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C18 Distinct Ways

"Little aunt, if you don't want to be bullied, you have to become stronger!"

"Powerful?" Bai Yunshu wiped her tears away and said, "I'm sorry, I lost my composure!"

"You can vent, but you have to remember, this world does not believe in tears!"

Bai Yunshu quivered when she heard Jiang Tianbai's words. This world did not believe in tears, so in all these years, she rarely cried. Weeping was just a sign of weakness in her mind.

If he wanted to become strong, he had to stomp on Jin Chenyang and the people from Bai Family. He had to be strong enough.

She looked at Jiang Tianbai, who was focused on driving, or perhaps he could help her!

The next day, Bai Yunshu got up early and received a court summons. Jin Chenyang accused her of intentionally hurting someone!

Bai Yunshu trembled as she held the summons. Jin Chenyang did not even give her a chance to breathe!

At ten in the morning, Bai Yunshu was standing in the dock of the court in S City, while Gu Fei was standing in the dock on behalf of Jin Chenyang. Bai Yunshu looked at Jin Chenyang, she did not expect Jin Chenyang to invite the most famous lawyer in S City, Pann Haotian.

Seeing the defendant, Bai Yunshu, Pann Haotian's face slightly changed. He reached out his hand to adjust his glasses, but didn't say anything.

"Your Honor, the evidence my client submitted is sufficient to prove that the defendant intentionally injured the client's grandmother. Please take a look!" Pann Haotian handed over the evidence in his hands.

Bai Yunshu looked at Pann Haotian but didn't say anything. She came in a hurry and didn't even have time to get a lawyer. It seemed like Jin Chenyang was determined to take care of her.

After looking at the evidence submitted by Pann Haotian, the judge turned to Bai Yunshu and asked, "What is the defendant's defense?"

"All I can say is, I don't have a grandmother that would harm Jin Chenyang! If you insist on saying that I wanted to harm her, please give the plaintiff a motive and a reason to harm her! " Bai Yunshu looked at Gu Fei. Gu Fei was currently representing Jin Chenyang. His forehead was beaded with sweat as he looked at his lawyer, Pann Haotian, as if he was begging for help.

"Generally speaking in terms of criminal psychology, if the defendant harms the relatives of the plaintiff, it does require a motive and a reason. However, the crime could also be a crime of negligence. There is no need for a motive for the crime of negligence!" Pann Haotian walked in front of Bai Yunshu and looked at her with his sticky eyes.

"So you're saying I might have committed a crime of negligence?"

"Not ruling out this possibility. Of course, it could also be that you are not satisfied with Mister Jin and are deliberately committing a crime!"

"Does Lawyer Pan mean that Jin Chenyang's grandmother is unconscious because of me?"

"At the very least, the evidence submitted by my client proves this point. If you have a way to prove that you didn't push down the old lady with Jin Family, then you can naturally prove that you were neither at fault nor did you have any ulterior motives!" Pann Haotian's mouth curved into a smile as he looked at Bai Yunshu, waiting for her reply.

Bai Yunshu glared at Pann Haotian, but just as she was about to speak up, the judge suddenly called for a recess.

The court was in a complete mess. Bai Yunshu watched the judge leave with a stupefied expression.

"Yunshu, long time no see!" Pann Haotian didn't leave in a hurry. Instead, he stood in front of Bai Yunshu and chatted with her.

"Lawyer Pan, we're the opposite of each other now, so we're not familiar with each other!" Bai Yunshu snapped at him.

"After so many years, your temper hasn't changed at all!" Pann Haotian said helplessly. He seemed to have thought of something and looked a little lonely as he said: "How did you get married to Jin Chenyang?"

"Surprise!" We'll talk about it in the future. Today, when we meet, we will be enemies! "

"..." "That shouldn't be necessary, right …" As Pann Haotian said this, Gu Fei walked over. He also noticed that Pann Haotian and Bai Yunshu seemed to know each other and thought that things were not looking good.

Just now in court, Pann Haotian seemed to warn Bai Yunshu whether intentionally or not to find evidence to his advantage. Boss Jin had promised Bai Yunshu that he would be sent to jail this time, what should he do?

"Secretary Gu!" Pann Haotian lifted his eyes, but it was just a middle finger. Bai Yunshu looked at Pann Haotian's actions and felt a few drops of sweat on her forehead.

That year, she had just gotten into college to report. The seniors of the school were actually holding onto a banner to welcome the freshmen. On the banner were the words' Little demoness, senior brothers have been waiting for you for a long time! '

At that time, Pann Haotian was the president of the Student Union. When he saw Bai Yunshu, he came up to her and extended his hand: "Welcome, little demoness!"

Bai Yunshu's face was cold as she looked at Pann Haotian and said, "If you can express your anger gracefully, I will accept your welcome!"

Pann Haotian gave a devilish smile and said: "As a scholar, there are many ways to express your anger in an elegant manner, like this!"

Pann Haotian raised his middle finger and pushed his glasses.

Gu Fei didn't notice that Gu Fei was anxious and asked: "What happened?"

"I know as much as you do!" Pann Haotian did not get angry. In his words, as someone who had recuperation, even if he got angry, he should use a different way.

Gu Fei looked at Pann Haotian's lukewarm expression and felt anxious. He wanted to know what had happened and why the court was suddenly adjourned.

Twenty minutes later, the hearing resumed.

Pann Haotian asked Bai Yunshu a few more questions as a matter of routine. Bai Yunshu's answer was sharp, but it still wasn't enough to prove that she didn't push the Jin Family elder.

"Defendant, if you can't immediately submit evidence to prove your innocence, we will know who won or lost!" Pann Haotian was laughing at Bai Yunshu, who looked at the handsome man and felt estranged from him. She closed her eyes slightly. If Jin Chenyang wanted to punish her, he would be able to do it, even if it was just a simple accusation.

"Who says we have no evidence?" In an inconspicuous corner, a person stood up.

Bai Yunshu heard this person's voice and immediately looked over. Why is Jiang Tianbai here?

"Oh? Boss Jiang also came here to wade through muddy water! " Pann Haotian smiled as he looked at Jiang Tianbai, "I wonder what kind of evidence Boss Jiang will take out to prove that the defendant didn't push the old lady Jin Family over?"

"The evidence has to be shown to the judge!"

Jiang Tianbai looked towards the judge. The judge and jurors exchanged opinions and asked Jiang Tianbai to submit the evidence.

"Your Honor, I think it's more important to let everyone witness it together. This evidence of mine is not confidential, and we still need Your Honor to get in touch with us and interrogate us!"

Everyone looked at each other. No one knew what Jiang Tianbai was up to.

The judge exchanged views with the jurors, Jiang Tianbai finally took out the evidence in his hand, the so-called evidence was a phone.

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