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C16 Push Her down

Bai Yunduo's mind naturally recalled that night when Jin Chenyang took her to eat.

"Duo Duo, I'm going to the washroom!"

"En!" Bai Yunduo watched Jin Chenyang leave and quickly put something in his soup.

After Jin Chenyang returned from the washroom, Bai Yunduo pushed the soup towards him without leaving a trace. Jin Chenyang picked it up and started drinking it cooperatively.

"The soup is not bad ~ ~" Bai Yunduo drank it while looking at Jin Chenyang.

"Un, not bad!"

"In a moment, where are we going to play?"

"I still have something to do, so I'm going back first!"

"?" Go back? " Bai Yunduo was dumbfounded. Didn't he always bring her to the movies? Why did he have to go back this time?

"En, I have something very important to do. Next time, I'll bring you along to play!" Jin Chenyang looked at the watch on his wrist and said, "It's getting late, I'll take you home first!"

"Chenyang, don't be in such a hurry to go home tonight ~ Let's go watch a movie together, okay?"

"Go home!" Jin Chenyang didn't have the intention to negotiate with Bai Yunduo, so he stood up and walked outside.

"Chenyang ~ ~" Bai Yunduo kept shouting along the way, but Jin Chenyang's expression was still the same. Bai Yunduo wasn't sure if the medicine would work anymore. After all, it had been so long, if it worked, it should have.

"We're here, go down!"

"We're all at my place, let's go up and have a seat!"

"No, my business is very important!"

"How about …" Bai Yunduo wanted to say "why don't I come to your house", but that didn't fit the words of a reserved person, so she swallowed it.

"Obedience, I am indeed in a hurry!"

Bai Yunduo had no choice but to get off the car. She was still secretly suspecting that the amount of medicine she had consumed was insufficient, which was why he was so indifferent and did not make the slightest movement.

After Jin Chenyang returned home, he turned on the red wine habitually and drank half a cup in the study room. After he turned on the computer, his body started to heat up.

Bai Yunshu happened to pass by the study room. Jin Chenyang heard her footsteps and said, "Pour me a glass of water!"

She was flattered that after marrying Jin Chenyang for so long, he hadn't even talked to her for more than twenty sentences. What was going on today?

She quickly went to get warm water for him. Jin Chenyang opened the door and saw Bai Yunshu wearing a white dress. He swallowed the water and took a sip.

"Do you want more?" Bai Yunshu asked.

Jin Chenyang looked at her opened and closed mouth and uncontrollably lowered his head. A delicate fragrance wafted from her body, causing him to instantly lose himself. He grabbed her in his arms and threw her onto the ground.

Bai Yunduo naturally didn't know what happened after that. However, based on her understanding of Jin Chenyang, if not for the effects of the medicine that night, he would never have touched Bai Yunshu!

Her hand fiercely pinched the palm of her hand, unconsciously forming a very deep mark. Her painstakingly arranged plot had actually allowed Bai Yunshu to benefit from it for free.

Bai Yunshu left the cemetery in a hurry. She never expected to meet Jin Chenyang in such a place. His words echoed in her ears.

"Dang, dang, dang, dang …" Her phone rang. She took it out and saw an unfamiliar number. Then she hit the answer button.

"Bai Yunshu, meet me for coffee on Century Avenue!"

"Bai Yunduo?" Bai Yunshu was stunned. Why did Bai Yunduo have her number? "They have never contacted each other ever since they were young." What makes you think I'll go? "

"When the servants were cleaning the rooms, they found some things in the storage room. I'm sure you're interested!"

Bai Yunshu shivered. Even if she knew Bai Yunduo didn't have any good intentions, she still wanted to go. After all, this was the only way to get what her mother had left behind.

"Good!" Just you wait! " Bai Yunshu said as she let the taxi driver drive in the direction of Wang Century Avenue.

Bai Yunduo sat in the coffee shop with her hands on her cheeks and her big eyes rolling around. When the people next to her saw her, they all thought she was a high school student.

Bai Yunshu entered the coffee shop on the island and walked to the second floor. From what she knew of Bai Yunduo, she would definitely like a spot on the second floor near the window.

Sure enough, when she reached the corner of the second floor, she saw Bai Yunduo looking outside with her hand on her cheek. From her angle, she could immediately see Bai Yunduo the moment she came in.

She walked up to Bai Yunduo, who was still looking out of the window.

"You called me here to see how you put on the airs of a lady?"

"Since you're here, why don't you find a seat for yourself?" Bai Yunduo turned around and glanced at Bai Yunshu. She was too lazy to continue pretending.

"Speak, what are you trying to do?"

"It's nothing, it's just that whoever owns it will get it back if it's not yours!" Bai Yunduo sat down and told Bai Yunshu in all seriousness.

"Then tell me, what is mine, and what should I return it to you?"

"You're not an idiot. Some things are meaningless if you say it clearly. Right? "

"Hehe, hurting feelings is a condition to having feelings that can be hurt. To us, hurting feelings is still too far away!" Hearing Bai Yunshu's mockery, Bai Yunduo's chest heaved with anger.

"What do you want before you leave?"

"Leave? On what basis? "

"Bai Yunshu, you clearly know that you're unpopular, but why do you insist on standing in front of us as an eyesore? Without you for more than ten years, our family would be peaceful and beautiful. Chenyang and I also share the same thoughts, so why did you have to dig into my life with your sharp head? The grudges and grudges of the previous generation, what does it have to do with me? Bai Yunduo was so excited that her face turned red. It was obvious that she had suppressed her anger with all her might.

When Bai Yunshu heard her words, she no longer felt anything. If that was the case, she would have long been numb to it. If it was anyone's words, she would have put them in her heart.

"I've sharpened my head and drilled into your life? What I want to ask is, who the hell is going into whose life? If it wasn't for your shameless mother, how could my mother have died? "You guys forced my mom to death, and now you still say that I've cut my head off to hide in your life. Do you still have a concept of right or wrong?" Bai Yunshu didn't get angry, but instead laughed and questioned her instead.

"The matters of the previous generation are their own matters. If you have the ability, go and seek them out! Why don't you question your father if a slap doesn't ring? Why should anything be blamed on my mother? "

Bai Yunshu was jittery inside. How could she not know that Yu Hongyu could hook up with Bai Motong? She couldn't blame it all on Yu Hongyu. It was all her fault for showing off and forcing her mother to death!

"Don't tell me your mother came here to swagger and force my mother to death has nothing to do with your mother?"

"But didn't you also kill the child in my mother's womb? Even if our lives were to be taken back, wouldn't that be enough to make up for it? "

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