Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C14 Slowly Bullying Back
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C14 Slowly Bullying Back
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C14 Slowly Bullying Back

"Sis, I've come to visit you and made a huge pot of your favorite lotus seed soup!" Bai Yunduo ran happily towards Bai Yunshu. Her appearance was that of an unscheming little sister from next door.

Bai Yunshu looked like a rooster ready to fight at any moment when she saw Bai Yunshu. She couldn't figure out how Bai Yunduo did it. Just a few days ago, it didn't seem like it was them. Bai Yunshu couldn't do anything to reveal a scheming smile to her enemy!

Seeing Bai Yunshu's expression, Jiang Tianbai's face slightly darkened. "Yunshu doesn't like to drink lotus seed soup anymore. Did I forget to tell you?"

"Ah?" Don't you like it anymore? " Bai Yunduo had a surprised expression on her face.

When Bai Yunshu heard Jiang Tianbai's words, she immediately looked over at him. Jiang Tianbai gave her a comforting look. Her worried heart finally relaxed.

"That's such a pity. I've been enduring for a long time!" Bai Yunduo pouted with a look of pity on her face. She looked too innocent.

Looking at Bai Yunduo's rich expression, Jiang Tianbai secretly sympathized with Jin Chenyang. No wonder he was tricked, abandoning Bai Yunshu and choosing Bai Yunduo. Looking at her, it didn't look like she was scheming at all.

"No need for such a pity, I'll drink!" Jiang Tianbai smiled. Bai Yunshu looked at him with suspicion. Had she tricked him?

"You can't drink it!" Bai Yunshu hurriedly shouted.

"Why? "Your sister said that she had endured for a long time. If no one drank it, wouldn't it be a disgrace to her?" Jiang Tianbai asked in confusion.

Bai Yunshu turned her face to the side. No matter what Bai Yunduo planned, she wouldn't be so crazy as to poison the soup, right?

"Really? "Boss Jiang, try it. It's delicious!" Bai Yunduo heartlessly took out the lotus seed soup and passed it to Jiang Tianbai.

"Thank you! It looks like you have a pretty good appearance! " As Jiang Tianbai spoke, he took the lotus seed soup and sat on a chair to the side. He stirred the soup with the spoon and sniffed it.

"It smells good! Yunshu, do you want to try it? "

"No need!" Bai Yunshu replied coldly.

"If you really don't want to drink, then I won't be polite!" Jiang Tianbai said as he started drinking.

When Bai Yunduo saw Jiang Tianbai drink the soup she cooked, she turned around and raised her eyebrows at Bai Yunshu, meaning that as long as she wanted to, any man would be able to subdue her.

Bai Yunshu raised her eyebrows and looked back at her. Although she didn't know how Bai Yunduo tricked Jin Chenyang, she believed that Jiang Tianbai wouldn't fall for it that easily.

Jiang Tianbai drank a few mouthfuls, then suddenly put the soup on the table and ran towards the bathroom.

"Boss Jiang, what's wrong with you?" Bai Yunduo heard Jiang Tianbai's voice and quickly followed him.

Jiang Tianbai didn't have time to talk to Bai Yunduo and rushed to the bathroom to vomit.

Bai Yunduo didn't know what to do. She stood at the door and looked inside anxiously. What was going on?

"Ugh …" Jiang Tianbai coughed for a long time before he went to get some water to rinse his mouth. Then, he walked out with a pale face.

Bai Yunshu looked at him worriedly. However, when she saw the craftiness in his eyes, she felt helpless. How could a dignified CEO of a corporation compete with a little girl? And he even made her suffer like this!

"Boss Jiang, how are you?"

"I, I …" "Ugh …" Jiang Tianbai had just said two 'me' before he went back into the washroom and started vomiting.

Bai Yunduo was so anxious that she didn't know what to do.

Bai Yunshu raised her brows and looked at Bai Yunduo, saying, "Could it be that there's a problem with Miss Bai's soup?"

"How is this possible?" When Bai Yunduo heard Bai Yunshu say that there was a problem with the soup, she retorted immediately. The soup was good and she had never intended to give it to Bai Yunshu to drink. It was purely an accident that Jiang Tianbai wanted to drink it.

This time, Jiang Tianbai came out of the bathroom with a bad complexion. Without saying anything, he walked in front of Bai Yunshu and sat down. He leaned on the chair with a face full of fatigue.

"Boss Jiang, are you okay? "Why don't you go to the doctor?" Bai Yunduo asked in a considerate manner.

"No need! I'm just sick! "

"Disgusting?" Bai Yunduo's expression changed, as if she knew that Jiang Tianbai wouldn't say anything good.

"Well, I saw a fly in the soup!"

"…" There was a fly in the soup...

"Yunshu, luckily you didn't drink it. It's too disgusting!" As Jiang Tianbai spoke, he even made a puking gesture.

Bai Yunduo's face was burning. The soup she had brought with her had flies in it, how could it be possible?

She quickly walked to the table and took a closer look at the lotus seed soup. Where were the flies? It took her only a moment to realize that he was saying that she was as disgusting as a fly!

She took a deep breath and turned around. "Where are the flies?" Why didn't I see it? "

"I saw it. Disgusting!" Jiang Tianbai said.

"Then, I'll take it and pour it out first!" Bai Yunduo rushed out of the ward with the lotus seed soup in her hand.

"Hahaha!" Jiang Tianbai burst into laughter. Bai Yunshu was speechless.

"…" Bai Yunshu was speechless.

"Little aunt, as long as someone bullies you in the future, we will slowly bully them back!"


Bai Yunshu stayed in the hospital for seven days. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the baby, she left the hospital.

When they returned to Jiang Tianbai's mansion, Old Lady Jiang held her hand and started sobbing.

"Mom, what are you crying for? Didn't I come back?"

"Wuu wuu, Little Grass. Motherf * cker, Little Grass …"

"Alright, alright, stop crying, mom …" Bai Yunshu hugged the old lady and the old lady wiped away her tears before following Bai Yunshu into the room.

When the maid saw that Bai Yunshu had returned, she almost kneeled down. In the few days that she was away, the old lady seemed to have gone crazy. She didn't sleep all night and just sat on the sofa for a short while during the day.

General Manager's Office, Jin's Headquarters

Jin Chenyang read the report again and again with trembling hands.

Why didn't he remember that he had slept with her? How did she get pregnant? And the report said that the child in her womb was his!

"Young Master Jin, is this surprise or joy?" Dean Lei Ming said jokingly when he saw Jin Chenyang staring at the checklist dumbfoundedly.

"Dean Lei, is that accurate?" Gu Fei wondered. He knew how much Boss Jin hated Bai Yunshu. Since when did that woman get into his bed?

"Secretary Gu, are you questioning my expertise?" When Lehman heard Gu Fei's question, disdain was written all over his face.

"Young Master Lei, that's not what I meant, I just can't figure it out!"

"Of course you can't understand. When does Young Master Jin want to be with a woman? Do I need to inform you?" Lei Ming looked indifferent.

Gu Fei looked at the beads of sweat on Lei Ming's forehead. As expected, Lei Ming's words were really lightning fast!

Jin Chenyang checked the report with both hands and his eyes were spitting fire. Since when did he have an affair with Bai Yunshu, how come he doesn't remember?

There must be something wrong!

"Gu Fei, go investigate all the information related to Bai Yunshu. The more detailed the better!"

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