Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C13 What a Coincidence Let's Go Together!
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C13 What a Coincidence Let's Go Together!
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C13 What a Coincidence Let's Go Together!

Jin Chenyang's darkened face never calmed down. He didn't know why he felt like Bai Yunshu was scolding him when she was scolding Wang Bajie, but he had never touched her. How could she possibly be pregnant with his child?

He lowered his eyes, stood up, and walked out.

Bai Yunshu saw Jin Chenyang come and go in such a baffling manner, so she scolded him a few times in her heart. He's crazy!

Jin Chenyang, on the other hand, was not crazy. Bai Yunshu had always been stubborn and didn't want to explain. Oh, no, she wanted to explain at his wedding, but he didn't give her the chance.

The more he thought about it, the weirder it felt. The other day, Bai Yunshu loudly shouted for him to go with her to check her DNA. Could it be that the child was really his?

As Jin Chenyang thought about it, he felt that he had made a mistake. It seemed that he needed to investigate it as soon as possible.

"Gu Fei, go and check with someone. Who exactly is Bai Yunshu's child?"

"Yes, Boss Jin!" After receiving Jin Chenyang's order, Gu Fei was stunned for a few seconds and then immediately went to find someone to do this.

Bai Yunduo was in the dark. When she saw Jin Chenyang walk out of Bai Yunshu's room, a trace of malice appeared on her face.

She turned around and returned to her Bai Family.

Seeing Bai Yunduo come back in a depressed manner, Yu Hongyu immediately went up to her and asked, "Why isn't Chenyang back yet? Is he okay? "

"I'm fine!" Bai Yunduo replied with a dispirited expression. She sat down on the sofa and looked extremely tired!

"Duo Duo, what happened to you? What happened? Is it that slut Bai Yunshu? "

"Alright, clean your mouth for me from now on!" "Yunshu is my daughter after all!" When Bai Motong heard Yu Hongyu call Bai Yunshu a bitch, he immediately said discontentedly.

"Hubby, do you know what you're saying? "Bai Yunshu, that slut. If it weren't for her, our son would have already graduated from university. Wuu …

As Yu Hongyu spoke, she started to cry. Bai Motong glared at her and said, "What do you know? "Her skin is so thin, Yunshu could be the child of Jiang Tianbai. Jiang Tianbai, do you know?"

Yu Hongyu was stunned after hearing Bai Motong's words. Tears hung from her face and she didn't have the time to wipe them off.

"Jiang … Jiang Tianbai, how is this possible?" Yu Hongyu had an expression of disbelief. How could Bai Yunshu be pregnant with Jiang Tianbai's child?

"That's why I said, be careful when you speak. If you really offend the Jiang Family, it won't be fun!"

"How could we, Chenyang, be afraid of him, Jiang Tianbai? and even another Jiang Family would not be scared! "

"Stupid!" Bai Motong couldn't communicate with her, so he cursed and stood up to return to the study room.

"Hubby, what's with your attitude? Back then, when you wanted me, it wasn't like this. You're talking about you, what are you doing? … " Yu Hongyu Barabara, Bai Yunduo actually heard Bai Motong's words. Could it be that the child really belongs to Jiang Tianbai?

She, Bai Yunshu, had caused her to lose face at her wedding. How could she let her have her way?

The next day, Bai Yunduo bumped into Jiang Tianbai in the hospital.

"Boss Jiang, I didn't expect to meet you here!" What a coincidence! " Bai Yunduo smiled innocently.

Jiang Tianbai sized her up and thoughtfully looked at the thermal lunch box in her hand. He asked, "Miss Bai, are you here to deliver the food to Boss Jin?"

"Uh, Boss Jiang misunderstood. This is for my sister, she's in the hospital!"

"Heh, you're being considerate!"

"Who is Boss Jiang?"

"What a coincidence, I'm here to see Yunshu!"

"Ah, what a coincidence. Why don't we go together!"

"Good, it's my honor!" Jiang Tianbai smiled. His light white casual clothes made him look even more elegant.

Bai Yunduo looked at Jiang Tianbai and secretly compared Jiang Tianbai with Jin Chenyang. The two of them were like icebergs in a hot spring, yet when she was with Jin Chenyang, she had to be careful not to make him unhappy.

But when he was with Jiang Tianbai, it was as comfortable as a spring breeze. People like him could let down all their defenses.

She secretly glanced at him a few times. Jiang Tianbai did not look any worse than Jin Chenyang, not to mention the fact that their families were on par with each other.

With a "ding" from the elevator, Bai Yunduo quickly retracted her thoughts and looked at the elevator door.

"Miss Bai, please!" Jiang Tianbai reached out his hand to press the elevator and politely invited Bai Yunduo out, like a gentleman.

Bai Yunduo nodded with a smile. She walked with a rhythmic pace on her high heels, keeping it neither fast nor slow, just walking side by side with Jiang Tianbai.

Bai Yunshu was using her cell phone to watch the TV when she heard the door open.

Bai Yunduo and Jiang Tianbai were talking and laughing when the smile on their faces froze.

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