the word "baby cheers". His face didn't look very good.

Bai Yunshu heard the door open and asked, "You're back so soon?"

Jin Chenyang did not say a word as he walked forward. When he walked out of the hallway, Bai Yunshu saw him.

"What are you doing here?" Seeing Jin Chenyang, Bai Yunshu's smile immediately disappeared. Although her tone was unfriendly, it was no longer as agitated as yesterday.

Jin Chenyang didn't say anything. He walked in front of her and sat on the chair Jiang Tianbai was sitting on just now. He said, "Bai Yunshu, don't forget your identity!"

"Bah!" When Bai Yunshu heard the two words "identity", she immediately quelled her curiosity and said: "Jin Chenyang, do you have the nerve to say the word" identity "to me? Do you know how these two words are written? If you remember your identity, why did you do such a shameless thing? "

"Bai Yunshu!" Jin Chenyang gritted his teeth as he shouted.

"I can hear you, you don't have to be so loud!"

"Am I shameless, or are you shameless? Whose seed is in your stomach?

"Whose seed? "Who knew it was that son of a b * tch!" When Bai Yunshu heard Jin Chenyang ask her who the child in her womb was, she couldn't control her temper and yelled at him.

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