Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C15 What Did It Feel like to be the Last Lunatic?
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C15 What Did It Feel like to be the Last Lunatic?
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C15 What Did It Feel like to be the Last Lunatic?

Jin Chenyang sat on the chair and knocked on the table with his fingers. The sound was like the hooves of a horse, getting more and more hurried!

He was his nominal wife, so he needed to properly investigate!

"Young Master Jin, you can't have fallen for this Bai Yunshu, right? I remember your childhood sweetheart is Bai Yunduo? Or do you want to take the two sisters in at once? " Lehman, who was sitting opposite him, quickly swallowed the coffee in his mouth and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Have you finished? You can go now! " Jin Chenyang didn't look at Lehman. There were words written all over his body that I'm very unhappy with right now. It's a pity that Lehman never knew what it meant to stop when enough!

"Speaking of the two Bai Family sisters, they really do have their own merits! Bai Yunduo is a typical good girl, gentle and virtuous. Bai Yunshu, how come I heard that she was crazy? Young Master Jin, tell me, how did the last madman feel? "

"Scram!" Jin Chenyang threw the document in his hand towards Lehman, who jumped away in shock.

"Damn!" Can we continue playing happily? To turn hostile and not recognize others? "

"If you don't scram, I'll inform the old man and tell him you're here. Have you decided whether to leave or not?"

"Fine, you win!" When Lei Ming heard Jin Chenyang say Lei Family Old Man, his face turned green. That kind of feeling was pleasurable because Grandfather could arrange a blind date for him for a month! Satisfying!

Lei Ming fled. Jin Chenyang stared at the report in his hands without blinking.

Yongan cemetery

Bai Yunshu was holding a bunch of chrysanthemums and wearing large sunglasses. She was standing in front of Yu Zhanyan's grave. No one could see the expression in her eyes.

She stood in front of the grave for a very long time. She felt her waist ache, so she slightly moved her body, supporting her waist with her hands as she placed the bunch of flowers before the grave.

Bai Yunshu's hands were trembling as she reached out to touch her mother's face with a trembling hand. There was an unspeakable feeling of grievance in her heart.

"Mom, I must not be as cowardly as you!"

A breeze blew across her face, like a gentle caress from her mother, more like a response from Jade.

The air was filled with the fragrance of chrysanthemum, and Bai Yunshu could smell the fragrance of flowers. Her eyes were moist as she looked at the photo on the tombstone and said, "Mom, did you hear what I said?"

"Don't worry, I won't treat myself unfairly!" I will take good care of Grandma too! "

She stood in front of the grave for a long time before she turned around and left.

Just as she left the mausoleum, a person suddenly rushed from the side and pulled her to the side.

"Let me go, let me go!" Bai Yunshu shouted loudly, and that person quickly covered her mouth.

"It's me!" Jin Chenyang pulled her to the other side of the forest and let go.

"Jin Chenyang, you're crazy!"

"Bai Yunshu, tell me, who is the child?"

"Does it have anything to do with you? All you care about is whose belly the child is in! " Bai Yunshu didn't want to continue tangling with Jin Chenyang, so she shook him off and wanted to leave.

"How long are you going to keep lying to me?" Jin Chenyang stopped her.

"I lied to you, why should I? What do you have that's worth lying to? " Bai Yunshu demanded harshly.

Jin Chenyang was speechless. Didn't she always love him to go through life and death? Why did he suddenly change his face so quickly?

"Bai Yunshu, who exactly is the child?"

"Is it important to whom? Does it make sense? I promised you that I would leave. My children and I will not hinder you and your beloved! " After Bai Yunshu said that, she was about to leave, but Jin Chenyang pulled her back again.

"Do you have to quarrel with me?"

"I want to quarrel with you? Hehe, Jin Chenyang, isn't your joke a bit too cold? Am I going to pick a fight with you, or are you going to pick a fight with me? Or did I come here to argue with you after knowing you had come to the tomb? "

The veins on Jin Chenyang's head throbbed. This Bai Yunshu was just like Bai Yunduo, gentle and lovable. She was really a woman with the ability to make people angry.

"Is it my child?"

When Bai Yunshu heard Jin Chenyang's words, she finally couldn't hold back the tears from her eyes.

That night, he did not know why, but when he came back feeling hot, she brought him tea and he threw himself on her. That night, he pestered her for an entire night.

She knew that he hated her, feared that he would misunderstand her actions towards her. She had escaped from the scene when he was asleep, and it was only after that night that she discovered that she was pregnant with her child.

However, he hadn't been home for a month!

Jin Chenyang saw the change in Bai Yunshu's expression and his face turned cold, "Bai Yunshu, I really can't overestimate you. I didn't expect you to use such a trick to get pregnant with my child, do you think that by getting pregnant with my child, you can keep your position? "In your dreams!"

Jin Chenyang's words struck Bai Yunshu's head like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. Her eyes turned pitch black. She never told anyone that since the wedding scene that day, all that was left in her world was black and white.

"I did use some tricks. How about that? I was pregnant with your child. What do you think? If you have the ability, then kill me! If you can't kill me, one day, I will make you beg me on your knees! "

"Alright, let's go and see who kneels and begs who!" Jin Chenyang's aura was unstable. Bai Yunshu was indeed a scheming woman!

"Scram!" Get lost! " Jin Chenyang looked at her coldly, then turned around and left.

Bai Yunduo heard the two of them argue from a distance. She also heard Bai Yunshu say that the child in her womb was Jin Chenyang's. She was a little flustered!

Could it have been that night?

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